How scaricare video games from the Epic Games Store?

How scaricare video games from the Epic Games Store?

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Epic Games Store is a video giochi business che consente agli utenti di acquistare e scaricare tantissimi titoli in digital format. Andiamo subito a scoprire come scaricare videogiochi da Epic Games Store.


How do I create an Epic Games Store account?

To purchase and download video games from the Epic Games Store, it is necessary I will create a free account. Collegatevi, dunque, to the official website and fate click on your “I agreed” (the button positioned in the upper part of the shelf).

Il pulsante "Accedi" on the official website of Epic Games Store

Press “Access” on the official website of the Epic Games Store.

The voice "Iscriviti" Consent to create a new Epic Games Store account

The voice “Iscriviti” consented to create a new Epic Games Store account.

Ora dovrete scegliere una modalità di registrazione. You options available I sounded as follows:

  • Sign up with the e-mail;
  • Register with Facebook;
  • Register with Google;
  • Iscriviti with Xbox Live;
  • Register with Account for PlayStation Network;
  • Register with Steam;
  • Sign up with Apple.

How to create an Epic Games Store account: the voice

How to create an Epic Games Store account: the voice “Sign up with the email” (1) and the other options available (2).

Selecting the prima voce (Over “Scriviti con l’e-mail”), insert the date of birth, the name, the cognome, the name displayed (from 3 to 16 characters), the e-mail address and a secure password (at least 7 lettere, tra cui a number and a letter).

Confirm the e-mail indication by inserting the verification code.

Sign up to the Epic Games Store using the email address

Sign up to the Epic Games Store using the email address.

For how much it protects you other modalities of registrationdovrete insert the credenziali del servizio scelto (ad esempio, Facebook).

Come scaricare Epic Games Store your PC e Mac

Ora potete scaricare il official client. Collegatevi to the site and premete “Ottieni giochi Epic Games“.

Il pulsante "Ottien giochi Epic Games" Consent to scare tools Epic Games Launcher

The “Ottien giochi Epic Games” button allows users to download Epic Games Launcher on your PC and Mac.

Attend the complete download and press the file just scared. install yourself Epic Games Launcher (l’applicazione che permette di scaricare tanti videogiochi) following the simple guided procedure.

Make the access

Avviate Epic Games Launcher. Ecco how to individualize the application!

  • windows: use the “Close” function (on the bottom bar) oppure press the “Start” button and select “Epic Games Launcher”.
  • macOS: Type the name of the application in the search field at the top of the Launchpad. You can also use the Finder by clicking on its icon on the Dock.

Effectuate the access Selecting one of the available options and inserting the credentials.

Come scaricare videogiochi da Epic Games Store

Scopriamo now eats scaricare a videogame.

Video giochi free

Your Epic Games Store can find so many video giochi free-to-play (which can be scared for free, but are not available in-app), such as Fortnite (a third-person split from 2017 played by People Can Fly) and Rocket League (a 2015 video game).

Press dunque the launcher. Nella schermata “Negozio” finds various video games available.

The "Negozio" your Epic Games Store (on a Windows computer)

The schermata “Negozio” your Epic Games Store (in a computer with Windows).

To find a specific content, insert the title in the field “Close to the business“.

cerca nel negozio il campo di ricerca su epic games store crop resize

“Near the business”: the field near your Epic Games Store.

Select a free video game to read all the information, I will save some images and a short trailer. To download the videogame, click “Ottieni”.

The button "Ottieni" consent to scare a free-to-play video game

Il pulsante “Ottieni” consented to download a free-to-play video game.

pygyate”Effettua l’ordine“.

Video giochi for payment

Pot also I will acquire a videogame. Nella schermata “Negozio” trovate alcune categorie, tra cui:

  • Giochi on offer“: some promotions speciali.
  • i più giocati“: i videogiochi più giocati dagli utenti Epic Games.
  • i più venduti“: i video giochi più acquistati all’interno di Epic Games Store.
  • I più inserted in the list of desires in arrival“: some video giochi in arrival.

Select a video game and press “acquire now“. Select a payment method (such as credit card, PayPal, Klarna, Amazon Pay, Paysafecard and WINDTRE) and click on your “Effettua l’ordine”.

Scaricare a video game

Dopo aver acquistato a video gioco, potrete make the download at any time (exclusive and pre-order).

  1. Press Epic Games Launcher;
  2. fate click su”Library“;
  3. Select a title;
  4. Select the installation route;
  5. fate click su”install“.

Avviare a videogame

Avete scaricato il videogioco? Well, for April you can simply find it in the “Library” and press “Avvia“.

Epic Games Store, the footer is supported

Currently, Epic Games Store is compatible with pc and Mac. The official launcher is not available on your PlayStation and Xbox.

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