How to Automatically Sync Folders on Windows Startup

Automatically sync folders when Windows starts

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How to automatically sync folders when Windows starts

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Automatic folder synchronization once Windows starts (read also How to Install Windows Without Requirements) is the best solution to use the same files and have the same folders using different PCs. In this way they are shared, so that the files are accessible and editable from any PC. For this purpose, several are used sync programs.

Here are the best software for Automatically sync folders when Windows starts:

  • Resilio Sync
  • Free File Sync
  • Syncbreeze
  • Syncthing

Thanks to them, the file transfer will take place exclusively towards the destination folder, and can also be configured in a bi-directional manner. That is, every change to the folder will cause a change to the original folder.

Resilio Sync

The first site we recommend is Resilio Sync, perfect for synchronizing folders between different PCs, even remote ones. This program is free for personal use and must be installed on all PCs that we want to synchronize. We recommend choosing a unique name, so that the program can be identified immediately.

The connection between the folders is of the direct P2P type, and is carried out with high encryption, so as to avoid any type of intrusion along the way. Resilio Sync works well not only with the connection via the Internet, but also for that of devices present in the same local network, where the speed is much higher and the exchange of files takes place without risk (see also how to obtain Excellent Windows performance).

The software, as we said, is free for personal use, but with the premium version many functions can be enabled, which also allow you to choose individual files to synchronize and have more control over your shares.

Free File Sync

Another tool to understand how Automatically sync folders when Windows starts it’s Free File Sync. It is a free program that allows you to easily synchronize two folders present on two separate PCs, present on the same LAN or available online via FTP. Its interface isn’t exactly tidy, but it’s very functional: thanks to this software, you’ll be able to synchronize two folders wherever they are.

Thanks to Free File Sync you will have the possibility to synchronize files and folders between computers. All in a safe and efficient way on the local network. Furthermore, in case of a remote connection, it uses SFTP and FTP protocol encryption to ensure a secure synchronization process when we work on two remote PCs.


Let’s continue with another very valid and completely free program, that is Syncbreeze. With it you will be able to keep the files of two folders synchronized, so that they are always the same.

Its operation is simple and reliable, and it also has no limitations. Really good, it definitely deserves to be considered among the best choices for this type of operation.


We conclude our list with Syncthingan open source program that closely resembles Resilio and with which you can synchronize two folders between different devices.

The security systems it guarantees are advanced: this protects file exchanges when the Internet is used. Here are the most interesting tools for Automatically sync folders when Windows starts

Automatic folder sync windows

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Very well, now you should have a complete and exhaustive overview of how Automatically sync folders when Windows starts. We just have to give you an appointment at the next, in the hope that our guide has been useful in practice. Soon! Read also How to remove the word Activate Windows

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