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avira prime 2020 review

If you are looking for an antivirus that is not just a classic antivirus, the choice will be very complicated. In our Avira Prime 2020 review we will show you one of the best solutions to protect your PC, speed it up and make it more performing.

Why do we say all this? Precisely because, as for the 2019 edition of the software, this Avira Prime is not only an antivirus but also a useful tool to make your PC an always performing and up-to-date device. But now let’s not waste any more time and enjoy the review dedicated to Avira Prime 2020.

Avira Prime Review 2020

We begin immediately by telling you that the2020 edition of Avira Prime presents and introduces some interesting innovations that we will analyze individually in our article. The aspect that we immediately notice from the Avira Home Page is linked to the payment. It is in fact possible to pay ed use the product even for just 1 month for about 9 euros (excellent for a trial) or decide to save by purchasing the license for 1,2 or 3 years (99, 189, 279 euros).

If we analyze the same page well, we can also notice that our antivirus can be configured for 5 devices but, by choosing the second option, it is also possible to opt for 25 devices. The price rises slightly but it is still an honest solution considering its use (12, 129, 249 and 359 euros).

How to install Avira Prime

how to install avira prime 2020

The first thing to do, after making the purchase, is to verify that you are downloading directly from the site. If you don’t see anything go to the Downloads folder of your PC and you should find the “package” for the download, otherwise just click on the mail you have received and you will be able to download the product again.

After downloading Avira Prime you will receive the activation code by mail, enter it and you will activate your device (if you can’t find it, go to your account and subscriptions). After that go to your Avira profile and go to connect your additional devices in the Devices section.

You can select a Windows or Mac Operating System on your Computer and an iOS and Android system on Smartphones and Tablets. There possibility to activate 5 or 25 devices it obviously depends on your initial choice.

If everything runs correctly, you will now be able to use your 2.0 security system and perform the first scan…but let’s go in order. In the next sections we will find out how to use all the tools available on Avira Prime.

Avira Prime antivirus

We will dedicate the first aspect to the Antivirus function, which can be activated on all connected devices and allows you to protect your device in a safe and intuitive way.

Avira Prime 2020 | Complete Italian Review | InfoDrones.It

Opening the Prime suite go to click on Security and you will see different options available.
The first is called Virus scan and is used to track viruses on your device.
You will be able to choose a scan Complete, Fast or Custom (and also program it).

The second option you will find is called Security Option and is dedicated to protecting your device in multiple occasions and elements.
In fact, it is only about protecting the system, protecting oneself from online risks, from dangerous emails and from hacker attacks.
If the first 2 are fundamental, the last ones can also be decided not to select them.

avira prime 2020 antivirus review

Then we find the section Fortydedicated to files that the program found infected or dangerous.
Here we will be able to decide whether to eliminate them completely or leave them still, awaiting trial.

The latest concern the Software Updater and the Firewallsthe first checks if all your Apps and/or Drivers are up to date and the second creates a virtual wall for any virus attacks that can come from the network.

Avira Prime Privacy

avira prime 2020-privacy review

Those who are more attentive to their data and to the information circulating on the web will certainly be happy that Avira Prime integrates a specific section on Privacy into its suite.
You can do everything automatically on Privacy settings and selecting Recommended Settings and you can customize them.

The first option we find is called Web protection and is dedicated to tracking and blocking ads (advertising and viruses) on Chrome and Firefox.
In most cases, ads and advertisements are the bread and butter of websites, and they manage to survive thanks to them, so use them only when necessary.

The second option is more interesting and is useful in many cases, not just for your privacy. By selecting VPNs in fact, you can connect anonymously and all the old data stored by the system will no longer influence your searches.
We will also be able to manage the Password securely, a system already used by Google for example.

avira prime 2020 review - document shredder

A very useful tool due to its function is the one dedicated to the definitive elimination of files that you no longer want to keep on your device.
If it is true that deleting a file deletes it, it is also true that traces of that same file remain saved in the system.
With Shred documents you will be able to delete the most inconvenient files forever.

Avira Prime Performance

One of the most interesting aspects of this Suite is related to the performance of your device. In this section it is in fact possible to optimize, clean, guarantee noteworthy performance and make the battery more performing.

The first option we find is called the Cleaner, and is a tool dedicated to eliminating superfluous and potentially non-useful files for the system. Clicking on this option will open the program Avira System Speed ​​Up Pro which we could use in different ways.

The cleaning option performs a first scan (it takes very little) and then shows the files that could be deleted to make your device lighter. We can also decide to deselect some elements (pay attention to those with the warning sign) to make the cleaning personalized.

avira prime 2020-cleaning review

A second very interesting element is called Startup Optimizer and is dedicated to improving the performance of device startup and startup time of the same.

By clicking on Analyze the tool will find all unnecessary processes that slow down system startup, so that you can select them and have better performance. It is also possible to obtain a more decisive optimization and decide to do everything automatically.

avira prime 2020 review - startup optimization

It is also possible to search for duplicate files that make processes slower, freeing up unnecessary space through the function Search Duplicate Files, update Drivers obsolete and use the option Battery Saver to make the device more long-lived (but with less performing performances).

Avira Prime Review 2020. Final Judgements

Trying Avira Prime 2020 in the official review we can tell you that we stayed impressed by the step forward in terms of speed that the software has acquired compared to the previous version. Even on devices that are not too performing, the antivirus of Avira travels fast and without a hitch, behaving in an excellent way.

Our preferred option remains the one dedicated to performancewhich make our PC fast and performing in a really simple way, even if we don’t find the options dedicated to Privacy bad either.

On the security side nothing to say about the management of malware and viruses but we don’t find the mail management impressive ( and already several mail providers have this function integrated ).

In short, if we have to make a final judgment we are satisfied with Avira Prime and we recommend it, especially in the 5-device version, where the price is more affordable (try it for 1 month if you want more certainty). But now we conclude our review with all the information on prices and where to buy it safely.

Avira Prime Price 2020

As we said at the beginning of the review, Avira Prime has different prices compared to the chosen configurations.
Here is a brief outline to better indicate what we are talking about.

Edition 5 devices
1 month – 9.95 euros
1 years – 99.95 euros
2 years – 189.95 euros
3 years – 279.95 euros

Edition 25 devices
1 month – 12.95 euros
1 years – 129.95 euros
2 years – 249.95 euros
3 years – 359.95 euros

You can buy both versions on the Avira Official Website

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