How to authorize computer iTunes

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Come autorizzare il computer su iTunes

Trying to play a song or video purchased from the iTunes Store, your iTunes asked to authorize the computer? Don’t worry, it’s nothing serious. It is a simple practice provided by the famous Apple software to protect the copyright of the items purchased in the iTunes online store.

Now I’ll explain you step by step how to authorize computer in itunes, so that you no longer have troubles and play all files without problems. The procedure applies to both classic Windows PCs and Apple Mac computers, in which iTunes is pre-installed. Here it is in detail.

The first step you need to take to find out how to authorize a computer in itunesis to start the program using its icon on the desktop (Windows) or on the dock bar (Mac OS X) and select the item Authorize this computer/Authorize computers from the menu store (in Mac systems, the menu is included in the menu bar located at the top).

How to authorize computer iTunes

In the window that opens, type yours Apple ID (it should also be your e-mail address) in the homonymous field, the password that you have chosen for your Apple account and click on the button Authorize to start the computer authorization procedure.

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The system for authorize the computer in iTunes provides authorization for up to five computers. This means that if you buy a song or video on a sixth computer, it can’t play properly until you deauthorize one of the PCs or Macs you’ve previously authorized (iPods, iPhones, and other Apple mobile devices don’t are counted as computers).

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To deauthorize iTunes from a computer, launch the program, select the item Deauthorize from the menu store and enter your Apple account data as seen above (in this case, you must click on Deauthorize instead of up Authorize). At this point, you’re free to authorize other machines in place of the ones you deauthorized, again for up to five computers. Simple, isn’t it?

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