Best free antivirus 2018

best free antivirus 2018

There are millions of free antiviruses on the internet. Many are limited to a month’s trial, others for a fee, others for fake antivirus, Let’s see the best free antivirus 2018.


Let’s see together today which are the best really Free antivirus around the Internetspecifying that some are even better than the paid versions, but even those, with a small expense, are sometimes an excellent solution.

Windows Defender

The first Free Antivirus that we are going to evaluate is, for obvious reasons, Windows Defender.
The antivirus is pre-installed on every machine with Windows, and although they say it does its job more than honestly.
We are not talking about a Top antivirus, mind you, but the fact that it is integrated into the system, that it does not need maintenance and that it is totally free makes it an attractive choice.


Avira has been in the Olympus of Free antivirus for years now. considered by many to be the best, for various Windows operating systems, it offers an interesting totally free Suite, and if you wish you can purchase the paid one, which is not absolutely necessary for the program to function. You can download the package from this LINK, Try it and you will understand why it is one of the best free antivirus 2018.


Another milestone, Bitdefender, in its Free version, carves out its space among the best Free antivirus 2018.
Even if in the last few realeses it seems to have gotten a little worse, we are sure that the team, which has been in the field for years now, will recover the lost ground. You can download the Free version of Bitdefender from HERE.


Other historic free Antivirus. Excellent against threats, but perhaps lately a little too intrusive when it comes to pop-up ads, which appear a little too often.
Avast still remains an excellent free antivirus, which keeps our PCs safe from various malware viruses and ransomware. you can find it HERE.


Last Antivirus that we are going to evaluate is AVG.
We still don’t know how long this antivirus will exist, given that it was acquired by the Avast company, but what we do know is that for the moment it absolutely continues to do its duty.
AVG can be downloaded in its free version by clicking HERE.

We remind you that the Antivirus will never protect you totally, so it is always good to pay attention to surfing the internet, and above all not to download things of dubious origin, often thinking of downloading the latest film released in 4K theaters, you will find yourself with the PC full of Malware, despite having activated the antivirus.

Last tip: Choose one and use that one, maybe change it after a while if you don’t like it, but never put 2 at the same time. The antivirus, even those on this list, consume a lot of resources, and would lead to a concrete slowdown of the PC.

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