How to backup your Xiaomi: all the methods available

How to backup your Xiaomi: all the methods available

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Avete appena acquired a new Xiaomi smartphone and, after the classic initial configuration procedure, please activate the backup Dei data archived on the device, in order to recover it in case of inexperience or necessity, as in the case of device formatting.

No problem. Make a backup of your Xiaomi It is quite simple, thanks also to some solutions elaborated by this Chinese society and ai various integrated services from the piattaforme più community, as is the case of Google. In this way, you will be able to recover photos and videos saved with your smartphone, but also settings and much more still.

In this article we occupy quindi dei vari passaggi da compiere per Fare il backup su uno smartphone Xiaomi. Precisely without warning that this procedure is also valid for the devices Redmiregardless of cost or characteristics.

Prima di iniziare, vi suggestiamo di leggere il nostro approfondimento su how to reset a xiaomi phone: vi will become very useful for the discorso che ci apprestiamo a sviluppare.


How to fare backup your Xiaomi with Xiaomi Cloud

A cousin way per fare backup your Xiaomi I will directly use one of the services offered by this company in Shenzhen: xiaomi cloud. This piattaforma is very useful to preserve some of the data MIUI ROM (the proprietary interface of the smartphone Xiaomi and Redmi based on Android), other than some xiaomi app: pensiamo, ad esempio, alle impostazioni del sistema MIUI, il layout e gli sfondi della schermata Home, le note, gli accessi alle reti Wi-Fi e così via.

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These days I come associati all’account My that it is possible to create at the moment of the initial configuration of the xiaomi smartphone, in modo da ripristinarli su qualsiasi altro dispositivo dello stesso marchio. Therefore, if in the future you decide to replace your device with another xiaomi smartphonewith the service xiaomi cloud Sarete in grade of recovering many information associated with the next device, thus rendering the passage as painless as possible.

Ma eat fare, quiendi? Sbloccate innanzitutto the smartphone and save the app settingsquindi scorrete in basso fino to close the voice “My Account“. Alternatively, you can use the search bar to enter directly into the dedicated section.

If you don’t have an anchor, create a new account My, press the button on the button and follow the instructions to the scanner to finish the procedure: all of those who are currently bisogno is a valid email address, a phone number and a password to your website. Alternatively, you can click on your this hint to enter the registration page.

Se invece seven già in possesso di un account Mi vi basterà pigiare su “I agreed“, inserting the email address or phone number and password set in the registration phase on the platform.

Now that you have little access or created your account My, you can enter the menu xiaomi cloud. Activate tutte I asked you to create a complete backup.

Dalla stessa schermata is also possible to activate the comfortable function “find device“, to see the position of your smartphone from the remote, and the synchronization of the data of the app in real time: vi will suffice, in this second case, press the switch “speed synchronization“.

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Come abbiamo detto qualche riga addietro,, la piattaforma xiaomi cloud Consent to save and data in the cloud of a series of Xiaomi apps, such as Registro Chiamate, Galleria, Registratore Vocale, Mi Browser.

Per Activate the backup on Xiaomi It is enough to click on the button “esegui il backup“. Enabling again the toggle “Automatic Backup“, the system will provide to automatically create or update a backup that is not connected to a Wi-Fi network.

NB: The Xiaomi Cloud platform provides one 5 gigabyte free space. In the case of beginners, it is possible to update the piano by selecting one of the various options of available supplies, with prices that differ greatly depending on the quantity of fruit space.

How to backup your Xiaomi from PC

How to reset Xiaomi

xiaomi cloud It is undoubtedly a very comfortable service for backing up your smartphone. However, there is also the possibility of conserving and archiving data directly on the pccosì da mantenere il controllo sugli stessi.

The operation substantially provides for two passes: memorize everything on the phone and I will transfer the backup to the computer. Vediamo come fare.

The first thing to do is open the Impostazioni app (the icon in the shape of the gear) and pigiate its “System Info” either “Aggiuntive settings“. Nella schermata successiva, select the voice “Backup and recovery“and click your”Local backup“. Il vi proporrà system, at the end of strengthening the security, insert the impostato block code on your phone (four-encryption code, digital imprint or block with volt).

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Come successive passaggio, click your “Backup“I will have a copy of SMS, contact you, chiamate record and data of the app (system and third parties) all’interno della cartella MIUI\Backup\AllBackup.

Ci siamo quasi. Collegate connect your Xiaomi smartphone to the PC using the USB cable in package and copy the contents of the directory “AllBackup“previously indicated.

How to fare backup your Xiaomi with Google One

How will I transfer data to an Android smartphone?

If I didn’t see interest xiaomi cloud or simply close a “universal” piattaforma, now it is convenient Activate the Google backup.

Già in passato vi abbiamo spiegato come fare backup your android Ei passaggi descritti in questo approfondimento ci torneranno molto utili anche per il discorso che stiamo affrontando.

vediamo quindi come fare backup Xiaomi with Google One. Also in this case, it is always necessary to block (obviously) the device and enter the telephone settings. Join the fine cast to find the voice “Google“and fate tap successively su”Backup“.

If it is the first time that an operation of this type is carried out, the system will provide a welcome screen for the service “Backup by Google One“. This screen will inform you that you can use the free storage space of your Google account (specifically, 15 gigabyte) to memorize the app and the data, SMS, chronology of the phone, settings of the device and many other anchors.

Pigiate quindi sul taste “active” To proceed. On the next page, you can check the available storage space and quality of the app and the services for the quality of the backup status.

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To save personal data, it is sufficient to tap your voice “Effettua now the backup“The date confirms the biometric authentication process, possibly set by the device (digital fingerprint reader, secured with the volt or PIN code insert).

Keep in mind that the procedure may be rich in several minutes, so that it is possible in the case of large quantities of data to be memorized. Nelle settings go ahead, you can still choose to follow the backup using a rete dati Open Wi-Fi.

For this purpose, I have suggested that we proceed by following the xiaomi smartphone to a stable and safe wireless network; Make sure that the device has sufficient autonomy.

How to save photos and videos on your Xiaomi smartphone

A discord apart from meritano Photo hey video. To make a backup of the photo of the smartphone, you can always use the application function google photobut it will be pre-installed on the device.

Enter the app in question and click on the icon of your profile in high, who pigiate the voice “Activate the backup“.

In alternative, the activation of the backup with xiaomi cloud I will allow memorizzare sul cloud all the photo and multimedia data (ad esempio, i video) presenti nell’app proprietaria Gallery say Xiaomi.

How to backup the WhatsApp chat

whatsapp down tutto mondo italia oggi 25 ottobre crop resize

The finely described procedure allows you to memorize many information archives on your device, but this is not clearly spaced WhatsAppthe famous app of instant messaggistica installs ormai su tutti i telefonini.

To the benefit of a maggiore completezza, we said briefly come if fa a WhatsApp backuprimandandovi per il resto all’apposito article che abbiamo preparato qualche mese addietro.

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Prima di iniziare con el procedura (che poi è molto semplice), vi sugeriamo di collegarvi a un Wi-Fi network Stabile e sicura, soprattutto perché la mole di dati da archiviare potrebbe covolgere also dati multimediali come ad esempio immagini e video.

Activate the backup of the WhatsApp chat on Xiaomi It’s very simple. Press the instantaneous message app and click on the main screen with its three dots up and down to the right in vertical position to access the main menu of the app. At this point, select dalla tendina la voce “settings“.

Nella nuova schermata, premete”chat“e poi”Chat Backup“quindi pigiate your”Esegui Backup“To make sure you make a backup of the conversations on your Google Drive. Nella stessa page can adjust some options, like this frequency of the backup (settimanale, giornaliera, mensile, oppure manuale) and the modalità attraverso cui fare il backup (rete Wi-Fi oppure mobile).

Semper verso il basso, è possibile scegliere di includere tra i dati memorizzati also i video: in this mode, the backup WhatsApp It will also include films exchanged or registered directly from WhatsApp.


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