How it works and how I will use WeTransfer, the free service to send large size files

How it works and how I will use WeTransfer, the free service to send large size files

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WeTransfer It is a very comfortable service for you Change of file via mail che ha dalla sua non pochi vantaggi: è gratuitous, Allow me to exchange a fine file to 2 GB without occupying space in the case and inoltre offer additional options in terms of security with the version Plusto payment.


How will I send a file with WeTransfer

I will use WeTransfer It’s easy to put together. Vi basta infatti I will visit the site and accept the terminus to suddenly access all its functions. A piccola finestra vi permetterà di scegliere uno o più file (premete su “Add your files), fino ad un massimo di 2GB (see paragraph Plus), che saranno caricati sui server di WeTransfer.

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At this point, simply insert the email address of yours recipient (in “Email to”), fine to 20, quello vostro (in “Your email”) and, optionally, a message (in “Message”).

To share the file vi, it will be enough to attend the file without caricatures and press your “Transfer”.

Da notare che nella free version WeTransfer Do not offer the crittografia e quindi i dati exchangeati durante l’upload y il download son potenzially esposti se caricati da una rete shared o publica (potete semper fare un’archivio protetto da password).

Come ricevere e scaricare file da WeTransfer

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Quali tipi di file can I send?

With WeTransfer you can potentially send any type of file, not just images. For convenience remember that you can unite più file in a single zip file, but do not stare a carcarne one per volta.

How to send large size files: WeTransfer Plus

As such in the opening of WeTransfer is totally free, it also offers features that can be advanced with the program WeTransferPlus. This is to payment and for €12 per month, or €120 all’anno, vi permette di I will send large size filesfine to 20GBpersonalize the download page by changing the background, protect the download with a password and also keep the upload in a personal cloud gives 100GB.

say background WeTransfer It is not another that a file hosting service is optimized for sharing via mail; i prezzi della versione Plus They are not exactly economical, so when confronted with those of the popular services cloud come Dropbox either Google Drive.

Tuttavia the version free It offers a way to change files of relatively large dimensions that are comfortable and all portata di tutti, so much so that it is also available as an app for Android and iOS I will access WeTransfer also in mobility.

WeTransfer for Android and iPhone


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