Google Cardboard: how to build it (or where to buy it)

Seven divertiti were seen in guardare la nostra prova (ei nostri Vine) di Google Cardboard The wheel will also carry the “helmet for realta virtual“Più economico al mundo, ecco como potete procurarvi il materiale available, and assemble it, in few and easy passages.

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Irony aside, but we don’t know it, Cardboard is the most original gadget given as a gift to the participants Google I/O di quest’anno, and consists substantially in a cardboard duly ripped, with all’interno a paio di lenti, che grazie a’apposita app per smartphone diventa an antesignano dei caschi per virtuale, showing how if you can get a good result also with a derisory davvero spesa (send a frecciatina from part di Google contro Facebook ed Oculus Rift seven liberissimi di farlo).

Avete bisogno di:

  • The cardboard dovrebbe is possibly E Flute type. Minimum dimensions: 22 cm x 56 cm x 1.5 mm.
  • Forbici / trincetto, colla, righello ei disegni originali di Cardboard, che dovrete stampare e incollare sul cartone, tagliandolo poi con forbici e trincetto e piegandolo secondo le linee rosse.
  • Two lenses with focal distance of 40-45 mm. The biconvesse lens is migliori, Google has used this.
  • Two magnetic rings: one neodymium (type cheese) and one ceramic (like cheese). Approximate dimensions: 19 mm in diameter and 3 mm in thickness
  • Due stress sticker I gave velcro (quest type). Approximate dimensions: 2 x 3 cm
  • A long elastic band (for example), to prevent the phone from sliding laterally (minimum length 8 cm)
  • An NFC Tag (optional) can be programmed with the URL: cardboard://v1.0.0

Non seven bravi con il bricolage?

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E se proprio il fai da te non facesse per voi, potete semper aquistare la non-original version for $20 for shipping (total: $44.94 without NFC, $51.44 with NFC, delivery in 4-6 weeks) or returned to eBay ($29.99 + $10 for shipping for the model not assembled and curiously $29.99 + $25 for shipping per assembly, with consignment between August 1st).

Then try the badge of the app, which I saw will serve in any case (also use a Nexus 5 or smartphone with analogous dimensions, insert it into Cardboard), or it will be possible to visualize this Chrome experiment on Chrome for Android.

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