Come si fa a fare one screenshot with Galaxy Watch 5

Come si fa a fare one screenshot with Galaxy Watch 5

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Galaxy Watch 5 It is surely one of the best smartwatches for Android in circulation. The elegant and minimal appearance, the possibility of customization and the completeness of the operating system Wear OS There are no other points of force, only a few functions are exclusive to the Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

A proposto di funzioni, come per tutti i dispositivi mobiles presenti sul mercato, anche su Galaxy Watch 5 it is possible fare screenshot. Sembra quasi strange, eppure this possibility potrebbe will become useful in molte circostanze: share, ad esempio, a schermata di un’applicazione with gli amici, or più banalmente will show all ciò che è currently in riproduzione sull’orologio.

Fare uno screenshot with Galaxy Watch 5 It is very simple and does not happen that there are great technological experts to enjoy this particular function. D’altro canto, as we had seen in a dedicated article, fare one screenshot to the computer It is a question of taste and even the smartwatch discorso is very similar.

Therefore, we did not lose in later chiacchiere and we suddenly entered the “heart” of the discorso that we were arguing.

Avete recuperato il vostro Galaxy Watch 5? Yes? And now we start!


Come fare screenshot with Galaxy Watch 5 (e Galaxy Watch 4)

The first thing about fare is to press at the same time i pulsanti Home and indietroOssia i due bottoni fisici che si trovano sulla parte destra dell’orologio.

This setting, see what we say suddenly, is also compatible with Galaxy Watch 4 (the cousin Samsung smartwatch that has signed the return of Wear OS dopo a brief “interregnum” of the operating system Tizen OS) and, naturally, with Galaxy Watch 5 Prothe Android alternative to Apple Watch Ultra.

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Obviously, I will first enter into the schermata che desiderate catturare, as ad esempio the forecast of the weatheruna risposta ad una mail oppure i risultati dell’attività sportiva avviata con la piattaforma Health.

Dopo aver premuto contemporaneamente i due tasti, bisognerà attendere finché lo schermo dell’orologio non inizierà a lampeggiare. At this point, the operating system will show a ‘animation with the screenshot catturato. The animation, in good standing, will confirm that the screenshot is effectively acquired and is soon to be visualized oppure condiviso (or even cancelled, since I did not have your background).

Very simple, not true? A little come fare one screenshot with him cellulare.

How to see screenshot your Galaxy Watch 5

Ma come si fa adesso a vedere gli screenshot dal Galaxy Watch 5? It’s very simple. To adapt as much as possible to the choices of your clientele, samsung It has provided two different modalities to access and view the screenshot of the smartwatch.

La prima, quella più semplice, consists nell’aprire l’app Gallerythere is a sort of program in “thumbnail” of the analogue applications present at various times on all your Samsung smartphones.

Per raggiungerla bisognerà effettuare un swipe dal basso verso l’alto (ossia scorrere il dito) sulla schermata principale dell’orologio per aprire il drawer delle applicazioni, cioè la lista di tutte le app installate su Galaxy Watch 5 and visualize yourself in a circular shape.

At this point, individualize the app Gallery, identificata (come d’altronde sugli smartphone Samsung) con un tonalità viola e un fiore con sei petali. L’avete trovata? Very good! Fate tapped her di essa to open it.

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Ora che seven inside the app Gallery, scorrete to close and visualize the screenshot appena immortalato, oppure i varias screenshot che avete catturato finora. A brief tap vi will allow you to visualize the image on all screens.

How did you say? Avete fatto uno screenshot per sbaglio e volete adesso cancel it? No problem! Let yourself imagine that you did not see interest and successively touch the icon of the basket.

The beautiful thing I said Galaxy Watch 5 It is certainly the versatility. Infatti, from the watch it is not possible to take a screenshot (and quindi immortalare tutto ciò che è in execution at that moment on the smartwatch), but also see a screenshot from the cell phone.

Alla stessa maniera, the smartphone can display the screenshot catturati con l’orologio: vi basterà aprire l’app Galleria (in case of any Samsung Galaxy smartphone) oppure google photo (for all Android smartphones).


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