About WPS and how it works

How WPS works and how it works

Giuseppe Tripodi

Giuseppe Tripodi

Are you present when you are at a friend’s house, can I give you the password of the WiFi and see if it presents the only infinite string of letters and numbers? Know yourself all the frustration of dover I will reinserire per la stessa vola la password perché avete sbagliato e non avete compreso se quel carattere è uno 0 (zero) o un O? Well, it is for everyone and almost of the genere that he was born WPS.

What’s the WPS?

WPS status Wi-Fi Protected Setup It is a standard launched in Gennaio 2007 to facilitate the connection with all domestic retirees (and non). Serves, in holding, to speed up the connection to a WiFi, without the need to insert the lungs and nervous passwords: if I use different methods to get an immediate connection, I always assume that the user has direct access to the router/ modem that fornisce the connection, if the device should be collegare. Also, it is not possible to use WPS if you are not close to the router.

If there are several techniques to quickly associate the device to its own WiFi network, but most of the router has a touch.

WPS button: dove si trova sul modem?

WPS Symbol

WPS Android connection

Connect an Android smartphone to the WiFi network using WPS, it is easy to do, although the procedure may vary slightly from device to device.

In linea di massima, it’s enough to walk your settingsquindi cliccare su Wifi and click and three dots up to the right and select advance. At this point, the new schermata will find different ideas: if you have a classic router with the WPS button, click on it WPS command button.

At this point you will see a new window with a progress bar: when the synchronization time is finished, click on the WPS button on the router.

Ecco fatto! In this mode, the smartphone immediately arrives there and without inserting the difficult password.

WPS Android connection

WPS iPhone connection

However, it is not possible to use the WPS device to quickly connect an iPhone to a WiFi connection.


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