How to change emojis on android

One of the characteristics of human beings is the ability to express one’s emotions through facial expressions , and thanks to emojis , digital conversations can also benefit from them.

Conveying joy, embarrassment or disdain in the face of a situation is much more effective and immediate with a visual representation and emoji allow us to do it with a touch. But if language evolves, so does this form of communication, and in fact as the Unicode Consortium publishes new emoji , Google releases them with timely updates.

The problem is that different phone manufacturers have their own sets of emojis , and they are not so prompt in updating new smileys. So how to get them and change emojis on Android in 2022? Let’s see the different methods, with and without root, and how to install those of the iPhone.


How to change emoji on android without root

The easiest way to change emojis on your Android phone is by using apps that allow you to change them at the app level like keyboards (the best are free) or text messages.

If in fact without root permissions (how to obtain them) it is in fact impossible to change the emojis at the system level , the apps we are going to see will allow you to correctly send and receive the emojis not included in your operating system.

We wrote send, because whoever receives them may not even see them if their device doesn’t have them installed (unless you use Emoji Kitchen). Let’s find out the alternatives

Switch keyboards: Gboard, Swiftkey, Ginger or others

how to change emoji on android

Using keyboards (like switching keyboards) to write, it stands to reason that these offer the first gateway to new emoji . Of course, the app doesn’t make them available system-wide , but it only lets you use them where you can use the keyboard and the app in question identifies them. So it could happen that you can use an emoji on Twitter but not on WhatsApp, for example, if the latter has not been updated to incorporate it.

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Gboard is the most used keyboard on Android, and being updated directly by Google, it brings the latest emoji to you faster than any other app or phone (apart from the Pixels).

  1. If you haven’t already installed it, download Gboard from the Play Store
  2. Open the Gboard app.
  3. Tap Enable in Settings . To use Gboard, you need to add it to your language and input settings.
  4. Gboard will redirect you to your phone’s Settings
  5. Activate Gboard
  6. Tap Select input method . You will see Gboard along with your other keyboards. Select it
  7. Start an app, for example a messaging app 
  8. Start a conversation
  9. Tap the emoji icon , the one with the smiley face. You can use the search bar to find specific emojis or navigate using the tabs next to the search bar.

The same operation can also be performed with various keyboards that offer support for emojis such as Swiftkey, Ginger or others that you can find here.

Gboard: Emoji Kitchen

Gboard also comes with the ability to generate stickers by “ merging ” two emojis, the Emoji Kitchen. The peculiarity is that, being stickers , they will be recognized by any messaging app and will be visible to your interlocutor. 

To use the Emoji Kitchen , do the following:

  1. Open a messaging app
  2. Start a conversation
  3. Tap the emoji button within Gboard to open the emoji selection window.
  4. Enter two emojis that you want to merge as you normally would
  5. The new sticker (or proposed alternatives) will be generated below , which you can tap to send it in the conversation
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how to change emoji on android

ZFont 3

ZFont 3 is an app that helps users create and manage fonts with ease, for web pages, presentations, or any other project. 

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The app is extremely versatile and also allows you to change the emojis , allowing you to download those used by platforms such as Windows, Facebook or other.

The downside is that ZFont3 uses the ROM theme engine of your phone, like MIUI, Samsung’s One UI or similar, so it only works with some manufacturers, otherwise you’ll need to have root access and use Magisk. Another downside is that it is crammed with ads.

To use it, do the following:

  1. Install ZFont3
  2. Start the app
  3. Give confirmation
  4. Choose an emoji pack under the Emoji heading (tap See all to see all available ones)
how to change emoji on android
  1. Tap the Download  button below
  2. Tap the Apply button below
  3. Choose an installation method
  4. Follow the instructions, which usually involve creating a folder and naming it as directed
  5. Now as the app tells you go to the System Fonts mouth and select the package
  6. Restart your phone
how to change emoji on android


Textra is a free and very popular messaging app that replaces your SMS app and provides users with a number of customization tools. Among these we find themes, customizable bubbles and different emoji styles such as those of Twitter and iOS. 

To use the different emoji sets , do the following.

  1. Install Textra SMS
  2. Start the app
  3. Allow sending notifications
  4. Click on Start using Textra
  5. Replace your default SMS app with Textra
  6. Click on the three vertical dots at the top right
  7. Touch Settings
  8. Touch Customize Appearance
  9. Touch Emoji style
  10. Choose the style you prefer 
how to change emoji on android


If you want your emoji to reflect your personality , you can create your own with Snapchat’s Bitmoji , one of the most popular apps in this regard.

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Here’s how to use it.

  1. Download Bitmoji
  2. Register with your email or log in with your Snapchat account
  3. Select a gender for your avatar or snap a selfie and let the app do it all
  4. Customize the avatar
  5. Touch Save
  6. Select Keyboard to open the Bitmoji keyboard tab
  7. Touch Enable keyboard
  8. Tap Enable in settings
  9. Enable the Bitmoji keyboard
  10. Now you can use it as your main keyboard and use emojis with your face

How to change emoji on samsung

Samsung devices are equipped with One UI , which allows you to customize the look of your phone through themes, and therefore works seamlessly with ZFont 3 . 

  1. Sign in with your Samsung account if you haven’t already. If you see the Samsung avatar in the Settings above, you have already done it, otherwise continue
    1. Go to Settings by pulling down the notification curtain twice and tapping the gear icon
    2. Touch Accounts and backup
    3. Touch Manage accounts
    4. Touch Add account 
    5. Select Samsung account
    6. Enter your email address and password
  2. Install ZFont3
  3. Start the app
  4. Give confirmation
  5. Under Emoji choose an icon pack
  6. Tap the Download  button below
  7. Tap the Apply button below
  8. In the window that appears, choose OneUI #All
how to change emoji on android
  1. Tap Install “ SamsungSans “
  2. Touch the Update button
  3. Tap Change the font to “ SamsungSans ” 
  4. Select SamsungSans from the list
  5. Touch Back up date
  6. Tap Let do it
  7. Next to the Settings item , set the switch to ON 
  8. Tap the Run backup now button
  9. Tap Uninstall SamsungSans . This will uninstall the font you installed earlier
  10. Now you can install iPhone emoji. Tap Install “[package_name](zFont)”
  11. Touch Install
  12. Now change the system font by tapping Change the font to “Default”
  13. Select Predefined
  14. Touch Restore data
  15. Select Settings
  16. Touch Restore
  17. Tap Later if it asks you to free up space on Samsung Cloud
  18. Now the new emojis are installed on your Samsung smartphone.
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How to change the color of emojis in WhatsApp and Instagram on Android

Change the colour

If you want to change the color of WhatsApp and Instagram emojis on Android, here’s how.

  1. Start the app ( WhatsApp  or Instagram)
  2. Start a chat or post
  3. Tap the emoji icon (the smiley face at the bottom left)
  4. Touch and hold the emoji you want. If the emoji is available in several colors, a menu will appear for you to choose from
  5. Select the colour
  6. Now the chosen color is the default variant of that emoji, so if you want to change it you have to repeat the procedure.

Unfortunately, not all emojis come in various colors , so you can just try and see if there’s one you want to use. 

Change emojis

If, on the other hand, you want to change the WhatsApp or Instagram emoji on Android, you have to change the keyboard as indicated in the first paragraph or, if you have a Samsung smartphone, look at the dedicated chapter. If, on the other hand, you own a Xiaomi smartphone, you can continue and read the next chapter, which explains how to put iPhone emojis on the Chinese giant’s phones but it applies to any set of emojis.

How to get iPhone emojis on Android

If you want iOS emojis on your Android smartphone, the alternatives are those seen above. The easiest way is to use ZFont 3, which works as we said on smartphones with proprietary interfaces that manage themes. The iPhone emoji themes on ZFont 3 are iOS16_u14_unofficial or iOS_14.6 and you can find them under the Emoji heading in the app. You can apply them on Samsung smartphones as indicated in the dedicated paragraph. 

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How to install iPhone emoji on Xiaomi

To install iPhone emojis on Xiaomi smartphones , do the following.

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  1. Install ZFont3
  2. Start the app
  3. Give confirmation
  4. Under the heading Emoji choose the package iOS16_u14_unofficial
  5. Tap the Download  button below
  6. Tap the Apply button below
  7. In the window that appears, choose Method 2
  8. Tap Apply again
  9. Restart your smartphone
  10. Now the iPhone emojis are installed on your Xiaomi smartphone

How to change emoji on rooted android

If you have rooted your Android phone, you can change emojis system-wide .

This will allow you to install the new emoji everywhere, but if the messaging apps that use their own sets don’t support them, you won’t see them anyway, and the same for the people who will receive them, as they won’t be able to see them if they don’t have them installed.

Either way, here’s how to install new emoji on rooted Android phones . 

Emoji Replacer

how to change emoji on android

Emoji Replacer is an app that allows users to change emojis on their devices by switching to other emoji sets such as those from Android 12L , from Twitter , from Facebook and others.

The app lets you customize the look of the emoji to better suit the user’s preferences, and it works by creating Magisk modules , allowing you to swap sets in just a few taps, and you can find all the info on the dedicated XDA thread.

Magisk RKBDI Emojis module

how to change emoji on android

RKBDI is a well-known designer who also works with Gboard themes and has created some Magisk modules to replace emojis on Android devices.

Operation is very simple, as with all Magisk modules, and RKBDI packages are very popular on XDA. Here you will find the dedicated thread with all the information.


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