5 Solutions to Fix Frozen Samsung Tablet

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reparer une tablette Samsung bloquee

How to Fix Frozen Samsung Tablet-Many users Phone Unlock Software around the world use Samsung tablets to browse the web, watch videos, or to play games. However, sometimes a tablet freezes and won’t start, which means you can’t use it while it’s frozen. In this case, there are several reasons and several solutions to fix it.

fix frozen samsung tablet

In this guide, we are going to see the top 5 solutions for fixing stuck samsung tablet.

Why my Samsung tablet is frozen

Often, if you flash a faulty ROM or fail to install an update properly, you will get the Samsung tablet stuck on boot issue. However, there are also other reasons:

  • Uncharged battery : If the battery is discharged, the Samsung tablet freezes on startup. In this case, please charge it before turning it on.
  • Hardware malfunction : you may have a hardware problem, and for that, you have to see the after-sales service.
  • Software problem : You may have installed an application containing viruses that are blocking your tablet.

Fix Samsung Tablet Stuck with DroidKit

DroidKit is a powerful tool that unlocks and repairs Samsung tablet systems with just a few clicks. This software is easy to use and it can fix all software issues of Samsung tablet. Thus, DroidKit has several advantages:

  • Compatible with all Samsung tablets.
  • Works on Windows and Mac.
  • Easy to use.
  • Phone Unlock the Samsung tablet without lock code.
  • Unlocks all types of locks.

How to Fix Frozen Samsung Tablet

Here is how to unlock Samsung tablet stuck on boot screen with DroidKit:

  • First of all, please install DroidKit on your computer and then connect your Samsung tablet via the cable.
  • Select the Screen Unlock option and then click Get Started.
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Unlock screen with DroidKit
  • Wait a while while preparing the configuration file.
Preparing the configuration file with DroidKit
  • Tap Delete Now.
Delete Now with DroidKit
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to connect your tablet in recovery mode.
Connecting in recovery mode with DroidKit
  • Once the tablet is connected, DroidKit will begin to unlock your tablet.
Unlock Stuck Samsung Tablet with DroidKit

Simple Solutions to Fix Samsung Tablet Stuck

If your tablet no longer starts, here are some simple solutions to fix it:

  1. Charge Samsung tablet : Check whether the tablet is well charged or not, because if it is discharged, it will not turn on.
  2. Restart Samsung tablet device : Sometimes a simple bug can cause a device to crash. So try restarting it to see if the freezing issue still occurs or not.
  3. Force Restart to Unlock a Stuck Samsung Tablet : Force reboot is always better for freezes, and to do this, press the power button for a few seconds until the Samsung screen appears. Next, let go of the power button and keep pressing the volume button until safe mode appears.
Force restart with DroidKit

4. Remove the Samsung tablet battery : Finally, try to remove the battery then replace it, if not try another battery.

Conclusion :

There are several reasons why a Samsung tablet may crash. But if you are stuck at the lock screen because you forgot the passcode, you can use DroidKit to unlock your Samsung tablet easily.

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