Top 7 Best Workflow and BPM Tools and Software

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outils et logiciels de Workflow et BPM

The good management of a company is based initially on the management of its work team, but also, and above all, on the effective management of the many activities of the company. A better organization of your workflow necessarily involves the use of BPM and Workflow software and tools. In this article, we have compiled the best ones for you.

Workflow and BPM tools and software

1- MONDAY.COM free online workflow software is an efficient and practical Workflow tool for better management of teamwork and projects. It is a tool perfectly adapted to your company for a better management of your collaborators. Thanks to its enormous features, allows you to personalize work contents, manage ordinary and special tasks, distribute tasks, set deadlines, follow the progress of your tasks and those of your collaborators. .

In addition to this allows you to manage your recruitment processes, to start your communication and marketing plan for your products and even to manage events. So many features that allow you to seamlessly manage your project teams and your business. The tool allows you to better organize all your projects, including those that cause you difficulties. has a fun, modern and attractive user interface. Its features are ultra-modern and suitable for any type of business. With, simplify your life and that of your work teams, make managing your activities easier and save a lot more time. is paid, but you can try it for free for a few days.


Engage Process Suite

Engage Process Suite is a BPM (Business Process Modeler) solution that allows companies of all kinds to implement personalized management tools for your projects and your teams. It is a tool that allows business leaders to centralize on a well-developed platform all the work organization of their companies, thus offering the possibility to users to follow the progress and efficiency of the company’s performance.

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With Engage Process Suite, it’s the efficient and simple management of your professional activities. In its mode of operation, Engage Process Suite offers you via a platform the possibility of inserting specific tasks, documents and roles for you as well as for your entire work team. Make all the changes you want, set task deadlines and organize your work plan with ease. Evaluate your performance as well as that of your employees and get guidance if necessary.

A real business project management tool, Engage Process Suite is available in a paid version with a free trial period.


Signavio online workflow software

The software Signavio is a Workflow solution suitable for any company concerned about its development and that of its employees. It is a tool that allows you to design contextual documents, assign various tasks and monitor the progress of all activities, however diverse and complex they may be, in complete transparency. Signavio is a complete solution designed to effectively meet your needs, those of the company and those of your employees.

Signavio software has a very intuitive interface and is fully available as a free version with a few days free trial.


Qntrl free workflow app

Qntrl is a Workflow software intended for organizations and companies and which allows them to follow in a simple and automated way all the professional activities of these companies as well as those who work there. It was designed and developed to facilitate the automation of work within a company. With Qntrl, digitize all your workflows without any difficulty.

Indeed, an incalculable number of activities and works are carried out within a company and these activities must rigorously follow stages. So with Qntrl, assign tasks to several possible teams following specific steps. Qntrl allows you to collaborate with multiple teams. You can make changes to certain activities by adding or removing details. Set deadlines for completing tasks and remind latecomers if possible.

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Basically, with Qntrl all your business activities are on one platform. You don’t waste any more time and you can confidently go about other things. All your professional operations are found on a single and neat platform. You can try the software in a few days, but the actual version is paid.


Sensus BPM Online

Sensus BPM Online is a BPM IT solution that offers all its users tools to digitally and automatically create a workflow platform within their companies; whether they are very small, medium or large companies. With Sensus BPM Online, boost your Workflow. Get process maps with data to collect.

You can add, share assign or edit tasks based on the teams on site. When you make changes on the platform, these are automatically updated to allow the team to be informed of the changes as they occur. Sensus BPM Online exists in a paid version with a free trial period of a few days.


Pimalion BPM software

Pimalion is a BPM software that allows all categories of companies to better manage their work teams and projects via an online platform. In other words, Pimalion allows you to share information content and perform operations of any kind. These operations can be for specific teams with specific tasks and milestones.

With the many features of Pimalion, you have the ability to perform activities such as: importing and/or exporting digital data, efficient and convenient management of activity flows, control and monitoring of non- executed. With the Pimalion software, you can select or categorize data and information according to file type, name, brand, etc. Pimalion does not exist in a free version nor does it offer free trials. You can benefit from this software through a subscription system.

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Productboard workflow bpm

product board like all the other BPM programs on this list is a tool that allows you to effectively manage your projects as well as your work teams with the aim of optimizing the performance of a company. Through simple and effective practices. Proceed to a better management of the professional activities of your company.

With its multiple functionalities, Productboard offers you via its interface the possibility of inserting specific tasks, contextual documents, roles for you as well as for your entire work team. Make any necessary changes you want, set task deadlines, and organize your work plan with ease. Evaluate your performance as well as that of your internal and external collaborators. Productboard has a paid version with a free trial for a few days.

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