Eat laugh 6 minutes ogni now watch your Netflix and similar services

The time is denar” either “Chi ha tempo non aspetti tempo“: we will continue for different tempo (scusateci, now smettiamo NdR) with i proverbi sul tempo, ma il succo del discorso è che per come è strutturata la società odierna ce n’è semper meno, e c’è chi si ingegna actively per close to risparmiare also only any minute da impiegare in altri modi.

Tutto esta preambolo per dire che negli Stati Uniti (and not only) c’è a practice that is always turning on più feet that allow me to Risparmiare minuti preziosi durante le sessioni di binge watching su Netflix and not alone Such practice foresees the vision of video content slightly faster. Prima di prendere per pazzi sia noi che chi sfrutta such pratica, fateci spiegare in cosa consiste.

A video of the duration of one hour is displayed at speed 1.0x lasts approximately one hour, but it is Enough I will increase the speed even a little1.1x or 1.2x, for minimal prices, fine to 6 its a total of one hour.

This will tell you that I impieghereste 54 minuti invece di 60 per godervi such filmato. Potreste obiettare che vedere tali speed content you can improve the quality of the film pegging ad exemplary the quality dello stesso or modifying substantially the audio Rendering it fine will be accelerated and magari distorted.

In realtà possiamo assicurarvi che, at least 1.1x speedyou difference with normal speed if not davvero with extreme difficulty. Idem with speed 1.2x, even if in a certain scene you can be triggered, and even after watching the TV series or the film, you can notice the effective acceleration of the scene. This is fatto che I will try with my hand and it will be easy to think how much I thinkenjoying but Chrome and servizi quali Netflix, Play Movies or similar.

  • Scaricate the plug-in but Chrome called Video Speed ​​Controller
  • Press a new tab and type chrome://plugins/
  • Disable Adobe Flash Player In this mode, enable the default player in HTML5
  • squeeze Netflix (or YouTube, or Play Movies), sceggliete un contenuto e fatelo partire
  • use yourself letter D to speed up 0.1x all around is again to decrease the speed (or R to reset the speed)
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If I did not see piacciono and commandi da tastiera the plug-in will aggiungerà Also control the mouse port nell’angolo in alto to the left of the player.

Provate quindi a godervi a puntata or a film magari even at 1.1x speed and save yourself at the fine quanti minuti seven riusciti to risparmiare and be effectively avete notato a così substanziale difference.

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