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Music represents for you an essential element of your life, to the point that you would always like to have your piano, your guitar and all the other instruments you use to compose new songs at your disposal. Often, then, while you’re away from home or traveling, you happen to have intuitions about new melodies or drum loops that you wish you could record instantly so you don’t lose inspiration!

Well, there is a solution to all this: by installing an app to create music on your smartphone or tablet, in fact, you can always have a “portable” recording studio with you that will allow you to give vent to your creativity at any time of the day, wherever you are.

In short, whether you are a budding artist or an established professional, all you need to do is dedicate five minutes of free time to evaluate each single app that I am about to offer you in the following paragraphs: I am sure you will be able to find the one that is right for you, with the suitable for playing your favorite musical genres. Are you ready to start? Perfect, in that case all I have to do is wish you a good read and have fun!

Best Music maker app for Android

If you have an Android smartphone (or a “green robot” tablet), I have selected some particularly interesting apps for you to create music , easily available on the Google Play Store and on alternative stores for devices that do not have Google services.

Some of them are free (at least in the basic version), but still allow you to obtain more than satisfactory results, especially if you are looking for a way to develop your ideas at an “embryonic” level. Others, on the other hand, are structured in a very similar way to a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) for PC: the paid ones, however, as you will see, have absolutely accessible costs.

Music Maker JAM

Music Maker Jam main screen

One of the best apps to create free music on your smartphone or tablet is undoubtedly Music Maker JAM : it is an ideal solution for lovers of Hip Hop , Dubstep and House music , which allows you to compose music by choosing between hundreds of loops, beats and melodies. The basic version, therefore, does not include any cost, but it is possible to access additional features by subscribing to a PRO subscription for 4.99 euros per month, or even to purchase Mix Packs separately (i.e. a package of virtual instruments and sounds) to integrate with the default ones.

After downloading the app, open it and press the Provide Permissions button to allow it to access the microphone and device memory , confirming your intention with a tap on the Allow item .

Next, press the Start immediately button , then choose one of the Mix Packs available based on your preferences and press the Create music button to access the app creation interface.

To start, tap the [+] symbol corresponding to a track to add a loop, then select the type of instrument , listen to the preview and, if you deem it suitable, tap again on the name that now appears instead of the [+] ] to confirm the choice, subsequently adjusting the volume with the corresponding selector. Next, add the other instruments to your liking in the various free channels: you can listen to your mix at any time by pressing the ▶︎ button at the bottom left.

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Once the song has been composed, try to insert effects : to do so, press the word FX in the left menu, then select a mode between Master (this will apply to all channels) and Channel : in the latter case you will have to indicate the instrument to which you want to apply it and choose the type of effect, which you can also calibrate using the Processing function .

audio recording to music maker jam app

To record the audio , touch the button with the microphone symbol again from the left menu, then press again the microphone symbol corresponding to the channel to which you want to assign it to start the recording phase, which will be preceded by a short account at the reverse.

I would also like to point out the possibility of creating more sections using the appropriate functions at the top of the interface. To save the project, tap the ☰ symbol located at the top left and tap the Save Project option from the context menu. If you want to access the app store to integrate new Mix Packs, instead, press the Home option in the menu just illustrated.


dial mode selection on n-Track app

Another app that I advise you to seriously consider is undoubtedly n-Track , the mobile version of the homonymous DAW for PC. There is a very well structured free edition that you can download from this page of the Google Play Store. After a careful evaluation, you might consider taking advantage of the PRO version, which costs 29.99 euros and integrates many more functions and virtual tools.

The n-Track interface follows that of the most famous programs for recording music on a computer, so if you are already familiar with this type of software you shouldn’t have any problem orienting yourself in its functions. To begin, choose the type of track with which you want to start your project from the home screen: the application allows you to import a loop , create a rhythm , record an audio , compose a melody with a virtual instrument or play a drum with a special drum kit .

timeline app n-Track

Once the first track has been created, you can add others to the timeline (the interface where the various tracks are organized) by pressing the [+] symbol located in the left vertical bar, then selecting the type from the audio track , instrument and rhythm track options .

If you have chosen the instrument or rhythm track mode, define which musical instrument you want to use from the context menu, then press the record button (the one with the red dot ) located at the bottom left and use the relative interface (it can correspond, for example, to a virtual keyboard , a drum kit or a sequencer ) to play the part: as soon as you feel satisfied, press the Stop button ◾️ to interrupt.

As for the audio track , however, make sure you have removed the headphones before starting recording, then press the same red button seen in the previous paragraph to record, for example, the voice or a “real” external instrument via the microphone of the device.

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An effect can be applied to each track : to do this, after selecting the one you want to modify with a tap, open the mixer by pressing the selector symbol located at the top left and press the [+] symbol located under the heading Add Effects , then repeat the operation in the next step to open the effects menu . Finally, select the one you want to insert and use the relative interface for the appropriate adjustments .

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So far I’ve shown you the basic functions of the app, but there are many more that I recommend you experiment to fully understand its potential. To save the song in the device memory, touch the ☰ symbol at the bottom right and touch the Save song/Export option , then press the Go button . You can retrieve it at any time from the same menu just exposed, this time pressing the Open song function .

Other apps to create music on Android

Walk Band piano interface

The solutions I told you about in the previous paragraphs are really excellent, especially for those who are taking their first steps in the field of music. However, if you also want to consider other apps for creating music on Android , I have selected some valid alternatives for you, many of which are also suitable for professional fields. Of course, I recommend checking your device’s specifications to determine compatibility and avoid unpleasant latency issues.

  • Walk Band — are you looking for a versatile solution, capable of integrating a wide range of virtual instruments to make your creations even more heterogeneous? If that’s the case, you absolutely must try this free app, which is particularly intuitive and at the same time capable of offering a wide range of sounds for keyboard, guitar, bass and drums, both acoustic and electronic.
  • FL Studio Mobile — this application, the mobile version of the famous DAW for computers, allows you to have a real virtual mixer with numerous functions and virtual instruments of all kinds, such as synthesizers , samplers , drum kits and so on. FL Studio Mobile also allows you to easily import and export files in various audio formats such as MIDI , WAV and MP3 , and is perfectly integrated with the computer software I mentioned earlier. To download the app on the own device you need to buy it at the price of 14.90 euros . More info here.
  • Audio Evolution Mobile Studio — is one of the most powerful audio/MIDI multi-track sequencers that can be found in the Android landscape. Audio Evolution Mobile Studio offers support for over 250 USB audio/MIDI interfaces and provides numerous features: MIDI progression, playback loop, automation of mixer and effect parameters, latency correction, metronome function, import of audio files into multiple formats (WAV, MP3, AIFF, FLAC, Ogg/Vorbis) and much more: for this reason it is possible to consider it as one of the best apps to create disco music . To download it you need to pay 8.99 euros .
  • G-Stomper Studio — if you can invest a few euros ( 13.99 euros to be precise ) and you are looking for an app to create electronic music , this solution guarantees an excellent audio quality level even from a mobile device. G-Stomper Studio includes numerous original virtual instruments: a sampler, a virtual synthesizer (VA-Beast), Piano Keyboard, several sequencers, 24 Drum Pads, a line mixer, as well as a rack of very interesting effects. The synthesizer based on the VA-Beast system is probably the most interesting aspect of this app, as it allows even novice users to produce complex sounds quite quickly and easily.
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Apps to create music: iPhone and iPad

There are many professionals in the sector who use computers produced by Apple for their music production business. However, you will be pleased to know that even mobile devices with the bitten apple logo allow you to create excellent compositions: below you can find what I consider to be the best apps for creating music on iPhone and iPad .


Garage Band iPhone app select Live loops or Tracks

In this section, I can’t help but mention GarageBand , a powerful default app (available for free on the App Store) developed by Apple that transforms any iOS/iPadOS device into a real mini-recording studio. The numerous instruments included “as standard” in GarageBand, the possibility of using Live Loops to create music in a very simple way and the numerous customization options available for each instrument, make this app particularly complete.

GarageBand offers two composition modes (which, in any case, interact with each other) that you can select when starting the application: the one called Live Loops mentioned above allows you to use predefined tracks , which can be modified and mixed to make original creations.

modalità Live Loops app Garage Band iPhone

If you have chosen this option, select New from the main screen, then press the [+] button on the left of the composition interface and press the Loop function from the context menu to access the appropriate library (which can also be filtered if necessary for genres or instruments). Here you can listen to the preview of a loop with a simple tap on the element, while to proceed with adding it to the interface, just hold down the chosen loop and drag it to one of the free boxes.

Obviously you can add other sections relating to different types of sounds by touching the [+] symbol in the left vertical bar, and then insert a new loop or an instrument from the context menu: in the latter case, after choosing one of those available, you will be given a dedicated interface to play the notes of the melody or the beats of the rhythm you want to set. In this phase it is also possible to select the Audio Recorder mode which, leaning on the microphone of the device, allows you to record any environmental sounds, such as the voice or a real instrument .

As soon as you are ready to record a Live Loops performance , just press the Record button (the red dot ) located in the control bar at the top, after which you will have to start playing the composition. To stop recording, however, it is necessary to press the square icon located alongside.

Garage Band iPhone app instrument interface

The Tracks mode , on the other hand, allows you to use the various integrated virtual instruments : first, therefore, identify the one you want to play, then apply the sound you prefer by consulting those available in the Other sounds section and select one of the available interaction modes ( Keyboard , for example, includes the ability to compose with the Smart Piano , Sint Alchemy or the Sampler ).

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Also in this case to record the part you have in mind you will have to interact with the control bar at the top. Afterwards, you will be able to access the timeline by touching the symbol with dashes located at the top left, so you can check your work, reproduce the composition and add other tools to enrich the song.

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In short, in this chapter I have only “touched” the potential of this application: I advise you, therefore, to patiently experiment with the various functions present therein which include, among other things, the possibility of applying effects , activating the metronome and setting a arpeggiator . For more information on how to use GarageBand, I refer you to my dedicated tutorial.

More apps to create music on iPhone and iPad

app interface for making Auxy music

If GarageBand doesn’t fully meet your needs, fear not: below you can evaluate other apps for creating music on iPhone and iPad that I have selected, which are particularly valid and at the same time highly appreciated by users who use them.

  • Auxy Studio — it is a very versatile solution that allows you to draw musical sequences or rhythmic beats on a special grid in a very intuitive way. The app is paid, with costs starting from 5.99 euros/month or 49.99 euros for the annual subscription .
  • Music Maket Jam — this popular app that I told you about in a chapter dedicated to the version for Android devices, is also compatible with iPhone and iPad: the operation is substantially the same, so you can refer to the relative instructions to discover its various features .
  • n-Track Studio — Want an interface as close to a DAW as possible? In that case n-Track can certainly be for you. Also in this case, I have explored its functioning in a dedicated chapter in the Android app section, and since I have not found any particular differences, I advise you to refer to it to find out how it works.
  • Korg Gadget — those who produce electronic music cannot fail to try this app which offers a collection of over 40 synthesizers, called Gadgets , which allow the user to produce any type of sound. The strong point of this application is the interface that allows you to concentrate on what you are doing without getting too distracted by the many commands that you can use. The Korg Gadget app can also be connected to external devices that expand the potential of this software. Its cost is 39.99 euros .
  • Cubasis 2 — this application offers great tools that allow you to record, edit and share your music using your iPad. Cubasis 2 provides an unlimited number of audio and MIDI songs, and allows you to use the MiniSampler to create your own instruments (20 are already included). Also noteworthy is the possibility of exporting files from, for example, iCloud, Dropbox and SoundCloud. The app can be purchased from the App Store for 23.99 euros .
  • Logic Remote — those who use the Logic Pro or GarageBand program on their Mac will find the Logic Remote app particularly useful, given that this free solution developed by Apple is complementary to the tools mentioned above and therefore allows you to navigate through the related projects and even create mixes.
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Best Music maker app for PC

fl studio timeline

You tried to use the apps that I recommended in the previous chapters, but in the end you convinced yourself that for your project it is more appropriate to move towards an app for creating music on a PC , and thus make use of a suitable more performing hardware to handle more complex compositions? No problem, I was happy to take care of this too, and below I’ll show you some software that allows you to create a Home Studio with counterflakes.

  • FL Studio (Windows / macOS) — it is one of the most popular software in this area, as it allows you to record, mix and sample using a wide range of very interesting plugins. It is paid (there are various versions with costs starting from 99 euros ), but it allows you to take advantage of a free trial . If you want to test the software, I suggest you read this guide of mine dedicated to how FL Studio works to speed up the learning of its main features.
  • Audacity (Windows/macOS/Linux) — if you don’t intend to spend money, in this case I suggest you download and install this audio editing software on your PC that allows you to record and edit tracks through features that are as simple as they are effective. If you want to learn more about how it works, read my guide on how to use Audacity.
  • GarageBand (macOS) — the chapter dedicated to the functioning of GarageBand on iPhone and iPad has intrigued you, and now you would like to know more about what is considered one of the best apps for creating Mac music ? In that case, I suggest you read the guide I’ve dedicated to the subject, in which you’ll find all the instructions you need to learn how to use GarageBand in the best way.
  • Ableton Live (Windows/macOS) — the extremely intuitive interface and the rich set of instruments, sounds, kits, loops and effects are the main strengths of this excellent DAW, a very versatile professional software suitable for the production of different genres musical. If you want to know more, feel free to read my guide on how to use Ableton Live.
  • Logic PRO (macOS) — in this selection of the best apps for creating music, this powerful and extraordinary Apple product certainly could not be missing, capable of responding to any creative need: in fact, it is suitable both for those who want to try their hand at songwriting and in the creation of rhythms, or even in the mixing or editing of songs. It is an important investment of 199.99 euros , but it is worth every single penny, and you can also take advantage of a 90-day free trial to test all its potential.

For more info, you can also take a look at my tutorial on programs for making music on PC.

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