Apple ci has alla salute dei vostri occhi: Night Shift arrives on your Mac

Apple ci has alla salute dei vostri occhi: Night Shift arrives on your Mac

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One of the most appreciated features of iOS, arrived with version 9.3, is another nightshiftche la sera tinge di arancio lo schermo, per affaticare menos la vista. Night Shift your Mac It will arrive soon, with version 10.12.4 of Sierra.

This is some app that allows you to replicate the effect on your Mac, the famous skin is probably f.lux. With macOS Sierra 10.12.4 It will be a feature of the system, to demonstrate it is the beta on the Developer channel available anytime.

The operation is completely analogous to the Night Shift of iOS, allowing you to regulate the timing in which time it is activated and the intensity of the arancio filter; It will also be possible to activate it manually (a fine article is a guide to how to do it). A chi usa il Mac For work or fun, if it takes a long time, it will be safe to use this introduction. It will be but it will wait for some week, the time that macOS 10.12.4 is out of date beta.

How to activate Night Shift on your Mac (Filter looks blue on your macOS Sierra)


For occasional use, activate the pot temporarily Night Shift simply on the notification panel. With the mouse raggiungete the angle up to the right, its menu bar, and press its icon to three lines (which accanto Siri) and there is a simple switch to activate the function. As last method potrete always chiedere to siri: “Attiva Night Shift”.


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