Come online with your WhatsApp, your iPhone and Android: all i passaggi

Come online with your WhatsApp, your iPhone and Android: all i passaggi

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desiderata I will protect the privacy of your WhatsApp e seven quindi alla ricerca di alcune impostazioni da aportare sul cellulare per tutelare il vostro profilo nell’app di messageagistica più utilizzata al mundo? But do not take into consideration the possibility of take your WhatsApp online?

It’s very simple! al pari di Telegramsome other app can be used on cell phones, also the proprietary platform of Meta allows you to disable the visualization of the app online status Give a user, per predefinite setting of the app visible every time.

In this way, you will not know that you are seven within the app (and indirectly that you are using the cell phone). Certainly, being online does not necessarily mean seeing letters all and messages: therefore, the only possible way is the iconic according to di spunta blue Accanto al messaggio, also in this case activated by predefined setting ma disactivated in any moment dall’utente.

In this article we will see how if fa a find it online on WhatsAppa tutti oppure a determinati contatti.

Keep in mind, but, when I find it online, say WhatsApp, non potrete nemmeno visualizzare gli stati di altre persone. In this case, the setup is very similar to that of another competitor, like a Telegram app.

I have seen that we speak of reserved, let us let our article on your how to improve the privacy on whatsapp? Vi suggestiamo dare un’occhiata all’approfondimento, perché alcune impostazioni potrebbero tornarvi molto utili.


How to connect your WhatsApp online – Android

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Come abbiamo accennato poc’anzi, Togliere stato online your WhatsApp It’s quite simple, I post that I don’t know how to do it if I contact you while using the instant messaging app at that precise moment.

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Partiamo da Android. Press the app WhatsApp on your phone and enter the setting: vi basterà fare tap sui three points vertically positioned nell’angolo in alto a destra and select the voice “settings” in the tendin menu.

Touch next to the section “account“and on the page correspond to it, please”Privacy“To enter appunto in all the options dedicate alla reserved, also the disactivation of the confirm di lettura su WhatsApp.

To modify the online status of your app, it will be enough to pigiare your “last access“. La schermata vi proporrà due to different options: potrete scegliere di inibire questa informazione a qualsiasi persona (“Nessuno“), oppure renderla disponibile sotanto ai vostri contatti “miei contatti“).

E se volessimo invece Access your WhatsApp online for anyone? In this case, you may choose the option “I miei contatti, tranne…“And select the person from the list of contacts that the ball will exclude from the display of the information that we are analyzing.

When a selection is made against the options appear to be cited (“Tutti“, “Nessuno“, “i miei contact you“, “I miei contatti, tranne…“), il vostro stato online or “last access“will be visible on the basis of the previously set selection.

To dare performance there modify it, vi basterà pigiare il segno di spunta nell’angolo in basso a destra e il gioco è fatto. Simple, isn’t it true?


How to connect your WhatsApp – iPhone online

How will I copy contacts from a WhatsApp group?

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Vediamo adesso come si fa a nascondere stato online your WhatsApp your iPhone.

The procedure is practically the same as first, with any slighter costamento dettato più che altro da alcune modifiche in the schermata dell’app WhatsApp.

Press the instantaneous messaging app and touch the icon in the shape of the gear posted on the bottom of the right corner to access the interior of the delle settings. Nella nuova schermata, selezionate dapprima “account“and successively”Privacy“, who touched the option”last access“To modify the live privacy legato to the visualization of your online status.

come già seen her Androidci sono quattro diversi settaggi a disposizione degli utenti, ai quali logically corresponds to a different “weight” in terms of privacy:

  • Tutti: any user will be able to view your last access
  • i miei contact you: Let me know if you can contact me to see your status WhatsApp
  • I miei contatti, tranne che…: Selecting the person from the list of contacts, you can exclude one or the most from the display of the “Last access” status
  • Nessuno: nessun utente potrà seere il vostro stato su WhatsApp

Touch yourself so “Fine“Nell’angolo in alto a destra per confirmare le modifiche.



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