Ecco come installare i quadranti del Pixel Watch su qualunque smartwatch con Wear OS 3

In our review, we have tried a ambivalent feeling verse ill google pixel watch, the cousin of the GrandeG smartwatch. best software, bel design, ma scarsa autonomy and high priceI will not consider that not for sale in Italy.

One thing distinguishes it dagli altri devices, but: i 18 exclusive quadrants (Potete vederli tutti in fondo all’articolo), che qualcuno potrebbe voler installare sul proprio orology per avere un assaggio del wearable made in Google. Fortunately, thank you alla open nature Say Android, now you can install it, then open a smartwatch with Wear OS 3 eat Galaxy Watch 4 either Galaxy Watch 5. Vediamo eat.

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How to install and quadranti of the Pixel Watch your one smartwatch with Wear OS 3

  1. For first thing, dovete scaricare ill pacchetto APK che contains i quadranti. Cliccate this link (che rimanda ad APKMirror) and successively click on the button to download the blank version of the most recent dell’app
  2. Pray dovete I will use ADB to install the app sull’orologio. If you don’t know about it, here’s our guide on how to install it on Windows, Linux and macOS.
  3. Postate l’apk appena scaricato nella stessa directory degli strumenti della piattaforma ADB e rinominatelo con un nome più facile da scrivere, type quadranti. To name it:
    1. Cliccateci sopra con il mouse button
    2. Selezionate Rhinomine
    3. Write the new name, for example quadranti
  4. Turn on your smartwatch and press the app settings
  5. go there schedule System and for his complaint he reports to him software information
  6. Touch the version of the software various volte finché non apparently the script Modalità sviluppatore enabled
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Qui sotto potete vedere tutti i quadranti of PixelWatch.

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