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Want to transfer your photos, videos, messages, notes, safari history, calendar… between iOS device and computer? Want to do all this for free and easily? So today, according to my knowledge EaseUS MobiMover Free is the best solution for you.

Often to transfer data from an iOS device (iPhone or iPad), we go through a transfer using iCloud or using iTunes, but unfortunately these two methods require configurations and techniques that sometimes exceed the level of a beginner. So today in this article, I would like to introduce EaseUS MobiMover Free which is a free, simple and easy alternative to transfer your data between iOS devices and Windows computer.

EaseUS MobiMover Free is a new free data transfer software that lets you perform all the transfers you want in three steps, either between iOS devices or between an iOS device and a Windows PC.

Discover EaseUS MobiMover Free in three steps:

easeus mobimover free data transfer how to transfer photo iphone to pc transferer contact iphone to iphone export contact iphone 2

Transferring Files from PC to iOS Device:

1- Connect your iOS device to the computer, click the “Transfer to This Device” button, then choose how to transfer the data, by file or by folder;

2- Choose the specific folder or files you want to transfer. You can select multiple data types at the same time;

3- Confirm the data you want to transfer and click the Transfer button to transfer the data to your iOS device.

Data transfer between two iOS devices:

1- Connect the two iOS devices to the computer, then click “Transfer to This Device”;

2- Choose the types of data you want to transfer;

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Important :

If you want to transfer data such as Contacts, Calendars, Notes, Safari History and Bookmarks, please turn off iCloud.

3- Select the device you want to transfer data to, then click Transfer to start.

Transferring Files from iOS Device to PC:

1- Select “Transfer to Computer” and wait a few seconds, MobiMover will read the data on your iPhone quickly;

2- Select the categories you want to transfer to PC. You can transfer multiple categories at the same time;

3- Click on Browse to define where you want to transfer your data. Then click Transfer to begin.

Customizing iOS data:

1- Click Customize and open the panel to manage iOS data;

Important :

Please turn off iCloud if you want to manage data such as Contacts, Calendars, Notes, Safari History and Bookmarks, and enter the passcode for message and voicemail management permission.

2- Choose the data category on the left side and select the specific files on the right side. You can select all the files in the category by clicking on detail then on the “Name” checkbox at the top left;

3- Add, delete, edit and transfer your data with the buttons at the top right. You can select multiple items and edit them together.

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