Good Night Messages And Quotes

At the end of the day, when we are ready to go to sleep, it is normal to want to wish the important people in our life a sweet rest. For this reason, we invite you to take a look at the lists of good night messages and Quotes that we have in Frases.Top, so that you wish a nice, beautiful and happy night to that special person, and so that you tell them with much love: excellent and good night rest .

Good Night Beautiful Quotes

There is a wide selection of very beautiful good night Quotes, but in Frases.Top we bring you the best collection to dedicate:

  • 1 A good night’s rest by your side is the secret to having a wonderful day tomorrow. Thank you for sharing your nights with me, my love. Have sweet dreams.
  • 2 Rest and have sweet dreams, my angel. I wish you have a peaceful night, filled with beautiful dreams and that allows you to gather the strength you need to give your best tomorrow.
  • 3 Before falling asleep I want to wish you a happy night. I want you to know that the only thing better than going to sleep thinking about you is dreaming about you. Rest, my queen.
  • 4 Before I had nightmares and was very afraid of the dark, but since I met you I feel grateful to love a knight in shining armor to protect me at night. Your hugs are my best refuge. Good night my Prince.
  • 5 I wish you a beautiful night full of beautiful dreams. I hope you go to sleep thinking of me because I assure you that I always think of you. Sweet dreams!
  • 6 Good night, my love. Close your eyes with the certainty that I will take care of banishing your nightmares and filling your dreams with sweetness. Love you.
  • 7 As the world falls silent and you close your eyes, I invite you to relax your body and forget the worries and problems of this long day at work. Have a very good night.
  • 8 Before closing your eyes, I want to invite you to give thanks for all the good things that have happened to you in life. Gratitude will open the door to new blessings. Have a very good night and that you regain the strength to shine tomorrow.
  • 9 After a tiring day, get ready to sleep and dream. You deserve to rest and relax, have a good night and have sweet dreams.
  • 10 This was a wonderful day, we had fun like never before and I’m sure tomorrow will be better. Good night, my friend, rest and recover your energy and motivation.

If you want to wish anyone a good night, we invite you to choose these beautiful good night phrases that we have compiled for you.

Short Phrases of Good Night

Believe us that with the short good night phrases that you can find in Phrases.Top, you will be able to express your love to that special person to fill them with good energy before going to sleep:

  • 11 Dear friend, tonight don’t worry about tomorrow, in due time you will solve problems and overcome obstacles. Sleep well and have sweet dreams.
  • 12 Don’t allow negative thoughts to steal the sweetness of your dreams. Sleep well, my dear friend. Good evening.
  • 13 I dedicate this good night message to all my friends who have brought happiness to my life. Good night and sweet dreams, tomorrow will be a better day!
  • 14 Now that night has fallen I long to be with you, share our love and have fun. Have sweet dreams, my love.short good night messagesThe best short and beautiful good night phrases and messages for my boyfriend or girlfriend, for the love of my life, my princess, my heart, with beautiful images for that special person that you love so much. – Phrases.Top
  • 15 If you want to have an incredible night, forget the people who have done you harm in your day and remember those who have made you happy. Have a very good night.
  • 16 It’s time to rest from the hard work of the day. Have a wonderful sleep and a pleasant rest. Good evening.
  • 17 Good evening, friends. It is time to close our eyes because tomorrow will give us the best opportunities and we have to be ready to take advantage of them.
  • 18 Life is an adventure and the night is the opportunity to prepare ourselves to enjoy it. Have a pleasant night of rest and sweet dreams.
  • 19 It’s amazing to have a friend like you because you make my days beautiful. I wish you have a good night and sweet dreams.
  • 20 I can’t wait for tonight to end so I can be with you again. Goodnight My Love.

Here you can find all those short phrases of good night perfect to dedicate. There are many options in our collections so that your heart can give away that special detail.

Original Good Night Messages

Currently we normally send beautiful good night messages for a special person when we want to show our affection and love. Here you have our selection:

  • 31 Every night I pray the following for all my friends: Lord Jesus, watch over my friends, give them sweet dreams and may they come true. Have a very good night, friend, God will take care of you.
  • 32 When I feel that things are not going the way I want, I always turn to the good memories of our friendship. I want you to know that you can always count on me. Goodnight friend.
  • 33 If you can’t sleep: text me; if you have nightmares: call me. I will come to your rescue in your dreams, I will drive away all your nightmares and I will create a refuge in which you can sleep well and have sweet dreams. Goodnight My Love.
  • 34 While you travel to the world of dreams, think of me, so that I appear in your dreams and make you laugh like I always do. And if you have a problem that worries you, do not forget that there is always darkness before dawn. Good night, dear friend.
  • 35 Stop thinking about what happened today, about problems or work You can’t change that anymore. Take a deep breath and let your mind rest. Enjoy the peaceful darkness and think about how amazing life is because tomorrow will be a better day. Have a good night, friend.
  • 36 You always tell me not to worry about stupid things, why don’t you take your own advice? We all have bad days from time to time, but that doesn’t mean your whole life is ruined. This day may have been bad, but tomorrow will be much better. Rest, my love, have beautiful dreams.
  • 37 Close your eyes and imagine a happy place because I will be there, waiting for you. Relax your mind and let the tranquility of the night flow through your veins. Good evening!
  • 38 May your mind be freed from everything that bothers and worries you and fall into a deep sleep. May your sleep be filled with peace, incredible dreams and beautiful harmony. Have a good night and an amazing morning.
  • 39 Think no more about what the future holds for you. You are a person full of talent and I am sure that you will overcome all the problems that may arise. It’s time to close your eyes and let yourself be carried away by Morpheus towards the land of dreams. Have a nice rest.
  • 40 I hope that your tired mind enjoys the most peaceful dreams and your soul recovers strength between the harmony and silence of the night. Have sweet dreams dear friend.

Beautiful good night messages like these have been exchanged by humanity since long before it was known how important sleep is for health, it is a universal human tradition.

Good night rest

In Frases.Top we have some beautiful phrases to say ” good night rest ” that you can dedicate in those hours before closing your eyes:

  • 41 I would like to remind you that a good sleep is very important and that you should change your sleep schedule as soon as possible. It’s time to go to bed, friend! Have a good night, rest and don’t forget that I love you very much.
  • 42 I am sure that I can enter your mind and make your dreams absolutely unforgettable. I will do it today, tomorrow and always, I love you my love, have a good night and rest fully.
  • 43 Since we were dating I feel happy every night, and now I have a person to whom I wish good night before I go to sleep. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow and share my thoughts and love with you. May this night bring you a lot of positive energy and tranquility. Good night, my love, rest.
  • 44 You must feel exhausted after a long day. Take a break and forget about everything, you deserve it. May this night bring you the most wonderful dreams and the most restful rest. Sweet dreams!
  • 45 This and every night I will protect your dreams, my love. You deserve to rest and regain strength to give your best tomorrow and enjoy all the good things life has to offer. Have a good night and rest.
  • 46 I wish you a good night’s sleep, my love. I hope you have sweet dreams from the moment you close your eyes until the sun’s rays wake you up with its light and warmth.
  • 47 I hope you know how happy I am to have the privilege of calling you my girlfriend. I wish you have a good night and dream of beautiful little angels.
  • 48 My dearest love, I hope that today has treated you well and that you have achieved all your goals. You’ve been through a lot and you deserve only the best, I want you to know that I’m proud of every step you take. I wish you have a very good night and rest very well, you deserve it.
  • 49 One day is about to end again and in a few hours the cycle will start again. Take advantage of these free hours to rest, to recover your energy and thus grow a little more every day. Good night and sweet dreams, friend.
  • 50 When I wake up in the morning, I know my day will be great because I have a friend like you who makes my days special. Good night and rest well!

May these good night dedications from Phrases.Top help those people who are important to you to sleep in peace and away from worries!

Good night

Many people tend to put aside beautiful messages to wish them a happy night. Many times the reason is that those beautiful words simply do not occur to us, but luckily in Phrases.Top we offer you an extensive collection:

  • 51 It’s time to stop using your mobile, read this message and go to sleep. Take advantage of the night to dream and recover, tomorrow will be a new day. Have a very happy night.
  • 52 May the angels from heaven bring you the sweetest of dreams. May the night be long, your restful sleep and your awakening full of happiness. Sweet dreams and happy night.
  • 53 Happy night! Thank you for dedicating part of your time to me, friend, now it’s time to sleep and prepare for the big day that awaits you tomorrow. Good evening.
  • 54 Use every second of the night to dream of everything you want to achieve in life and use every second of the next day to fight for each of those dreams. Have a very happy night, friend.
  • 55 You will only be able to enjoy your night if you stop thinking about yesterday and forget about your worries about tomorrow. Close your eyes and let yourself be carried away by your favorite dream. Good night, rest.
  • 56 You’re so far away again! It breaks my heart to know that we can’t see each other right now, nor in the near future. That is why I am here to wish you a happy night full of beautiful dreams.
  • 57 May the sweetest dreams guide you through this night and may your tomorrow be the happiest of all. I love you and I miss you, friend. Have a very good night.
  • 58 May you sleep soon and have the most wonderful dreams so that when you wake up they have come true. Good night!
  • 59 Before you sleep, take a moment to feel gratitude and love for the great person you are today and how much you have grown, I will do the same. Thanks for being the best! Sweet dreams and happy night.
  • 60 Now that the sun turns off its light, it’s time to go to bed and leave all worries behind to enjoy a restful sleep. Have a very good night and have sweet dreams.

Only in Phrases.Top you find the most beautiful words of happy night to wish only the best to those people who are so important to you.

Nice night

If you want to wish the best to your contacts before going to sleep, we invite you to choose our collection of Phrases.Top with beautiful messages to wish a nice night:

  • 61 The shining moon is the best example that light can always defeat darkness. You are a person of light, never allow that brightness to die. Have a nice evening!
  • 62 My wish is that the stars shine brightly tonight and illuminate your path. Have a nice night, friend, tomorrow will be a wonderful day for you.
  • 63 No candy in this world can be as sweet as you are, you are a great friend. Have a nice night’s sleep and tomorrow you wake up to a day full of opportunities and happiness.
  • 64 No matter how terrible your day has been, the night will always come to you to show you that even in the deepest darkness it is possible to be happy and find the light. Nice night, have sweet dreams.
  • 65 I hope you have a nice night, full of charm and lots of romance. This is a new opportunity to enjoy incredible dreams. Have a nice rest.
  • 66 As soon as you read this message, go to your bed, tuck yourself in and close your eyes. It is time to rest and have the sweetest dreams. Rest up and have a nice night.
  • 67 The message you are reading is not a simple good night text. It is my way of reminding you that you are my last thought before going to sleep and that you are the only person who has my heart. I love you, have a happy night.
  • 68 Close your beautiful eyes and go to sleep my love, because tomorrow will be wonderful for both of you. I adore you with all my heart, have a nice night and have happy and sweet dreams.
  • 69 Tonight the moon shines brightly and the stars decorate the firmament. It is a beautiful night, worthy of the most beautiful dreams. I wish you sweet dreams and a nice night with a restful sleep.
  • 70 Nice night, my love. May you have sweet dreams tonight and may you regain all your strength to give your best and take advantage of all the opportunities that the new day brings you. Goodnight My Love.

The messages of “beautiful night rest” that you find in Frases.Top will serve you to share with friends, family, parents, your children or partner.

Beautiful night

Sharing the dedications of a beautiful night that you will find in Frases.Top can be of great help to wish your loved ones a happy rest:

  • 71 Tonight would have been perfect if you were in my arms, but that doesn’t stop me from wishing you a nice night and sweet dreams. May you rest my love!
  • 72 Beautiful night, my love! Before you close your beautiful eyes, let me tell you that I have entrusted your protection and your dreams to the Creator. I also asked him to guide your steps tomorrow so that you find only blessings and many successes on your way. Good evening!
  • 73 Someone special is getting ready to sleep, but is getting distracted by reading this text. I will take the opportunity to confess that you are my favorite person in this world. I wish you have a beautiful night full of sweet dreams.
  • 74 Hello, my love, have you already fallen asleep and you haven’t told me anything? I come to leave a basket of sweet dreams for you. Have a nice night my love.
  • 75 Words can’t describe what I’m feeling tonight. I am very happy to have you by my side. This is the happiest night of my life. Close your eyes with me and let’s travel together to the world of dreams. Goodnight My Love.
  • 76 Let tonight’s cool breeze keep you at peace. Close your eyes and allow the darkness to take you to the world of the sweetest dreams. Let the moonlight light your way to a new day. Goodnight My Love.
  • 77 As the daylight fades around me and everything goes dark, I send you my sweetest wishes. Have a nice night, my love.
  • 78 Happiness is essential in our lives: it keeps our hearts warm and our souls fresh. This beautiful night I want to confess to you that you are my happiness, you are everything to me. Have a good night.
  • 79 When day turns to night, I look forward to the chance to hold you and feel you against my body. Good night my love, I love you with all my heart.
  • 80 Have a nice night my love. I wish that we always have a full and bright moon, and that the cool night breeze will carry you towards the sweetest dreams. Have a nice rest.

We invite you to make use of these beautiful night quotes that you have just seen to send it through your social networks to all those who matter to you.

Excellent night

End your day with positive good night thoughts because it is the best way to avoid insomnia, stress and worries. You can use these excellent night messages from Frases.Top before going to sleep:

  • 81 Sleep is one of the best experiences in life because we rejuvenate our soul, body and mind. I wish you an excellent night so that you can recover your strength for your new day. Good evening!
  • 82 Have a great night! Thank you for loving me as I am and for being with me in difficult times; thank you for being with me celebrating my victories, you are a true friend. Have a nice rest.
  • 83 Thank you my love for all your affection, I wish that the most beautiful angels protect you tonight. Sweet Dreams My Love!
  • 84 I wish you an excellent night, dear friend! I know the day was hard, but trust that your willpower is bigger than any mountain and you can handle any challenge that may arise. Good evening!
  • 85 Your friendship is an irreplaceable treasure. Have a great night, dear friend, never forget how special you are to me.
  • 86 No evil will be able to touch you tonight because I have asked the angels for protection during the hours of darkness. Have a great night.
  • 87 Friend, thank you for supporting me in good times and bad. The friendship we share is special to me. I wish you an excellent night and the best dreams.
  • 88 Each and every day of my life I will be grateful to God for blessing me with such a loyal friend like you. I will always wish you the best. Have a great night.
  • 89 It’s time to close our eyes and dream of all the wonderful things we can build starting tomorrow. Have a great night and wake up tomorrow to a day full of opportunities.
  • 90 If one day I decided to pay you back what your friendship means to me, I couldn’t pay you enough. Have a great night friend, sleep well and recover all your energy to take advantage of all the opportunities that tomorrow has in store for you.

This beautiful collection of excellent night messages are ready to be shared and dedicated especially to those people who are so dear to you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Good Night Phrases

Why do we dedicate good night phrases?

It is an ancient custom, it is believed that it is even before the Middle Ages. It was born from the need to say goodbye to loved ones, since it was not known if they would survive the dangers of the night.

Who can I dedicate good night messages to?

You can dedicate them to special people for you, from family, friends or partner. Wishing you a restful night’s rest is a gesture of affection that you will appreciate with your heart.

How can I share good night dedications?

You can do it through your social networks and the different messaging services that are available to you. You can also memorize a beautiful phrase and dedicate it in person to whoever you want.