BSoD su Windows: try the latest driver Intel

The incubus of BSoD (Blue Screen of Death) è turned to Palesarsi negli ultimi giorni per un número non indifferente di utenti windows, if its versione più recente W11 if its previous W10 version. A possible solution will come now with the new release of the intel driversin particular those intended for all wireless components integrate under the scocca of the PC.

New Intel driver to solve the BSoD on Windows

Il consiglio, per chi si trova suo malgrado a dover fare i conti con la temibile schermata bluI will visit the official site of the chipmaker and check the availability of theupdate (or degli aggiornamenti). In case of positive success, if you will find a screen in front of you like the one shown in the image below: with a simple click on your “Scarica tutto” you will follow the necessary procedure to start the download and install it.

Gli ultimi driver rilasciati da Intel

Other than intervening in the cause of the problem, and responsible for the Blue Screen of Death, with the damage to the package, Intel has correct a paio di bug Relative to anomaly that if verificavano impiegando un display wireless ea un impatto negative sulle estazioni generali del sistema.

Come già accennato, i driver in question sono quelli delegati alla gestione delle componenti Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, duque della connettività with le peripheriche and della gestione del traffico dati. Once scared, it is enough to click another button on the “Install Tutto” button to finish the operation. Come always in questi casi, poiché if it’s about a process delicatesi consiglia di dare il via solo dopo aver salvato eventuali documenti aperti o lavori in corso.

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A curiosity: the Blue Screen of Death It has completed its return in Windows 11 at the end of 2021, turning on the post of an anchor with a haunting Black Screen of Death.

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