How to cancel it from Messenger, scrolling step by step

How to cancel it from Messenger, scrolling step by step

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With over a thousand people who use it regularly, Messenger is no dubbio one of the message programming instantanea più populari al mundo. But I am also a lot of people who do not use it affatto. And poi c’è chi, for one reason or for another, I can’t use it. Ad esempio per ragioni di privacy.

The app allows me to get it various information sui contatti: If you use the app and if you continue to access the social network chat, any friends are active or when the last access is complete. Messenger is an app launched on the social network, available for iOS and Android, but also usable on PC. Permette agli utenti di chattare con i propri contatti di Facebook. In good standing it is an extension of the conversations of messages on your social network also on your mobile. Diamo un’occhiata a come funziona Messenger, quali sono i servizi più in voga in qué momento, ma soprattutto come fare a cancellarsi.

A thing served Messenger

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Messenger is an instantaneous messaging app that has not been integrated with Facebook since 2015, even if it is the property of Facebook; As a matter of fact, it is managed as a third party program, to guarantee benefits that are also suitable for the power of the social network and that I will use Messenger also without Facebook. bring him novità della piattaformaintrodotte negli ultimi anni, Messenger consente, ad esempio, videochamate, chat di gruppo e videoconferenze, dividione di sedi e file anche di grandi dimensioni, accedendovi da dispositivi mobile e PC.

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Messenger is not in another way but I will continue the conversations that have come on your Facebook your mobile. Once I’ve seen it through the social network app, Messenger is a specific app for this scope. I consent to access the chronology of the messages and continue the chat from any device.

Similarly to what happens in the normal Facebook chat, the version through the application allows you to send a private photo and encourage conversation through sticker. Other than this instantaneous messaging application, Messenger also consents to making it free through VoIP technology.

Messenger: how do you know if the message is dead?

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When you send a message to your Messenger, except if it works se sia stato letto o meno. To know if a message is displayed or less, select the text in question, oppose the GIF or the vocal note, and verify the status in few seconds. If the message is not allowed, share a Segno di spunta blu su sfondo biancoif you anchor in corso you will share a blue and white pallino.

If the message arrives the recipient will share a spunta bianca her sfondo blue, to indicate that the smartphone of the other user is accessed and active. Finally, when the message arrives, a thumbnail of the contact profile will appear, proving that the person has received the message.

In this way it is easy to assess the behavior of the other user, who could not respond at the moment.

The method is simple to not use Messenger: uninstall it

The alternative: the deactivation of Facebook

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Più radicale del prima methodo che abbiamo appena esaminato è la pure and simple disactivation of the Messenger profile. Attention, we speak of deactivation and non-cancellation. If you opt for this procedure, in any possible moment I will return to your own pass and normally restore your account and the conversations.

Tuttavia, I will always keep in mind that this procedure has ripercussioni sull’uso di Facebook. Infatti, it is impossible to disable Messenger without disabling Facebook at the same time. If it is not a problem for you, it will happen that you will access your own profile and go to the settings, clicking on the frequency with the lowest point.

In the side menu, click on your Setting and who will go there following your Facebook information. At the center of the menu is the option Disattivazione e cancellazione. Select the first option offered and not the second, but it is irreversible. The disactivation of Facebook does not influence your Messenger. From there, I will confirm the decision and insert the password to verify that the riches are real or produced from the stesso and not from a third person.

How to disable Messenger

At that point, it is possible to occupy yourself with Messenger. Activate the application and go to the settings by clicking on the photo on the top to the left. Quindi, I will take your legal and political note to visualize itDisabled Messenger option.

If the user has not disabled Facebook beforehand, this time is not displayed. Sogna quindi confirmare effettivamente all’origine della procedure inserting the password.

Also in this case, the operation can be canceled at any time, accessing with the proprie credenziali. In case of collegamento, the applicazione chiede nuevo può accedere ai contatti, il che le consente, tra le altre seam, di trovare le conversazioni precedenti.


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