How Starlink works

How Starlink works

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Al giorno d’oggi much of the services and content that we access are online, but we need an ad connection Internet. That this is worth as much in a work environment, with the cloud that ormai has imprisoned ovunque feet, as in a domestic environment, with all and content that ormai are available in streaming.

Sono ormai tantissimo le alternative sul mercato disponibili per connettersi ad internet. Based on the geographical residence if they have a diverse alternative disposition. A very private connection service, and also very young, is starlink.

In this guide we will see how does starlink work. Andremo quindi a vedere in cosa consists, quali abonamenti I am available and quality is available services.


Cos’è ea cosa serve Starlink

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Starlink is one of the most interesting projects in which Elon Musk is involved with his SpaceX.

The new generation challenge basata sui satellite SpaceX Look at the evolution of the market for Internet connectivity services, transcending the availability of the network in its territory. Starlink at the time of launch has promised constant speed (between 50 Mbps and 150 Mbps) and with continuous latencyoltre ovviamente ad una very high coverage Seeing that it does not fly, it will depend in some way on the infrastructure of the network in its territory.

Also, it turns out to be clear that Starlink presents an internet connection service based on its satellite infrastructure. This means that the availability of your internet service is independent give terrestrial conditions. Starlink può essere già fully used in Italysia da aziende che da privati.

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how much does starlink cost

how much does starlink cost? If it is a non-economic service: yes, speak of 450 euro I will pay a certain amount for the hardware kit, and 50 euro per month for the service.

find maggiori dettagli on the official site.

I noticed that if it was a service, probably più appetibile per le infrastrutture aziendali che per i privati.

At the beginning of 2022, Starlink Premium also arrived, which provides for the possibility of including it in its own subscription a new generation antennathe quale dovrebbe assicurare il double area I covered with a angle of scanning più ampio. The new antenna dovrebbe guarantee delle maggiori performance: if you speak, say a latenza attorno ai 20-40mswith a speed of data transfer guaranteed by ai 150-500Mbps. Il tutto si translates into a price increase: If you talk about 2500 dollars for the installation, a deposit of 500 dollars and a monthly fee for 500 dollars. insomma 5 volte di più Rispetto a quanto richiesto con l’abbonamento standard.

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Come ci si connect to Starlink

The connection to a servizio di connettività internet satellite differs from the strength of the infrastructure of the necessary infrastructure to connect all the classic reti terrestri.

For connection to Starlink sono infatti necessari alcuni apparati specifici. Let’s see what quality:

  • satellite infrastructure: Starlink bases its “costellazione” di satellites SpaceX mandates in orbit. Ad oggi l’azienda ha inviato in orbita ben 420 devices. Questi si coordinano tra loro grazie alle stazioni di terra presenti also in Europe. Musk has made it clear that this connection with the ground stations will not be necessary when Starlink starts up, estimating a complete operation shortly. One volta che i satelliti saranno in degree of communication by parrot without the bridge of the stations of the land, the service will guarantee speed of connection ancora più alte. It is clear that this infrastructure is working and l’utente finale should not worry.
  • Antenna: from the point of view of the appliance, see the devices that are not installed in the case or negli uffici of the Starlink clients, if it is a plug&play parabola (with an integrated motor piccolo that allows me to orient myself autonomously towards the satellites). Find technical details on the official site.
  • wifi router: a classic router that has the power to manage the local connectivity between various device connections.
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Check Starlink coverage

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We said that Starlink is currently available in Italy.

Clearly your availability may will vary based on residence. Per capire, Starlink will steadfastly hold its own position if it can safely do so. tools present on the official site. let’s go see How will I check the coverage?:

  1. Access the official Starlink site.
  2. Access the Coverage section.
  3. insert the own hint say residence
  4. Consult and details about it coverage.

Give the screenshot that you can find that it is possible to see how Starlink copies essentially tutto il italian territoryisole comprese.

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Velocità Starlink in Italy

Il più recente report di Ookla, l’azienda dietro il celebre speedtest.nethas davvero stupido positively coloro che aspettavano qualche valutazione técnica di Starlink from the point of view of the performance of the network.

The satellite internet service of Elon Musk has infatti mediamente superato, in the corso dell’autunno 2021, i 100 Mbit/s in downloadin other 15 paesi.

Relatively to our territory, the SpaceX service has a very low average download speed of 124.39 Mbit/s, surpassing the media delle connectioni a long band in Italy, che è di soli 49.56 Mbit/s.

The speed in uploadche sia Starlink o rete fissa, sembra invece perfectly sovrapponibile, ed è intorno a dei miseri 18-19 Mbit/s.

Il vero tallone di Achille di Starlink al momento risulta essere la latenza, 52ms for the service of Musk, control 14ms per la media delle reti a long band.

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How to subscribe to Starlink

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Eat if you install Starlink

The installation of Starlink is relatively semplice. One complete turn of the order will make it possible to proceed with the installation when the hardware kit is received.

Let’s go to see i passi principali:

  1. One turn after the command I will verify that the antenna and the router are present in the kit.
  2. I will ride support for the antenna con l’antenna stessa ben fissata.
  3. Select where to position the antenna and proceed to fissaggio.
  4. Collegare l’alimentazione e l’antenna al router.
  5. I will install the app for smartphone per la coedura di configurazione guidata. Download from Play Store | Download from App Store

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