Can’t afford Photoshop? Try Freephototool!

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Freephototool is a free online photo and image editing software based on the pixlr API.

Pixlr Editor is an equally free online software from Autodesk. The advantage is therefore to have a powerful tool for editing images without bearing the costs.


Can’t afford Photoshop? Download Freephototool! for android Windows pc

For occasional use

The tool is well suited to web entrepreneurs, who cannot be experts everywhere. The tool offers them the possibility to edit images like Photoshop:


  • French interface available
  • Powerful adjustments and filters
  • make symmetries
  • API available to reuse the tool in your applications

For optimal use I advise you for the colors to use : it helps you to choose similar, complementary or antagonistic colors.

It is also possible to register on the Pixelr platform to be able to save your files online. The free version without registration still allows you to save your work on your hard drive.

Some usage ideas

When you want to illustrate your blog with an image, you regularly come across banal images or images that may fall under copyright (cf. Press photos). A good way to benefit from an original image is to recolor images, crop or resize photos by applying symmetry or a filter. Freephototool then becomes your ally for your SEO actions, in particular for placing ALT link anchors on your unpublished images. A good way also to anticipate a possible animal update from Google which would concern images.

The Pixlr API available also allows you to include this powerful editing software in your sites, apps or online software.

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Do not hesitate to go and test for yourself: I repeat but it’s free!

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