Chrome Dark Mode | What is it and how to install it

Chrome Dark Mode

Are you looking for a guide that will show you in detail what the Chrome Dark Mode and how can it be activated? Very well, you have found the article that is right for you! In this study we will give you all the information and instructions to succeed in your intent.

There Dark Mode it is a function that we will see in more detail in the next few lines. It can be activated in any operating system, so we will see the procedures for activating it for each one.

So take a few minutes of free time: we are sure that, once you have finished reading, you will have a clearer picture of everything. But no more delays, let’s go!

Chrome Dark Mode

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The functionality Chrome Dark Mode refers to dark mode on desktop devices (Mac OS 10.14 and above, Windows 10 and above) e Dark theme on mobile devices. Basically, browsing in dark mode or Dark Theme in Chrome, the home page, toolbar, settings and some other pages will become dark (also find out Chrome is not responding and freezes: how to fix).

To activate Google Dark Mode on PC and Mac using Chrome you need to follow a few simple steps:

  • open Google Chrome;
  • click on Settings”, at the bottom right of the home page;
  • to select Search settings”;
  • press up I’m waiting” and turn on dark mode.

On mobile devices, however, both iPhone and Android, a different procedure must be followed. Basically, on iPhones just press on “Settings”, tap on “Screen and brightness” and select the “Dark” mode in “Appearance”.

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As far as Android devices are concerned, to activate dark mode you need to open Google Chrome, tap on “More” at the top right, select “Settings” and finally tap on “Themes”. Once this is done, you will be able to select dark mode.

To check if Dark mode is actually active, open Chome and at the top right check if you see “Your profile: dark mode is active”. In fact, it can often be confused with incognito browsing (also characterized by a dark colour), but if that wording is there, there is no doubt: you are browsing with the Chrome Dark Mode!

Chrome Dark ModeAndroid

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In the previous lines we have analyzed how to activate the Chrome Dark ModeAndroidBut let’s take a closer look at this topic. In summary, these are the steps to take to activate the Dark theme on Android devices, i.e. smartphones and tablets:

  • open Google Chrome;
  • tap on “More” at the top right;
  • select “Settings”;
  • tap on “Themes”.

Once these few simple steps have been performed, you will be able to activate the Dark theme on your Android device. Activating dark mode on your smartphone first of all has a beneficial effect on eyesight: reduces eye strain in the evening, since colors that are too light, combined with too high a brightness, could disturb your eyesight. In the evening it is advisable to lower the brightness, activate an anti-blue light filter and activate the dark mode, so as to improve the readability of the texts.

However, this is not the only positive effect: the dark mode activated on your smartphone also saves battery! All in the face of a change that has very little impact on the interface of your device. However, this only applies to smartphones equipped with a screen with OLED technology, which can benefit from a saving of 3 to 9% of battery compared to a brightness between 30 and 50%while with a stable brightness at 100%, the savings increase to around 45%.

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You should now have a complete and exhaustive overview of the Chrome Dark Mode. We have seen how to activate it on Windows, Mac, Android devices and iPhone. We therefore just have to give you an appointment for the next time, in the hope that our guide has been useful to you in practice. Also read How to Remove Ads from Chrome


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