Best Electronic Drums [2022-2023]: Buying Guide

Electronic drums are conquering the market more and more quickly, thanks to a technological innovation that makes them particularly fascinating and stimulating from a creative point of view, and also thanks to their versatility, rich sound and ease of use.

If on the one hand they represent an excellent solution for anyone who wants to approach this instrument to practice in a more silent and discreet way, on the other it is also true that many professional acoustic drummers are integrating their traditional instrumentation with electronic kits, to enrich further its expressive possibilities. The proof comes from the fact that today we can find them for sale in various assortments, with more or less advanced technologies and materials, to meet all needs and budgets.

Whether you are a novice drummer or a professional looking for an advanced model, I have prepared this guide specifically to guide you in choosing the best electronic drums . If you dedicate a little of your time to me, by reading the next paragraphs I will allow you to document yourself exhaustively on this topic, providing you with all the information you need. I just have to wish you happy reading!

Best Electronic Drums [2022-2023]: Buying Guide

electronic drum kit

Knowing how to choose the one that best suits your needs among the best electronic drums requires a certain amount of preparation, as there are many variables to consider. Don’t worry, though! This article is designed to make everything more linear and avoid getting lost in the maze of the Internet with the risk of finding yourself with a dispersive knowledge of this delicate topic.

I would like to start by examining what are the real advantages of buying an electronic drum kit. First of all, the possibility of training peacefully at home, and at the same time solving the noise problem typical of percussion instruments, simply by adjusting the volume or wearing functional headphones. An excellent compromise, therefore, able to make everyone agree and safeguard the ears of any cohabitants and neighbors.

Another important advantage certainly lies in the practicality , in particular in the assembly (and disassembly) of the various components, which is undoubtedly easier than that of an acoustic drum set. Once broken down into its individual elements, the kit can easily be positioned in any corner or cupboard of the room that is usually used for your tests.

Furthermore, the discourse of versatility should not be underestimated : by now the technology that concerns this particular instrumentation has reached such levels of audio definition that allow it to emulate in an extraordinary way the typical sounds of a traditional battery, even managing the intensity and dynamics of the percussion with impressive precision. To this must be added the possibility of choosing from the innumerable sounds offered by the catalog contained in the software of the control unit of an electronic drum and of connecting it to various devices in wireless and non-wireless mode.

In short, it is no coincidence that this instrumentation is becoming more and more palatable and attractive in the eyes of an ever wider audience of musicians or aspiring musicians, also thanks to a price that is often lower than that of the homologous acoustic version.

How to choose an electronic drum kit

Let’s now go down to a more technical level, examining one by one the components, materials, software and connectivity of electric batteries. You will see that all these indications will be essential for you to understand how to choose an electronic drum kit that best suits your needs, greatly facilitating a task that probably seemed quite difficult at the beginning.

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electronic drum components

But how is an electronic drum kit assembled, you may be wondering? What are the essential components and which ones best suit your needs? Don’t worry, the answer is here, at your fingertips. Now I will show you the various parts that make up a complete kit: it will be useful for you to evaluate with common sense the right battery for you at the time of purchase.

The central element of electronic drums is the pad . Each pad has, under the surface that is struck, resistances that absorb the percussion and generate electrical signals. These are then converted by special transducers into digital signals. Subsequently, an element called trigger has the function of further transforming the digital signal into the chosen sound. Attention must be paid to all these elements, as the accuracy in their design is what makes the difference in the sound performance of the instrument.

  • Tom . Toms have the same function as the drums of acoustic drums and are generally equipped with a pad with a single trigger, precisely because they are delegated to reproduce a single sound.
  • Bass Drum . As for that of the acoustic drums, the electronic version is also equipped with a special pedal for the percussion. Generally it has a pad with a single trigger, like that of the toms and they are associated with sounds that follow the functional ones of acoustic drums. If necessary, it is possible to combine a second smaller pad to play with the double pedal. In the cheaper versions there is only the pedal whose pressure generates the sound, without the need for percussion.
  • Snare Drum . The snare has inside particular triggers (two or more) designed to reproduce different sounds based on the intensity of the beat and the area hit, even in stereo mode.
  • Charleston . The hi-hat (or hi-hat ) is that particular element formed by two superimposed cymbals and in electronic drums it does not necessarily have the same tasks as its acoustic alter ego. In the more advanced models there are more triggers designed to simulate sounds compatible with its function (closed and open hi-hat, to be clear), while in the cheap kits they are more similar to toms.
  • Dishes . Essential for any self-respecting drum kit, they certainly cannot be missing in the equipment of an electronics. They have the same shape as the traditional ones and their functioning, as in the snare drum, changes according to the area that is hit, in order to reproduce, for example, full sounds in the wide areas and deaf in the edges.
  • amplifier . Some kits also have a loudspeaker, of which it is necessary to evaluate various parameters such as power, woofer size, frequency response, presence of additional inputs. Essential if you don’t have other amplification devices.
  • stool . Don’t forget to buy an adjustable and comfortable stool too. This item is often sold separately, so check whether or not it is included in the kit when purchasing.
  • Racks . The rack constitutes the skeleton of the whole system, and it is essential to evaluate its resistance and solidity, as well as the possibility of folding it and the predisposition for adding further modules.
  • Wands . The sticks are traditional drumsticks, but some have a nylon coating which, however, does not suit all pad materials. It is often included in the kit itself, but make sure you have them before you buy!
  • Control unit . Last, but not least, the ECU. This represents the heart and at the same time the brain of the electronic battery in command of the various components. In addition to managing the catalog of sounds to draw on to recreate your ideal sound, it can reproduce bases, manage the metronome, as well as the rhythms.
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pad materials

Buying a sophisticated device like an electronic drum without paying due attention to the materials with which it was designed could turn out to be a big mistake. A professional traditional drummer would tell you, for example, to evaluate tom heads with caution. But how does it work with electronic drums?

You must know that here too there is a lot of talk about leathers, or coverings in general . The cheapest pads come with rubber or rubber coatings, but so-called mesh skins have been making their way for some time now . It is a synthetic material which has the great merit of being particularly silent and at the same time giving a more natural sensation to the touch.

The material from which the rack is built is also of great importance. The continuous stresses due to percussion mean that the structure must guarantee stability on the one hand, avoiding the movement of the elements and excessive vibration that would affect the functioning of the electronics, and a certain resistance over time on the other. So try to choose racks made of as solid metal alloys as possible .


electronic battery control unit connections

When we talk about any electronic device we can not fail to address the issue of connectivity . By now the need to have an instrument available with different connection solutions to as many devices as possible has led manufacturers to pay special attention to this aspect.

In the control unit of your future electronic drum kit, check that there are several connection methods available, which may include USB and MIDI outputs , useful for connecting, for example, an external virtual plugin or for recording . Being able to easily record your own performance, through a special software capable of processing the digital signal of the drums, is certainly another benefit not to be overlooked. If you want to know more about this topic, I suggest you read my guide on the best programs for recording songs.

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You may be interested in the presence of stereo outputs , to connect to an amplification system . You will definitely need the headphone output to better monitor your playing. Finally, in the more advanced and professional models you will find Bluetooth wireless connectivity , useful for example for sending audio streaming (like a base station) from a smartphone or computer to the control unit module. Obviously higher requirements will mean a higher price, so consider carefully whether to take advantage of these features.

Best cheap electronic drums (up to 400 euros)

If you are looking for a beginner electronic drum model, because you are entering this world for the first time, there are several perfect possibilities for you, which you can secure even for less than 400 euros. Below you will therefore find a selection of the best cheap electronic drums .

Alesis Turbo Mesh Kit

Alesis Turbo Mesh Kit

Alesis is certainly one of the most reliable and prolific brands in this area. Its cheapest product is the Turbo Mesh , a small kit that is perfect as an entry-level , but still very accurate in its design and complete in its minimal configuration. It is equipped with 7 pieces, including 3 x 8-inch toms , 3 x 10-inch cymbals and 1 x 8-inch snare , all of which come with mesh head. At the software level in the control unit you can find 10 drum kits for a total of over 100 sounds and 30 accompaniment tracksto practice more easily. The construction materials are good, even the rack is made of steel. Connection cables and 60 drum lessons complete the equipment. Also present in the version with sticks, stool and headphones.

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Donner DED-100

Donner DED-100

This DED-100 electronic drum package includes 1 head unit, 1 10″ hi-hat, 1 10″ cymbal, 1 snare and 3 8″ toms, as well as hi-hat and kick pedals. Note that there is no kick pad, sounds are produced by the pedal alone. It includes sticks and a rich selection of sounds very faithful to the sampling of acoustic drums . It has an audio input for playing basic MP3s to practice on.

XDrum DD-400

X Drum DD-400

The DD-400 electronic drum offers a particular configuration which sees, in addition to the control unit with the LED display, the presence of 4 toms, 3 cymbals and 2 pedals without pads for the bass drum and the hi-hat (the sound is produced directly from the pedal without percussion ). In terms of connectivity it is quite interesting due to the presence of USB, MIDI Out, Left and Right Mono Output, AUX In, headphone output. As a sonority it has 10 kits, for a total of 108 sounds and 40 songs for practicing. Also available in the DD-402 version with stool and headset.

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ION Audio Sound Session Drums MKIII

Ion Audio

This electronic drum is particularly rich in pads, with 1 snare, 3 toms, 1 bass drum with pedal, 3 cymbals and hi-hat pedal (without pad as the sound is produced by the pedal itself without percussion). Another interesting feature is its practicality, as if necessary it can be easily folded to be placed in a corner. From a software point of view, the control unit is equipped with a sound module with 108 drum sounds in 10 different kits and 40 accompanying songs .

Best mid-range electronic drum kits (between 400 and 1,000 euros)

If your budget foresees spending between 400 and 1,000 euros, you will have a wide choice of models with excellent equipment and first-rate materials at your disposal. I have prepared for you below a selection with the best mid-range electronic drums currently available on the market.

Yamaha DTX402K

Yamaha DTX402K

With the Yamaha DTX402K we begin to look at a type of model suitable for both beginners and experts, with 4 toms, three cymbals and two pedals for kick and hi-hat. The unit offers a sound module that allows you to choose from 10 drum kits and also allows you to modify them to customize the sound even more. It has USB and AUX-IN ports to connect a PC or tablet and MIDI for an external interface. It is compatible with the dedicated DTX402 Touch and Rec’n’Share apps , available for both iOS and Android devices . Included in the DTX432K version is a Yamaha FP6110 belt-driven drum pedal and akick pad KP65.

Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit

Nitro Mesh Alesis

Alesis offers various kits of the Nitro Mesh series in this price range, starting from the eight-piece configuration with latest generation mesh beaters (3 x 8-inch toms, 1 x 8-inch snare, 3 cymbals and bass drum). Also included are the pedals for the bass drum and for the hi-hat, all modular in a resistant aluminum rack . The software endowment of the control unit instead includes 385 different sounds assembled in 40 drum kits. Connectivity, on the other hand, presents the possibility of making USB and MIDI In/Out connections . The next configuration provides for the addition of an additional tom and a fourth plate, keeping the other characteristics unchanged, while in some kits calledSurge Mesh Kit is expected to integrate with stool, headphones and drumsticks. Finally, in the 7-piece Turbo Mesh Kit version (1 8-inch snare, 3 8-inch toms and 3 10-inch cymbals) there is also a high quality 2000 watt speaker . In short, Alesis has provided a variant for every need.

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Roland TD 1DMK

Roland TD 1DMK

The Roland brand has always guaranteed excellent quality in the production of musical instruments and the confirmation also comes from the segment of electronic drums. The TD 1DMK is a kit for beginners and students with really interesting features and includes a unit equipped with software particularly rich in sounds ( 15 drum kits ) and specially designed to ensure continuous progress. Its configuration features 1 x 10″ snare and three 8″ toms, as well as three 10″ cymbals. However, it does not include a kick pedal. Compatible pedals such as the RDH-100 or RDH-102 must therefore be purchased separately . There is also a smaller version of this kit, theTD-1K , characterized by a particularly ergonomic and compact design and equipped with 4 toms, 3 cymbals and two pedals.

XDrum DD-530

XDrum DD-530

The DD-530 model is very complete and also boasts excellent reviews on the main marketplaces. The kit includes 4 stereo mesh head toms (2 8″ and 2 10″), 3 cymbals (including 1 hi-hat), 1 kick and two pedals for kick and hi-hat. On the software side, 400 sounds are available divided among 45 drum kits, while in terms of connectivity there are 2 inputs for adding further pads, headphone input, AUX In, stereo outputs, USB, MIDI IN and MIDI OUT.

Carlsbro CSD 500

Carlsbro CSD 500

The Carlsbro CSD 500 model is an 8-piece set with 358 sounds in 29 distinct drum kits. All pads (4 toms, 2 cymbals, 1 hi-hat and 1 kick) have a surface covered with mesh leather , for perfect sensitivity and rebound. Furthermore, the sound can be perfected thanks to the three-band equalizer and the reverb settings available in the control unit. For connectivity there are AUX In inputs for an external audio source and Line Out outputs for amplification, headphones and USB and MIDI IN/OUT ports. Also from the point of view of solidity, this model is well structured and resistant.

Medeli DD638DX

Medeli DD638DX

The DD638DX electronic drum produced by Medeli is certainly designed more for an expert musician, even if it still has, like other models, integrated teaching methods. The kit is well thought out, with 4 toms, two cymbals, the hi-hat and kick drum with associated pedals, and is ready for expansion with a further 4 toms and 2 cymbals. The software allows you to choose from almost 600 sounds capable of emulating even the sounds of acoustic drums. It also has an AUX IN audio input for connecting external devices such as smartphones, tablets or CD players, a headphone input, a USB port for connecting to a computer with MIDI protocol and compatibility for use with various software. Other outputs are stereo outputs for connection to an external audio system or electronic drum amplifier.

Best High-End Electronic Drum Kits (over $1,000)

Are you a professional who spares no expense and wants the best of the best for his musical performances? I have selected the best high-end batteries for you here . You just have to take a look and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Alesis Command Mesh Kit

Alesis Command Mesh Kit

This kit represents the top of the Alesis range . It is composed of dual-zone elements , which therefore produce different sounds based on the point where they are struck, equipped with mesh skins and a particularly large surface . In detail, you will find 3 20 cm toms, 1 snare drum, 2 cymbals and the hi-hat all measuring 25 cm, as well as the bass drum with its pedal. The control unit is particularly advanced, with 70 kits and 60 backing tracks, over 600 sounds and the possibility of loading customized samples via USB . Plus, the built-in sequencerallows you to record your performances and connect the MP3 player to the AUX input to improvise over your favorite songs. It also features MIDI inputs and outputs. Also very important is the presence of a dedicated 2000 watt amplifier , equipped with an excellent frequency response and XLR inputs and outputs for connecting control devices or a second loudspeaker.

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Roland TD17KL

Roland TD17KL

Even Roland did not want to be outdone, with the professional kits of the TD series. Let’s start with the TD17KL model , equipped with a particular technology called Behavior Modeling , capable of reproducing the sensitivity of an acoustic drum with particular realism. The unit allows you to choose from many varied and expressive sounds and to play a wide range of musical genres, providing a set of internal functions dedicated to study and practice. The kit is extremely complete and basically includes three toms, a snare, three cymbals, a hi-hat and the bass drum with its pedals. It also allows for the expansion of an additional two cymbals and one tom. The rack is solid and compact, quick to assemble and convenient to carry. In terms of connectivity we have a USB port for connecting to a computer, playing audio files and backing up data. In the TD17KV versions there is also a particular pad for the 12-inch PDX-12 snare, while in the TD17KVX version the VH-10 hi-hats are also added . Finally, the digitally driven mesh electronic drum and the new TD-27 sound module are also integrated into the TD27KV models.equipped with Bluetooth . All versions can be integrated with the PM-100 monitor .

Carlsbro CSD601

Carlsbro CSD601

The CSD601 is a 9-piece electronic drum kit with mesh heads , including 3 cymbals (2 12-inch two-zone and 1 14-inch three-zone) 4 toms (2 8-inch and 2 10-inch, all two zones), 1 14-inch three-zone hi-hat, and 1 8-inch kick with pedal. The Commander 600 has a 2.8-inch LCD screen and features 20 electronic drum kits with 408 possible sounds and 20 demo songs for practice. It is suitable for both live performances and studio recordings, thanks also to the rich connectivity that provides an AUX in socket, stereo outputs, headphone outputs, USB/MIDI input, MIDI in and out and USB for data transfer.



If you want Roland ‘s top of the range and uncompromising sound customization, then you must definitely focus on the TD50K model . We are talking about an electronic drum that guarantees the maximum possible expressiveness, thanks to the enormous catalog supplied by the TD-50 sound module , which is then equipped with a particular technology called Prismatic Sound Modeling , capable of capturing the nuances of the touch and modulating them perfectly in the their digital form. The kit is complemented by the PD-140DS digital snare drum and CY-18DR 18-inch digital ride cymbal , both equipped with unique multi-element sensors. Additional cymbal pads include the VH-13 V-Hi-Hat hi-hat , featuring strong dynamics. The case is instead a 14-inch V-Kick KD-140-BC pad that guarantees an extremely natural response thanks to the highly technological triggers. Note the ability to take advantage of 10-channel USB audio output for multi-track recording via a single USB cable, stereo XLR outputs and eight TRS direct outputs for connection to Public Address for live performances .


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