Download managers: Here are the Top 9 of the best software

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Internet Download manager gestionnaire de telechargement chrome

The best download managers

Downloading today is no longer a luxury. Each Internet user downloads at least 95% of his time something on the web. It is therefore right that we should order the downloads. Several tools exist for this purpose. They are called download managers. These are software or applications that otherwise organize downloads and offer the user a tool of trust. That being said, it should be used. But before use, it would be necessary to make a good choice. This is to choose from the list of the best, the best download management software.

1- Internet Download manager

internet download manager chrome download manager

internet download manager is the software that holds the top of this list. It is both practical for its dynamism and useful for the plethora of options offered. In fact, with this tool you have the possibility to manage all your downloads as if it were a game. You put everything or just a selection on pause. You start and stop the download whenever you want. You have the possibility to cut the files and take them by portion. There is also a simple and efficient management model that passes through all other browsers and software. So it supports your operations on Chrome, Firefox and Opera for example.

2- Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager download manager

Considering the hegemony ensured by the IDM during a good number of years, the designers and developers of download managers have bet on certain alternatives. Among them is Free Download Manager. This software allows its user to slow down its download if possible. It helps him save his data and use the bandwidth for other purposes. In addition, it fulfills all the criteria of classic software. This means that it can validly replace Internet Download Manager without a hitch. It even offers a download schedule option. Operations can then be done on command.

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3- DownThemAll

DownThemAll chrome download manager

DownThemAll is as simple as a manager. This is a tool that unites all the traits with just a few clicks. The interface is simplistic with the most basic operations. The problem is that it only adapts to certain browsers like Opera, Chrome and Firefox. Thanks to it, you download and save the links that you like. In addition, you put other names on the files very easily. It is perceived as a supplement for Internet users who need a lightweight dynamic tool that can be used for everything without becoming cumbersome. That its name in English does not deceive you. It is also available in French. All the more reason not to hesitate to adopt it.


JDownloader firefox download manager

Whether you have Windows, MacOS or Linux, JDownloader will fit you like a glove. In fact, it is useful for regulars of online hosts. It manages all the hosts on its own and remains compatible with a myriad of sites. This means that it can be effective in these times of proliferation of hosts. Apart from this parameter, the security of the user is ensured there. This is evidenced by the different methods of using it. It refers you to the premium accounts of online hosts. Its interface is reviewed each time and readjusted to the needs of users.

5- Xtreme Download Manager

Xtreme Download Manager

Xtrem Download Manager is the world’s most free download manager. In fact, the interface is programmed to meet the desires of the user. It is he who decides on its presentation and its modus operandi. It is a malleable tool where efficiency rhymes with speed. In addition you have no advertising disturbance to the program. The swarming classified ads no longer pass on your screen. You make your downloads in batches according to the desired quality. It goes from the lowest to the 4K format. If the format does not suit you, the same software carries out the conversion for your pleasure.

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6- Ninja Internet Download Manager

Ninja Internet Download Manager download manager

For basic functions, Ninja Internet Download Manager ahead of several alternatives to the Internet Download Manager. In fact, he offers the opportunity to his employer the opportunity to batch download files. It facilitates the management of the queue and the temporary or permanent suspension of downloads. It does this according to the command entered. There is no real limit. So he lets his extensions do the rest of the work. What it lacks is to be found with its extensions. Apart from that, it is an English available tool that you can use on your Windows PC.

7- Persepolis Download Manager

Persepolis Download Manager

It is another free software of good quality. It can be used on several of the most famous platforms in the world. We are talking about Linux, Windows and macOS. The freedom of Persepolis Download Manager is not limited to its ability to adapt from the point of view of the interface. It is also free in bandwidth management. This means that you can download directly or through browsers. In other words, directly by Http, you get your file. There is also another arrangement which suits. It’s about scheduling downloads. You enter the time and the limit? At the right time without your presence, the operation takes place.

8- Ant Download Manager

Ant Download Manager

Ant Download Manager is a marvel like all the ones on this list. It features advanced tool traits. Indeed, with this software, you read at the same time as you download your videos or files. In addition, all other features are almost at their best performance. This is due to the constant updating that designers and developers do. The desire to respond to the current difficulties of Internet users means that it is always at the forefront.

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To get it, there is still a problem. Since it is a tool adored by professionals, it pays off. There is, of course, a free version, but it is only a test before the acquisition.

9- Download Accelerator Manager

Download Accelerator Manager

After the basic function of download manager, this software is a download acceleration tool. It delivers bad sites. When downloading, there are these links that do not work well and that make you waste your time. In the end, we end up with a non-existent file. In order not to lose energy, data and others, Download Accelerator Manager check the quality of the link. It’s kind of like the main checker option it provides. You can have it in two modes: free and paid. The paid one is as usual the best version.

Visit the software in this list if you need a download manager. You will not be disappointed. Basically, it all depends on your requirements. A test would decide you to make your choice.

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