How to calculate energy consumption with the app

How to calculate energy consumption with the app

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In this period I rincari sulla bolletta Siamo tutti più attenti a quanto expendiamo e ai vari modi di ridurre i costi, non è così anche per voi? Inoltre, I will have sotto controllo i consume at home It is a way to safeguard the environment, other than that for it risparmio. Do you find it useful to do it in a simple, fast and magari way with just a few clicks? That’s it, be imagining well, it’s possible to far it through you smartphone or with you tablets. In this way, I can take care of the advance and I will use the heavy forecast to understand where I can risparmiare and ridurre and consume and, consequently, and cost.

Seven there near the method that I saw permettano di Calculate energy consumption with the app? Vi sveliamo che vi trovate nel posto giusto, in quanto stiamo per spiegarvi come si fa. Turn on some of your time to dedicate to the reading of our guide. In the turn of little scope, which are scary applications, I will install and try suddenly to see a panoramic view of how much power spendere sulla prossima bolletta.

Do not think if useful? Vi consigliamo, inoltre, di provarle suito mentre le leggete, o di salvare questa guida, in modo sucha da poderle controllare con più calma e capire quale traquesta fa più al caso vostro. Seven soon to start, che ne dite?


Energy Consumption Analyzer

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We start with the first application. If it’s a product for Androidche potrete scaricare calmly dal vostro Play Store. Yes chiama Energy Consumption Analyzerdeta ECASand I have consented to have no control over it relative consumption all’elettricità, gas and alla luce. Quest’app is free and is also available in Italian, useful for not dimestichezza with other languages.

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Dopo l’installazione potrete impostare dei colori diversi come referimento alle varie spese delle utenze. Potrete così scovare eventuali costi fuori dall’ordinario and inquire later for capire if there is any type of problem.

With this application you can accumulate data and data statistical Its base is weekly or monthly, in such a way that power is monitored if consumed and the thickness increases or remains costly and decides, accordingly, it will be thought of a change of food.


The second option of cui vi parliamo si chiama effi100 It is a tool for tracciare in real time and consumers of the user directly on their own mobile device. In this way, don’t be surprised at the moment when you cook the ball. If it’s a sorta di smart meterthat it is in the degree of monitoring the consumption of the various electrical devices that you have at home and how much you contribute to the total weight that you will be paying off by the end of the month.

With this application, I will also consider theimpatto di ogni elettrodomestico sull’ambiente in modo da poter ridurre i consume ed essere così più sustenibili. Effi100 rivela and vi communicates in a timely manner also eventuali malfuncionamenti, per correre ai ripari e limitare i danni.

The app is available by Android Che iphoneso you can download it from the Play Store or from the App Store.

Beeta Game

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Passiamo oltre e la terza app per calculare il consumo energético che vi presentiamo si chiama Beeta Game. This software works with one instrument that goes collegato agli impianti di casa He does not monitor consumption. In this way, you can improve the energy efficiency and I will limit and cost. In what way? Qui traverete un classifica, un sorta di gioco che paragona i variar elettrodomestici ei dispositivi che avete e utilizzate en casa e ne paragona i consumi. With quest’app otterrete also information around the sicurezza degli spazi della vostra casa.

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Beeta Game works only on mobile devices, including smartphones or tablets, but also on computers. A volta registrati i consumido della casa vi verranno forniti dei get your eats ridurre i costi. Potrete ricevere, inoltre, anche degli sconti per l’acquisto di instrumenti pensati per migliorare l’efficienza energetica.

Like the previous one, this app is available for free Android Che per iphone. You can download it from the Play Store or from the App Store, according to your device.


Seven curious to try a different application? The next one I saw we propose if chiama myBees I have consented to monitor the electrical devices of your apartment from a distance. Inoltre, potrete tenere sotto controllo i consumo, in modo da ridurre i costi in bolletta. How does it work? With a hardware-software system saree in degree di I will measure the amount of energy consumed by the electric appliance or electrical device at home.

It will be possible to render a detailed account of how much energy if consumed and where the higher cost comes from. In this way I can reason in a more concrete way and close a way to argue. With myBees it is possible to control the devices of yours smartphoneche dal vostro tablets. Potrete raccogliere i dati e paragonarli con il trascorrere del tempo, di week in week, or di month in month.

Quest’applicazione è available si su Play Store, si sull’App Store, duque per Android and iphone.

omnia genius

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Close some other options to calculate energy consumption with the app? The next option of which I saw talk if chiama omnia genius and is available if per device Androidche iOS. Downloading and installing this potrete software I will have little control and consumption of electricity and gas of your apartmentto monitor i costi and know how and where to intervene, if necessary.

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You can use Omnia Genius on your mobile device, maybe smartphone or tablet, but also from the computer. If it deals with a particularly useful app for color and quality I have panelli photovoltaici. The application consent to quantify the electric power production, how much is consumed at home and how much is distributed. Potrete monitorare i costi, capire se ci sono eventuali sprechi, eccessivi consumi e passare ai ripari.


if you degli photovoltaic installation Installati presso la vostra abitazione, anche this next alternative fa al caso vostro.

Yes chiama elios4you ed è un’application gratuita, da associare all’omonimo dispositivo e che è in grado di I will monitor energy consumption, the total quantity produced, which is immessa in the net and consequently will have little control over any eventual cost that will come by the end of the month. Save a device Android? Download it from the Play Store. have a iphone? In this case, again, you can download it and install it directly from the App Store.


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