How to backup your Samsung (smartphone and tablet)

How to backup your Samsung (smartphone and tablet)

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Avete appena acquired one samsung smartphone and, after the classic configuration initial of the ritual, I saw seven dimentions of impostare a very important option, soprattutto nel lungo terminus: il backup.

Make a cell phone backup It is very important to prevent eventual inghippi (annoying, in realtà!) from malfunctions or damage, oppure simply to render the least “painless” possible the passage to the new Samsung smartphone (additionally, bring home a Galaxy S22 and replace it with Galaxy S23).

In this article I saw spiegheremo quindi come si fa a make a backup of your Samsung. Vi suggestiamo, in questo senso, di leggere il nostro articolo su come fare a backup your android, in quanto alcuni passaggi che riepilogheremo nelle prossime righe sono stati già spiegati in modo approfondito nell’apposita guida dedicata. Good writing!


How to backup your Samsung with Samsung Cloud

Alla stessa maniera di quanto visto con il backup your Xiaomialso samsung He has decided to make available to his use a comfortable proprietary program to memorize all and the data of the smartphone.

We speak, specifically, of a very vast material, which includes ad esampio:

  • record of chimate
  • Avvisi e sveglie
  • calendar
  • SMS messages
  • Opzioni della schermata iniziale
  • Telephone settings

Soprattutto decided to replace it old samsung With a new smartphone from the Korean house, this method I saw will allow me to create a “photocopy” of the current device, simplifying cell phone exchange by a lot.

NB: Attention, but, because this method does not memorize some files a little bit personalize Come ad esempio photo, video and audio. To preserve this typology of data, I suggested that we add a paragraph about it dedicated to Smart Switch, instead I will use an external platform like Google Photo. Remember, let me know, that Samsung account has a free 15 gigabyte storage space. obviously, samsungcloud It is available on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

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Per make a Samsung backup with Samsung Cloud bisognerà innanzitutto possessere a samsung account.

Generally, the creation of this profile comes fatta in phase of initial configuration of the cell phone, but in alternative it is always possible to write on the platform by clicking on its this hint.

Se seven in possesso di un samsung accountPlease ensure that colleagues have a stable and safe Wi-Fi network and proceed as follows:

  1. Open the smartphone by inserting the eventual setting method (digital imprint, 2D blocking with the visa, sequence or PIN) and press the app settings (quella, cioè, con lo sfondo grigio e l’ingranaggio nel mezzo)
  2. Scorrete in basso fino to close the section “Account and backup“quindi pigiate your”Esegui Backup“in the section”samsungcloud“. Delle altre secioni parleremo nei prossimi paragrafi
  3. Apparirà una schermata con l’elenco delle app e dei servizi di cui è possibile fare il backup. Ad esempio: l’elenco delle applicazioni, la personalizzazione della schermata principale, le impostazioni, i contatti, i messagesaggi SMS (non WhatsApp, di cui parleremo successivamente), i registri delle chiamate fatte e ricevute. Per ognino di questi, press the switch to activate the memorization of the data
  4. At this point, pigiate in basso su “Esegui Backup adesso“For I will start the salvage procedure.
  5. A screen will show the progress status of the backup for some of the services and of the selected applications, with both the sottolineatura of the last backup created (date and timetable). The procedure can be applied at different times, so that in case of large quantities of data from memorization
  6. At the end of the procedure, fate tap your “Fatto” in the lower part of the shelf. Very easy, isn’t it true?
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NB: It will not be possible to backup files larger than one gigabyte. In ogni caso, app come Contact and Calendar Non conteggiate nello space di archiviazione gratuito di 15 gigabyte offerto per ciascun acuenta Samsung.

And will I memorize the photo? I would suggest, in this sense, that you use an external service as ad esempio google photothe app is installed by the factory on your device.

Enter the app in question and click on the icon of your profile in high, quindi fate tap sulla voce “Activate the backup“. Niente di più simple and immediate.

How to backup your Samsung with Google One

google one crop resize

As abbiamo scritto poc’anzi, è possibile Backup your Samsung with Google Drive. This option is certainly for those who will not be bequeathed to Samsung, for example at the moment when they will decide to replace their own phone with a new one, obviously Android.

Ma eat fare, duke? I passaggi sono più or meno gli stessifermo restando che por il resto vi suggestiamo – come già caldeggiato a inizio articulo – di legree il nuestro articulo di profondimento que vi abbiamo previously linked.

Non perdiamoci comunque in ulteriori chiacchiere ed entriamo nel “vivo” della procedure. Prima di procedere, assicuratevi di essere collegati a un Wi-Fi network stable and safe.

  1. Open the smartphone by inserting the eventual setting method (digital imprint, 2D blocking with the visa, sequence or PIN) and press the app settings
  2. Scorrete in basso fino to close the section “Account and backup“quindi pigiate your”Esegui Backup“in the section”Google Drive
  3. If it is the first time that this operation is carried out, I saw a screen of welcome from the service appear on the screen”Backup by Google One“. This screen will inform you that you will be able to use the free archiving space of your Google account (like Samsung account, 15 gigabyte) to save applications, SMS, file chronology, device settings and many other anchors
  4. Present your “active
  5. Select the app and the services that you will keep
  6. Fate tap sulla voce”Effettua now the backup“The date is confirmed by means of biometric authentication (digital fingerprint reader, sblocco with the volt oppure the classic insertion of the PIN code or impostati sequence).
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To memorize the photo and video, you can use the pizza shape as a bonus google photo.

Enter the app in question and click on the icon of your profile in high, quindi fate tap sulla voce “Activate the backup“. Niente di più simple and immediate.

How to backup your Samsung with Smart Switch

samsung Smart Switch

Remaining anchor at home samsungc’è un altro modo per fare backup your Galaxy phone: smart switch. For those who do not know it, if it is a proprietary service (realized, cioè, by this Korean company) that consents to transfer all ciò che è presente nel cellulare su un altro galaxy device or its a external archiving device.


È come se creassimo, in buona sostanza, a “photocopy” of the phone. This setting is consigliata soprattutto per chi vuole passare ad un new Galaxy smartphone e ha bisogno di postare un grande quantità di dati.

Infatti, unlike the two memorizing methods seen in the preceding paragraphs, Smart Switch allows you to have a very good backup complete.

When we speak completely, we intend to refer to those elements that are finely excluded using the Samsung Cloud procedure, as ad esempio le immagini and, in general, all i file memorized his phone.

However, the procedure follows a very different logic compared to that little view, as far as the entire process goes entirely in wireless mode oppure with the help of a I dig. See the anticipiamo suddeno: scegliere l’one or l’altro è indifferente. Questione di gusti, verrebbe quasi da dire.

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If I will transfer the data from the next to the new one samsungproceed as follows:

  1. Scaricate innanzitutto l’app Smart Switch dal Play Store su entrambi i dispositivi. Pottete raggiungere easily the download page by clicking on the badge reported any Riga above
  2. Press the Smart Switch app on the “original” device, which will make it clear if it does not return the data
  3. Press the Smart Switch app on the “received” device, which will literally receive the backup
  4. Select the transfer mode, which as we saw in advance can be wireless oppure cavo process. Proceed with the cousin, assicuratevi di maintainere and two telephones very close to the parrot
  5. Attendete che i two dispositivi “dialoghino” tra loro: l’app Smart Switch li metterà infatti in comunicazione
  6. On your “recevente” phone, select the data you wish to import and pigiate your “Avanti” to start the data export process
  7. Follow the procedure shown on the screen to finalize the whole thing and, after receiving this, insert the credentials (username and password) of your Google account on your Samsung smartphone “ricevente”

Come abbiamo scritto prima, Samsung SmartSwitch It also allows you to save data on an external storage device, such as a usb pen or a micro-SD card (in the latter case, its compatible Samsung smartphone is not clear).

If this is your case, fate in this way:

  1. Call the external archiving unit on the phone
  2. Lock the smartphone and press the app settings
  3. Scorrete in basso fino a cercare “Account and backup“, quindi pigiate his questa voce
  4. In the Smart Switch section, fate tap your “external memory transfer
  5. Select the device you want to use for data backup (in the case of prime, the USB flash drive or the micro-SD slot, for example)
  6. Select the data and memorize and pigiate your “Avanti” to start the salvage procedure
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Come fare backup chat WhatsApp your Samsung

whatsapp down tutto mondo italia oggi 25 ottobre crop resize

Regardless of the type of procedure selected, the backup data on your Samsung do not include any information about external services that are ad esempio WhatsAppche poi è una delle app più scaricate sul cellulare.

Per make a backup of the WhatsApp chat proceed in this way:

  1. Press the app WhatsApp
  2. In the main screen, click on the right hand side of three points in vertical to access the main menu of the applications, select the voice “settings
  3. Premete prima su”chat“e poi su”Chat Backup
  4. Fate tap her”Esegui Backup“To make a backup of the chat (single and group) your Google Drive. On this page you can adjust some very important settings, such as the frequency of backup (settimanale, daily, mensile, oppure manuale) and the modalità traverso cui fare il backup (rete Wi-Fi oppure rete dati. Vi suggesteriamo la primera)

Desiderate keep i video Did the photo change your WhatsApp? On this page, you will have to activate the switch app.


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