Come get the flash when you call your iPhone

Come get the flash when you call your iPhone

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To return può capitare di I will lose any notifications on your iPhone. A completely normal situation, like the custom of such a person, is disabled from sleep and the cell phone is set to silent mode with only vibration.

Eppure, just like access with some Android smartphone (for example, Oppo), there is a further way to see the phone. Be aware, infatti, that it is possible put the flash when you call your iPhone?

A dry and easily recognizable alert, soprattutto per chi ha l’abitudine di tenere il cellulare sulla scrivania o sul comodino. È suficiente capovolgere il device “a faccia in giù“(Ossia with the schermo che poggia sulla surface) per avere in bella shows a light prompta ad acendersi ogni qualvolta will receive a phone call or a new message. Nice and effective, non è vero?

We saw ourselves incuriositi giusto un pochino, we invited us to read our article per capire come fare.

The procedure, see the sudden anticipiamo, is very simple. E visto che ci siamo, vi suggestiamo anche di dare un’occhiata alla nostra guida su how will i use the cell phone as modem To transform your device, beautifully positioned comfortably on your desk, into a true and own portable router soon for use.


How to flash the flash when you call your iPhone: where to find this function

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Get the flash when you call your iPhone – ma anche, come abbiamo detto prima, in the presence of new messages – is an iOS function that is still little known to today.

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His position within the section “accessibility“Non agevola infatti un diffusione un po’ più capillare, anche honor del vero l’esser parte integrante della sopra menzionata section apparently coherent with the pensiero del team di sviluppo di Apple, che ha per l’appunto inteso questa opzione come una The accessibility function is mainly thought to color what has been a problem for audiences.

In reality, these avvisi flash visivi can become very useful in various circumstances, and it is for this reason that the section accessibility Spesso raccoglie alcune utili funzioni da sfruttare in modo generalizzato. I saw remember, ad esempio, the possibility of fare one screenshot your iPhone without first touchsimply with a touch handle on the back of the device?

Come activate flash when calling iPhone

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Non perdiamoci communicated subsequently in chiacchiere ed we would suddenly enter the “heart” of the discorso, spiegandovi come si fa ad flash your iPhone when it does ricevono chiamate e messaggi. We will post the article in schematic mode because the letters agevolarne.

  1. The first thing about fare is obviously sbloccare iPhone. If an authentication method is required, such as Face ID (three-dimensional identification of the volt), Touch ID oppure (imprint key) or an anchor numeric code, proceed to scan the visa or oppure dito insert the code with sei encrypt. ;
  2. A turn into the main screen of the iPhone (by the way, know that it is possible nascondere app your iPhone?), close the app settings (quella, cioè, che ha un’icona con sfondo grigio e un ingranaggio al centro) e premete su di essa;
  3. Scorrete fine to close the voice “General” e fate tap;
  4. Enter this point in the section “accessibility“;
  5. Scroll to the basso fino to view the section “udito“;
  6. Nella schermata successiva, pigiate her “LED Flash for avvisi“and the game is fatto.
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Given that it was così simple? D’ora in advance, iphone Inizierà a “sparare” luce ogni qualvolta riceverete a nuova chiamata or a nuovo message.

And this, if badi bene, to dispense with the fact that the smartphone is impostato in silent mode oppure dreamy. Obviously, do not tell the cell phone “a face in giù”, although the visive flash alert will be useless, but comporting a useless battery spreco.

Aggiungiamo pure che, a turn activated gli avvisi per chiamate e messaggi con led-flashif you will unlock an’altra opzione per activare tali alert when iphone It is set in silent mode.

Finally, remember that this option works only when you iPhone screen is blocked; It means, in good standing, that the LED flash of the smartphone will not work in the presence of friends or in person (as in the case of messages) if it is using the cell phone.


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