5 essential actors for the good management of a hotel

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Les acteurs indispensables pour la bonne gestion dun hotel
The essential actors for the good management of a hotel

The hospitality industry is as vast as it is demanding. The success of a hotel complex does not depend solely on its size or the luxury it provides to its clientele. It actually lies in the quality of its day-to-day management. The more the latter is irreproachable, the more the customers will be satisfied with the services offered to them. Of course, it is impossible to achieve such a result without having the right collaborators. Some actors are essential to the proper functioning and management of a hotel. Which are they?

The channel manager

Despite the fact that it is not a person, the channel manager is among the first actors to be taken into account. It is actually a question of a tool, of computer software. Its main function is to optimize your hotel’s availability and online reservations. To achieve this, it supports many elements. There is for example the minimum stay, the days of arrival and departure or the price increases. Think about manage your settings with a channel manager is of great use to you, because it helps you to clearly visualize your inventories as well as your distribution channels. The benefits you can derive from it are numerous.

It allows you to increase your rate of reservations. This is justified by the fact that more and more customers prefer the dematerialized process which offers more freedom. Having a channel manager means opening up your hotel to this type of client. This tool also increases your visibilitywhich is very beneficial for your business in general.

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It gives you the possibility to connect to a multitude of OTAs (Online Travel Agency). These online travel agencies are consulted by millions of travelers around the world. With the channel manager, they have the opportunity to book in your establishment. Finally, I recommend this tool because it saves you a lot of time, making you more efficient and productive. To make the most of it, you can delegate a person to supervise and its administration.

essential actors hotel

The hotel manager

If your hotel has one or more restaurants, then you definitely need a butler. He is responsible for all service personnel involved in the catering branch of your establishment. He coordinates all activity and ensures customer satisfaction. For this, this professional makes sure to stay as close as possible to them. This is the reason why it ensures their reception and installation in the best conditions. The head waiter is also responsible for advising them on the choice of their dishes in order to help them discover the delights of the proposed menu. He must therefore have a very good knowledge of it, because some customers do not fail to ask questions.

These may relate to the methods of preparation and even relate to the origin of the products used. Everything related to food is quite delicate. It is then necessary that everything is perfect to avoid scaring away your customers. With a butler, this is quite possible. Its role is to be constantly on its guard in order to identify and eliminate any problems that may arise, all with the aim of provide impeccable service. Very active, he goes from table to table to ensure that each person present in the restaurant is completely satisfied. With such a professional, you have the assurance that the catering service will reap nothing but praise.

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The receptionist: an essential player in managing your hotel

The receptionist is the professional who absolutely must not be missing from your establishment. He is the one who has the first contact with all customers wishing to stay in your hotel. It has a very important reception and direct information role. At the same time, he also has a prominent place in the administration and planning of the days in general. It works with most services to relay information about customers as well as their preferences or complaints. Having one or more receptionists in your establishment is a great way to improve brand image. Most clients have their first impression of them as soon as they come into contact with these professionals.

It is therefore important to choose them well so that they show calm, initiative and courtesy in all circumstances. Apart from that, the receptionist is the one who optimizes the occupancy rate and ensures the proper distribution of customers. He makes sure that the rooms to be occupied are those that are cleaned and also that the accounts are respected.

the different services in a hotel

The maids and the property manager

Among the professionals you need to properly manage your hotel establishment are the housekeepers and the hotel manager. Even if they intervene at different levels of the pyramid, their usefulness is beyond doubt.

The maids

A hotel whose rooms are unsanitary and poorly prepared is in no way proof of good management. This can greatly damage his image and reduce his level of activity. In order to prevent your establishment from finding itself in such a situation, you need chambermaids. These are the persons responsible for cleanliness of all rooms and bedrooms.

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Their role, although simple, is of paramount importance. They are in charge of hygiene. Apart from the rooms, they also take care of common areas such as hallways, stairs, elevators or offices. In order to harmonize their action, it is advisable to put them under the supervision of a governess. The latter will be able to ensure their coordination and direct their work.

The school director

The hotel manager is the one who takes care of the overall management of your hotel. He supervises all staff. All teams at all levels must report to him so that he directs actions. He takes care of the finances and the promotion of the hotel. Its main objective is to maintain a maximum occupancy rate during the year. So he does everything to achieve it. The hotel manager therefore acts as a business manager. Even if the hotel does not necessarily belong to him, he strives to obtain the best results.

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