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Since the advent of digital, online sales have experienced strong growth. Indeed, the volume of sales in e-commerce has actually tripled compared to physical sales. It is estimated at more than $26.7 trillion in global revenue in 2019 with an increase of almost 4% compared to 2018. It is therefore an open, flourishing market, but with many constraints if you want your business or your products to be well positioned. And one of the biggest worries that e-tailers usually face when their business starts to grow is effective control and organization of information about their products. Thus, faced with the proliferation of distribution channels, companies often use tools such as IMP (Product Information Management) to centralize, standardize and distribute the information of the different products. What are the benefits of PIM for your e-commerce? We talk about it in this article.

What is PIM?

The PIM “Product Information Management” or “Product Information Management” is a software solution designed for e-commerce sites which allows them to collect, analyze, process and organize all data relating to their products on the various sales channels. It is not only a database, but still an effective solution for showcasing products on channels. It is a tool that provides consistent data and facilitates collaboration between teams.

For an e-commerce, the PIM is a real asset, because it allows you to manage the data with more precision. It offers many advantages to e-commerce sites such as: significant time savings due to the simplification of updates and supports, a marked improvement in customer confidence in the brand thanks to better UX, ease of communication between teams and many others.

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Let’s go into more detail about the benefits of PIM for e-commerce.

The PIM to centralize all the data relating to the products put on sale

PIM benefits

The centralization of data from different sources consists in establishing a correlation between the information collected. This data is analyzed and distributed over the sales channels (website, marketplaces, resellers, paper catalogs and others) so that the customer can easily find their way around. Centralized data becomes easier to access and easier to process.

Indeed, before the advent of management tools such as PIM, companies used Excel spreadsheets or other updating systems to access and update their data. But the PIM tool comes with a much different, easier and more practical process that allows you to see product data more clearly. It collects product information and packages it so that the e-merchant can find and consult it at any time.

Adopt PIM to benefit from valuable time savings through data synchronization

The PIM, thanks to data synchronization, allows the team to save more time. It is an excellent solution that avoids having to make changes on different channels for the same product. With PIM, the data is not fragmented and therefore the team will not have to carry out series of searches on the media before having complete information.

PIM for simplified and secure data management

The objective of the PIM is to facilitate data management for e-merchants. By choosing this solution, the e-merchant improves the reliability of its data. This data is automatically saved in a secure repository that is accessible at any time.

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PIM for effective dissemination of available data

Dissemination of data is one of the problems that e-commerce companies generally encounter. It is this difficulty that the PIM solution corrects by making the various information easier and more efficient so that it is more accessible everywhere. Indeed, the PIM solution communicates with the system you use in order to import or export your data.

It is a solution that brings real relief to e-merchants who need to access their data on different sales channels at the same time. It is therefore a solution that allows e-merchants to define their online or physical store or their electronic catalog as channels so that information is sent for easy access.

In addition, it should be noted that the PIM solution makes it possible to distribute data in several languages ​​on the sales channels. Indeed, this option allows e-merchants to consult their data on the PIM tool from a foreign country. This solution makes it possible to integrate the tools necessary for translation, to optimize time-to-market and to launch internationally. It offers multilingual content management and relevant support.

PIM for more efficient management

The PIM solution is an excellent tool for having an e-commerce with the best management strategy. Indeed, it is equipped with a very special feature that allows it to provide e-merchants with advanced dashboards through which it is possible to monitor and have an overall view of the evolution of activities. It is updated automatically and therefore makes it possible to follow the evolution and adjust the strategy as it goes. Thanks to this feature, the e-merchant can easily make the right decisions to ensure the development of their online business.

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The PIM solution speeds up the management of e-commerce. Indeed, thanks to this solution, customers no longer waste time accessing product information, as it is regularly updated. Thus, they will no longer need to contact customer service before consulting the products. It is therefore a solution that saves time in the sale.

The benefit of quick access to product information is bound to impact sales. Indeed, thanks to the speed and efficiency of the data, the PIM solution allows the company to reach many customers at the same time. In addition, the presentation of the products is significantly improved and therefore more easily convinces potential customers. The PIM is therefore a tool that can accelerate sales on e-commerce sites.

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