How if you cancel a transaction with your Paypal, step by step

How if you cancel a transaction with your Paypal, step by step

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Make an online purchase with PayPalma va vorreste I will cancel the transaction? In this guide you will find all the indications!


PayPal, what transaction can I cancel?

PayPal consents to agli utenti di annullare only i non-risky payments, I see when the addressee does not have an oppure contact, the e-mail inserted is not correct. When the other person receives the money, it will not be possible to cancel the transaction, ma potrete communicates that he will receive a refund.

How to cancel a PayPal transaction on your PC

To cancel a transaction, please visit the official PayPal website. Effectuate the access Inserting the e-mail address and the password.

How to effect the access to PayPal using a computer: insert the e-mail address and the password

How to access PayPal using a computer: insert the e-mail address and the password.

Confirm your identity by selecting one of the available options: WhatsApp messages, PayPal app, SMS or email.

How to confirm the first identity of access to PayPal

How to confirm your identity first access PayPal.

fate click su”Chronology” (a voice from the top menu).

The voice "Chronology" your PayPal (in a computer)

The voice “Chronology” your PayPal (in a computer).

Please cancel the transaction. Pot I will also use filterrefer to “Data” (for selecting a time interval, for example “This month”), “Type” (for selecting the type of operation) and “State” (for indicating the current status of the operation).

Transactions effectuate your PayPal

The transaction is effected by PayPal.

Click “Cancel” (the button next to the transaction) and confirm the operation. Il denaro verrà accreditato nel conto o nella carta utilizzata (potrebbero volerci alcuni giorni prima del completamento).

How to cancel a PayPal transaction on your smartphone and tablet

You can cancel a transaction using also one smartphone either tablets.

  1. Press Google Play Store or App Store, close and download PayPal, the free app;
  2. Avviate the app;
  3. Effettuate l’accesso (inserendo le credenziali);
  4. fate click su”Wallet” (the last button of the lower menu);
  5. Scegliete “Chronology“and individualize the payment of the annullare;
  6. Premise “Cancel”.

How long does it take to cancel a PayPal payment?

You can cancel a non-risky payment. there is not a time limit, but it will be necessary to complete the first operation that the payment is “complete”. Altrimenti, potete richiedere a reimbursement following a simple procedure.

Richiedere a refund your PayPal

Avete effettuato un pagamento, ma vorreste receive a reimbursement? First of all, I sent it directly to the seller (sorry, as established in the Consumer Code, the law of recess in the e-commerce field can be issued at the end of 14 days, click here for more detail).

Per I will contact the sellergive yourself:

  1. Collegarvi a PayPal ed effettuare l’accesso;
  2. Premere “Chronology” (in the upper part);
  3. I will identify the transaction;
  4. I will copy the e-mail address or any other contact from the seller;
  5. I will send an e-mail requesting a refund.

If you do not try to solve the problem, potete press a reply (entered 180 days from the date of the payment). The buyer can find a solution within 20 days. If there is no agreement, the reply may generate a claim (within 30 days, PayPal will make a decision). To start a reply using a computer:

  1. Press PayPal (you can use any browser);
  2. Effettuate the access and go on the page “Centro soluzioni”;
  3. Click “Flag her a problem“, select the payment and click on its “Continue”;
  4. Indicate the reason of the answer.

state using one smartphone either tablets?

  1. Access the device and activate the official app;
  2. Click “Recent Attività” and select a transaction;
  3. Toccate “Report a problem” (in fondo);
  4. Insert all the information richest and pigiate “Invia”.

attention: Do not press answers for “Family and Friends” payments.

potete scambiare dei messaggi with the vendor inside the “Centro soluzioni”. Remember that (when you do not find a solution with the merchant) it is possible:

  • I will convert the answer into claim I enter 20 days;
  • The answer will be automatically chiusa dopo 20 days;
  • chiudere manually the reply.

Cancel a payment in 3 rate with PayPal

The PayPal logo

The PayPal logo.

PayPal allows you to purchase oggetti and services at 3 interest rates (in millions of online businesses). Per tempre di I will cancel a payment Say this type, please contact the seller directly. In the section “Chronology” find, please, and contact the merchant.

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