Disable Cortana, your PC, smartphone and Xbox One

Disable Cortana, your PC, smartphone and Xbox One

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One of the exclusive functions of Windows 10 is the virtual assistant Cortana. The feature is not but because it serves everyone, magari proprio voi che ci leggete. Don’t be afraid, in how much Disable Cortana è piuttosto semplice su un po’ tutte le versioni di Windows 10 and also his Xbox One.

A Cortana è stata data great importance in phase of Lancio di Windows 10 and also the last sviluppi, major update and dedicated hardware, it indicates that the voice assistant will always be very important in the Microsoft landscape.

If this is the case, I am not interested and do not see the time of Disable Cortana On your PC, smartphone or console, I did not see the rest that I will continue with the guide below. “Hey Cortana, bye bye.”

Disable Cortana on Windows 10 on PC: Home, Pro, Anniversary Update and Creators Update

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Partiamo con il caso più comune, ovvero quello in cui vogliate Disable Cortana on your Windows 10 PC, if you have the version home either Pro. Starting from the Anniversary Update, I will remove the voice assistant from Microsoft not più so simple.

cousin of her build 1607 It was infatti present a simple selector that allows you to disable Cortana.

Adesso per rimuovere invece si deve necessariamente pasare dalla gestione di basso livello del sistema. I did not see worry about spiegarvi come fare ci siamo noi. If you intend to support Cortana from your Win 10 PC, continue reading.

Windows 10 Pro (or Enterprise)

If your PC is based on your Windows 10 Pro either business I can use the Editor Criteri di gruppo locali. Proceed with the following procedure:

  1. Press your Start and type gpedit.msc
  2. Selected results Publisher Criteri di gruppo locali
  3. Dallas bestra dell’editoron the left, press the number of words in the second following sequence: Computer Configuration > Windows Components > Search
  4. At this point, sulla destra, select yourself Permetti Cortana ed impostate it his Disabled

Perfectly, then I did not see the rest of the PC and the power of your Windows without Cortana. Obviously, to remove the vocal assistant, I will suffice to follow the procedure again and follow it activated in the last passage.

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Windows 10 Home

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Its the base version of Windows 10 hePublisher Criteri di gruppo locali Non è accessible quindi si deve necessariamente modificare delle voci del registro.

Ecco come fare:

  1. Press the menu Start and type regedit.exe
  2. Press the registry editor and, at the top left, enter your “File” and “Esporta”
  3. Save a copy of the registry, as a backup in case something goes wrong during the process of disactivating Cortana
  4. At this point, using the left hand sign, press this path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Search
  5. Click with the touch of the button “Windows Search”, go with the mouse on “New” and select “DWORD (32 bit)”
  6. Call the new chiave “AllowCortana” and premete invio
  7. At this point click on the flip and confirm that in the box “Dati valore” ci sia “0” (zero)

Riavviate il PC et voilà, also il vostro PC with Win 10 Home will be without Cortana. If you don’t have to worry about its functions on the dovessero, it will be enough to follow the procedure shown and once you create a new “AllowCortana” key, cancel the one you created previously.

Disable Cortana from Windows 10 Mobile

Disable Cortana on your Xbox One

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any month Cortana è arrivata also his Xbox Onewith the Anniversary Update of Windows 10. If I didn’t see any interest in the feature offered by Microsoft Voice Assistant and I will go back to my next command with “Xbox…” I didn’t see that I will follow the procedure below.

  1. The controller promises two volte sul xbox symbol and select the voice “Impostazioni”; Alternatively, use the vocal command “Hey Cortana, open the settings”
  2. Andate sotto la voce “Tutte le impostazioni” e poi selezionate “Seleziona”
  3. Go to “Impostazioni Cortana” and press the button “A”
  4. Sulla destra dello schermo will appear a menu that might raggiungere premendo il direzionale giù
  5. Press the taste A spostando il selettore su Off
  6. Riavviando l’Xbox avrete completely disabled Cortana

If in the future, Cortana will return to your Xbox One in the future, it will be enough to follow this procedure, assicurandovi di despostare il selectore su On.



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