How does Google Connection Salute (Health Connect) work?

How does Google Connection Salute (Health Connect) work?

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Il panorama della tecnologia di oggi ci offers a great variety of devices: other smartphones and ai PC that we use daily for different regions, we have also available freely.

Smartwatch and smartband, offer the possibility of raccogliere various types of data, from those related to sportive activities to the basic physiological parameters, such as sleep and heart rate at rest. Il tutto ha l’obiettivo di aiutarci ad avere una valutazione nel tempo del nostro say hello.

Sono tante le piattaforme software che colgono este tipo de la data dai wearable, es espesso no sono compatibili tra loro (ne abbiamo parlato anche nella nuestra guida per sincronizzare Samsung Health con Google Fit). Owned by this Google has launched HealthConnectche in Italy si chiama Concessione Salute, an app will be able to exceed this limit of data exchange. In this guide andremo quindi a vedere how it works Connessione Salutehow to use it and how to synchronize it with the various foot monitors of health and sports.


Cos’è Connessione Salute (Health Connect)

Abbiamo accennato al fatto che ogni dispositivo indossabile si synchronizza con un piattaforma di gestione ed elaborazione dei raccolti data. This piattaforme came sviluppate dai produttori stessi, oppure fanno referimento al sistema operative dello smartwatch.

We are the example of smartwatches with Wear OS, the functions of which are described in this detailed guide, and are compatible with Google Fit. Gli smartwatch Samsung invece fanno referimento a SamsungHealth. I saw sono other piattaformes that I dispense with the devices, like the MyFitnessPal note.

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Il problema è che tutte this piattaforme thick one is not compatible with the otherand I know if there is a situation in which it is necessary to use a specific one, but maybe if you have a smartwatch compatible only with that, then it is not possible to carry and own your own one.

In addition, MyFitnessPal does not have the integration of Xiaomi Mi Fit, but supports Google Fit, and now it is possible to connect Mi Fit to Google Fit and by Google Fit to MyFitnessPal. Not proper a comfort.

Ecco perché c’era la necessità di Health Connect. Google has launched this service of its own to make a common denominator for all the Piattaformes that are synchronized and produced from their health and sports through indossabili and mobile devices. If it comes from a recent service that has provided the objective of allow the interconnection There are Google Fit and some of the footy owners of other manufacturers, such as Samsung Health.

Quali app is not compatible with Connessione Salute (Health Connect)

Health Connect does not offer the leg compatibilità with all the feet that exist to manage your fitness data, but at least with the main ones there are no problems. After this anniversary:

  • Fitbit
  • SamsungHealth
  • Google Fit
  • MyFitnessPal
  • healthifyme
  • Oura
  • Flo
  • Lifesum
  • outdooractive
  • Proov Insight

Ci si aspetta che nel tempo Connessione Salute expand its compatibilityto allow synchronization with Google Fit also di piattaforme.

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How Connessione Salute (Health Connect) works

Health Connect works by generating a single SDK a cui le app e piattaforme che gestiscono dati sulla salute devono connettersi. this avoid I need it share i data sulla salute e sullo sport with the app individually. Qualsiasi app che supporti Health Connect può rivestire il ruolo di collector Di di ti anche da altre app, a condizione che a tali app sia state grants the authorization to share and leggere i dati process l’API Health Connect.

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In addition, it is possible to access data from various devices or services with MyFitnessPal to sync with Health Connect, since it has been granted authorization to Health Connect and MyFitnessPal to access such data.

And since we can’t be synchronized, it’s practically di whatever nature, in the domain of health and sport obviously. If it deals with data that protects cardiac activity, circulatory disease, weight, the typology of sportive activity, practice it and say it.

Health Connect also allows I will filter quali tipi di dati can also be synchronized for the stessa piattaforma. In addition to MyFitnessPal, it is possible to grant permission to synchronize and data your heart rate without weighing you down.

Google has illustrated in detail and in a very simple way the API Health Connect and come interfacciarsi with the service Pertanto, ci aspettiamo che gli sviluppatori Interested should not make a big effort to implement the support of Health Connect sulle loro app che gestiscono dati sulla salute.

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How will I use Connessione Salute (Health Connect)

Health Connect is available under the app for Android devices on the Play Store. Currently it is in beta version but works everywhere. With Android 14 Google should pre-install it on your Android device, and this should always give it greater importance and importance.

Andiamo quindi a vedere how to use it:

  1. Download and install Health Connect on your own phone.
  2. press HealthConnect.
  3. Confirm to fly to avviare il servizio.
  4. I will grant permessi necessary for the operation.
  5. Select the app that has no access permission.
    • At this point, I will release the app that is officially compatible with Health Connect. It will show up automatically after your device is installed.
    • It is also possible to view all the app compatible with Health Connect on the Play Store.
  6. I will enable tutti, or only those who wish, i tipi di dati che Connessione Salute has il permesso di sincronizzare dal servizio scelto.
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