How to burn a cd with iTunes

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iTunes is one of the world’s most famous programs for listening, managing and organizing music in digital format (MP3, AAC, etc.), however not everyone knows that it can also be used to create good old music CDs, those that can be read without problems even in the car stereo and older appliances.

I bet you also hadn’t noticed this interesting feature of the Apple software, that’s exactly why I want to explain to you quickly how to make an audio cd with itunes without wasting time or going through complicated burning programs. Are you ready to begin?

The first step you need to take if you want to find out how to make an audio cd with itunes is to launch the famous Apple program and create a new playlist containing the songs you want to burn. To create a new playlist, click on the menu File of iTunes, select the item New playlist from the menu that appears and enter the name you want to assign to your new playlist (eg. Audio CDs).

How to burn a cd with iTunes

At this point, go to the section Music of your library and drag the songs you want to include on your music CD with the mouse into the playlist name located at the bottom of the left sidebar. Once the operation is complete, click on the name of your playlist in the left sidebar and make sure that the total duration of the songs you have chosen (indicated at the bottom center) does not exceed the capacity of the blank CD on which you are going to burn them. On a standard 700MB CD there is a maximum of 80 minutes of music.


Once the playlist with all the songs to be burned has been completed, insert a blank CD into the PC burner and select the item Burn playlists to disc from the menu File of iTunes (the playlist must be open to see this item). In the window that opens, make sure there is a check mark next to the item Audio CDsset in the drop-down menu Distance between songs the number of seconds of silence there should be between tracks on the disc and click the button Burn for make an audio CD with iTunes.

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The duration of the burning depends on the length of the songs you have decided to insert on your CD and on the chosen burning speed (you can set it through the drop-down menu Preferred speed). If you want, with iTunes you can also create data CDs/DVDs with MP3s instead of standard audio CDs by selecting the appropriate item from the burn settings window. Good fun!

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