Come if you use Shazam: dall’installazione alla ricerca, a step by step guide

Come if you use Shazam: dall'installazione alla ricerca, a step-by-step guide

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I saw the mai capitato di ascoltare la radio e di sentire una canzone que vi piace molto, ma di cui non conoscete il titolo? Magari è il sottofondo di una pubblicità o vi capita per strada. It’s not annoying, it’s not I can know what music is about? To solve this problem is created Shazam. If it is an application that I have given my consent scoprire i titoli di canzoni che non conoscete with just any click. However, it is possible to use this program also on the computer.

Volete sapere how to ascoltare free music online? Cliccate qui per scoprire quali sono le migliori piattaforme.

If you wish it smartphone The portata di hand and the app installed correctly do not have any problem to find the songs that you do not know. potte quietly Scoprire the title and the author in the turn of little secondi. Se avete già sentito parlare di quest’applicazione, ma non sapete como utilizzarla vi trovate nel posto giusto, en quanto stiamo per spiegarvi come fare.

I have not seen any worries if I am not a technology expert, using it is extremely simple. Dunque, dedicate any minute to the letter of this guide for scoprire come fare.


How will I use Shazam on PC?

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Give yourself a pc and fly I will use Shazam gives this device? No problem, as we said in precedence, it is possible to do it. Sia che abbiate un computer with Windows 10 or 11if you possessed a MacYou will have no problem enjoying the power of Shazam.

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We start with the spying for chi has a computer with Windows 10 or 11. Volete sapere eat if you use Shazam? In this case it will be necessary to recarvi sul Chrome Web Store to access all extensions. Cliccate this link, dopodiché type it Shazam nella barra di ricerca in high to the left and premete shipping. Click on the first result and on the new page press your command in blue Aggiungi che troverete a destra in alto.

I did not see anything else, I will confirm with a click your Aggiungi extensione nella finestra che apparirà. dopo aver scaricato shazam per computer, I can find the music that I saw interest. For example, if there is one place where a song will automatically start, the other will open its icon of the puzzle that will come up on the side of the search bar and click on it with the voice of Shazam. Attendete che l’extensione individui il brano e otterrete il titolo in breve.


Give yourself a Mac Will you be able to get Shazam to use it on your device? In this case proceed as vi stiamo per indicare. Innanzitutto, dovrete accedere to the Mac App StoreI will close theapp say Shazam and select Ottieni. Click on your install and pay attention to the gunga procedure at the end. Può darsi che vi come richiesto il riconoscimento con l’Apple ID. At the end fate click your April. At this point, you will find the icon of the program in the bar that is upright on the right.

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Click on it and select it okay nella finestra che apparirà. In this way, Shazam will have access to the microphone of the Mac. When I saw a web page with a music that you don’t know and whose title and author’s key, you might click on its icon of the program in order to share the information. At the end, in the little second turn, the schedule of the song will appear.

How will I use Shazam on my smartphone?

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avere Shazam available on your mobile device It is extremely comfortable in the case in which I saw troviate outside the house and vogliate scoprire l’autore e il titolo di un canzone che ascoltate per case. The service is available if per android smartphoneche per iphone.


Give yourself a android device e non sapete eat if he uses Shazam? Vediamo come fare per scaricarlo y usarlo. Il primo passaggio is what I gave access to Play Store And type Shazam in the search bar.

Select the correct option and proceed with the download and installation of the application. At the end, fate click sull’Shazam icon. See a central touch with the logo of the service. Own this dovrete select ogni volta che vorrete will individualize a song that you do not know. Prima di potere will use the dovrete riconoscimento consent to the access to the microphone Give notice that you will share the first turn that you will use the app. After the click, in the turn of any second, potrete Scoprire the title of the song e chi sings it Inoltre, up to the left find the section Library. With one click, you can see the list of songs that have been scoped. That this rest in memory, potrete quindi accedare and will save the entire list.

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Give yourself a iphone and I’ll use Shazam? Access, per prima cosa, thereapp store, Close Shazam writing the parola on the bar of ricerca and scaricatela. After the installation can be clicked on its icon to activate it. Ecco che will be enough a click on the central touch to activate the search ogni volta che feel a song that you do not know.

The operation of Shazam your iPhone è lo stesso che per i despositivi Android. Il vantaggio è che sugli smartphone Apple potrete activate Shazam using Siri.


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