AirDrop your Android? Ecco the app to exchange files with iPhone, Mac, Windows and Linux

Chi ha un iPhone e non riesce a provare nessun altro prodotto che non si a marchio Manzana vi dira di eat airdrop, see Apple’s proprietary file exchange system, if one of the instruments that does not have access to less. E se lo avete proveto sicuramente avrete capito il perché. In the Android ecosystem of any year there is a system similar to changing file chiamato Nearby Share (image in opening), which works on your Chrome OS.

Oggi però vi presentiamo un’alternativa davvero universale ad AirDrop per Android e non solo. It will be possible to use this system on your iPhone, iPad, Android, PC Windows, Mac and Linux. The application is called LANDrop and is not only free but is also open source.

The software is downloadable for free on the Android and PC sites, while for iOS you can find it on the App Store. The application is not completely new and does not come updated from one year to the next, but it works well that we sent a round to non-speak (for precision, we have contacted your TikTok).

The software has a very spartan graphic but functions clearly to change any type of file for devices of different types, purché questi siano connessi there stessa rete LAN (and whoever Wi-Fi). The transfer speed is variable and it is possible to change the files at the same time.

In our short video I saw how it is possible to enjoy this piccola utility.

Fateci sapere nei commenti voi voi usavate esta software o sifruttate qualche altro tipo di alternative similar (quindi diversa da servizi di cloud o chat) per scambiare file con altri dispositivi en continuation.

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