Come see sew that I piaccio his Instagram: trucchi e consigli

Come see sew that I piaccio his Instagram: trucchi e consigli

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Instagram, eat the biggest part of the social piattaforme, “learn” prefers him Say I use it to show you the things that interest me.

L‘algorithm It elaborates the time that a person runs through their determined content when using the app, i like Lasciati e gli account ricercati, e utilizza i dati per suggestirere video, foto e reel che incontrano maggiormente il favore dell’utente. See now how to “suggest” all’app and show content, and come vedere he sews che ci piacciono his Instagram.


How will I use the section Close and explore your Instagram

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The Close section explores your Instagram, password in the app dall’icon of the large lens, consent to close the account or hashtag and suggest photos and videos that show interest when using the app. The contents are selected automatically based on a variety of facts, according to which:

  • Account Instagram che si seguono
  • Photo and video to cui è messo “Mi piace” su Instagram
  • Person con cui si è in contatto su Instagram

Eat this, if you can effettuare richerche his Instagram Using parole chiave to find photo and video, hashtag, account, audio, tag and place.

Per I will close your Instagram Just click on the enlarged lens and you can type the name of the person or thing that if you fly near the search bar, click on your account or hashtag on the list of results.

How to interact with and content your Instagram

eat this, maggiore is the interaction With determined content, more frequent Instagram will be provided in the Close section and explore or in the feed.

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Interagire con determinati contenuti consent dunque all’algoritmo di sapere che cosa ci piace o ci interessa di più. The interactions can be Like a post facendo tap sul cuore, I will comment on a post oppure I will send the post tSend a private message to another contact. Also, the search will take place in the section Nearby and explore we come “register” for Instagram, which will tend to suggest online content with this search.

How will I follow your Instagram account?

I will continue to determine the account to further customize the feed. Al di la dei contatti e dei conoscenti, I will continue to dedicate pages to determinati argumentsother than to share in the feed post of the pages of these spingerà Instagram to suggest an account similarly to follow, because ritenuti online with our interests.

Per I will follow an account on his Instagram It is enough to close it with the lens of ingrandimento, I will access the page and click on its “Follow”.

Como impostare Preferiti e Followiti su Instagram

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Il Instagram feedand I mention the schermata that I do present when I open the app, it is a mix of photos and videos of people who, if I follow and post suggestions, are not photos, videos or reels (I saw spieghiamo also how I will create an Instagram Reel), and that can be visualized running against the bass.

The second account of the account is followed by the feed changing, showing the content based on the calculation that the Instagram algorithm analyzes the activity of the person using the app. “Preferiti” and “Seguiti” are due modi For avere sul feed contenuti che interessano maggiormente o quelli di persone che si vuole continuare con assiduità. The list of favorites Shows the last post with the selected account accounts, if you are dealing with favorite friends, colleghi or creator favorites, and if a certain account is included in the list of favorites, inoltre, in my new post I come visualizzati più in high nel feed in modo da vederli prima di altri.

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The person and gli account that came to be inserted in the list of favorites did not come informati di essere stati contrassegnati as such, non sanno di essere aggiunti to the list and neppure di essere eventually rimossi (qui vi spieghiamo come creare una lista di preferiti).

“Seguiti”, once, shows the post of the person who does follow (and even if the account is the same as “followed”) in chronological order, things can quickly update their most recent post. For this it is obviously necessary to use the di app instagram for Android (scaricabile dal Play Store) or per iphoneoppure accedere ad Instagram dal computer, collegandosi al Instagram official site. Qui vi spieghiamo come vedere i post dei Seguiti e come ordinarli.


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