Best antiviruses 2019

best antiviruses 2019

Are you looking for best antivirus 2019? Very well, we are here! In our guide we will show you which are the most interesting software on the market. Of course, it is not easy to give an unambiguous answer to this question: various aspects must be evaluated, such as the effectiveness of their protection and the value for money. Enjoy the reading!

Best antiviruses 2019

There are several antivirus valid on the market, and as we said before, establishing which ones are the best in an absolute sense is not a simple matter. However, there are services on the net with which you can compare the degree of effectiveness and reliability of various software. These tests pit the world’s leading programs against each other by analyzing them in various aspects.

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When we talk about the best antivirus 2019 we therefore refer to the effectiveness of their real-time protection (the number of threats that the various software manage to block), to how many times they report false positives, i.e. threats that are unfounded, or to the impact they have on the performance of the pc. Wanting to simplify a bit, the best antivirus it is the one that manages to guarantee a high rate of system protection without weighing too much on its performance, launching few false alarms.

Below we go to see those that were the best performing according to these tests carried out through the websites of independent security companies. Are you ready? Perfect, let’s go!


Modern and complete antivirus, Bitdefender it is clearly among the best software on the market. Thanks to its preventive approach to possible security holes, it is able to meet the needs of everyone, from the individual private with pc o Mac to companies with distributed systems. It is available in various versions: a free basic one, which you can download by connecting to the program’s official website, and two paid versions (they have various additional functions).

Its main feature is undoubtedly that of guaranteeing a total protection of your device against cryptographic systems. But that’s not all: Bitdefender counters all kinds of threats from viruses, worms and Trojans, but also spyware and rootkits. It offers a complete defense of your data and privacy and of the social networks you are registered with, preventing access to harmful links and any other threats transmitted unintentionally.


Other antivirus among the most complete and reliable currently available on the market, you can download Avast in its free version by going to the official website of the software, or opt for the paid one that can protect the system at 360 degrees. The latter constantly monitors all the activities carried out on the pcboth online and offline, as well as allowing you to optimize system performance by removing outdated programs.

Our advice is to try the free version initially and, if you like it, choose one of the two available packages (Security or Premium). Thanks to one of the paid services your files will always be safefake sites will always be reported to you in a timely manner and you will be protected from ransomware on a daily basis.


In a selection of the best antivirus 2019 cannot be missed Avira. Also available in a free version downloadable from here, this software offers very high protection for your pc or Mac. However, the free version does not include the email control module, therefore – once you have tried it and ascertained its undoubted value – Avira must be purchased in the paid version.

There are two types of packages: the first is Avira Internet Security Suite, which offers, among other things, the blocking of ransomware and secure saving of passwords, while the second – called Prime – also allows you to protect identity theft and financial lossas well as anonymous browsing.


We close our selection with AVGother antivirus very well known available in both free and paid versions. Compared to the programs we have seen before, it really has nothing to envy. If we want, the only flaw is that it tends to show too many notifications during the day, but it means that it works diligently.

As always, we encourage you to download the free version first and then the premium version, AVG Internet Security. Through the latter you can protect yours pc from suspicious emails, fake websites, hacker attacks on your privacy and also from payments that can be intercepted.

Best antivirus 2019: conclusions

You should now have a complete overview of the best antivirus 2019, and the ones we have listed for you here are all very good. The last piece of advice we want to give you is to try them all in their free version: only in this way will you really be able to realize what it can do for you. And not only in terms of its functionality, but also in terms of its design and how it interacts with yours pc. Since there is this possibility, why not exploit it?

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