How far will I turn the Android app on your Chrome Desktop (video and guide)

Pochi giorni fa vi abbiamo parlato di un interessante progetto, chiamato ARChon Custom Runtime: if you try to use an extension for Chrome Desktop, please install your windows, Mac, linux either chrome OS, that I consent to turn any Android app, opportunely converted into an extension for Chrome. I will sow a little complicated at first sight, but in reality it is very simple, so if you follow our way guide.

LEGGI ANCHE: Android App your Chrome Desktop

Anzitutto avrete bisogno di un PC con installato Chrome 37 The successive version, which can be easily downloaded from the official site. One turn to install Chrome, follow the steps below:

  • Scaricate ARChon Custom Runtime in the version adapted to your operating system.
  • Scompattate it zip scaricato to the previous point and install it in Chrome as extensione non pacchettizata (andate nel Chrome menu -> instruments -> Extensionsclick on top to right your Modalita Sviluppatore e poi su Carica extensione non pacchettizataselecting the cartella in cui avete scompattato ARChon).
  • Scaricate ARChon Packager for Android dal official thread on XDA Play Store
  • Avviate ARChon Packager your Android, select the app that will become an extension for Chrome, and press the button Generate Chrome APK And repeat the stessa operation for all the app that I will convert. Le troverete tutte in /sdcard/ChromeAPKS.
  • Copy the packages that you have converted to the previous point from your smartphone to your PC. Decompress and install them ciscuno as extensioni non pacachettizzate di Chrome, as già visto in precedenza.
  • Godetevi le app Android su Chrome come fossero delle normali extensioni per il browser. Le potete visualizzare tutte scrivendo chrome://apps/ nella bar degli indirizzi.
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However, we did not have a list of compatibility with lasciarvi, given that not all the apps will run well in the Desktop environment, in particular i games or all that rely heavily on the Google services, but were limited to simple applications, similar to what I saw We have shown it in the video, there are no problems.

Se tutto ciò vi sombrasse ancora troppo complicato or se aveste dei dubbi sulle performance, date un’occhiata alla nostra prova per vedere quanto sia semplice ed efficace avere le Android app your Chrome Desktop.

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