How to convert file FLAC in MP3 for Windows macOS

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Have you just finished downloading a music album and noticed that the downloaded ones are not standard MP3 songs , but rather “strange” files with the FLAC extension ? There is nothing you need to worry about, believe me.

FLAC files are songs and sounds encoded using a free lossless audio codec: the Free Lossless Audio Codec which, for the same size, ensures higher quality than that used for MP3s. Its only defect – if we want to call it that – is that it is not adequately supported by all the players on the market.

In the light of what has just been said, I thought I’d offer you today’s guide, in which we will see together how to convert FLAC to MP3 thanks to some free software for Windows, macOS and Linux, ad hoc online services and with apps for Android and iOS/iPadOS. Choose the solution that seems best suited to your needs and/or easiest to use and find out how to make the most of it by following the instructions below. Happy reading and have fun!

How to convert file FLAC in MP3 free

If what you want to do is convert FLAC files to MP3 for free by acting as a computer, the solutions that, in my humble opinion, you would do well to turn to are the ones you find below. These are software available for both Windows and macOS (as well as Linux ).

Convert file FLAC in MP3 free


The first of the useful tools for converting FLAC files to MP3 that I want to recommend you to use is fre:ac . It’s completely free, open source, and runs on all major computer operating systems: Windows, macOS, and Linux. It is very fast, highly reliable and supports popular audio file formats namely: M4A, WMA, OGG, FLAC, AAC, WAV and Bonk.

To download the program to your computer, visit its website and click the Self extracting installer (64 bit): freac-xxxx.exe link or the Self extracting installer (32 bit): freac-xxxx.exe link ( depending on the version of Windows you are using) or the Intel and Apple Silicon Macs, macOS 11.0 link: freac-xxx-macos11.dmg (if you are using macOS).

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When the download is complete, if you are using Windows , open the .exe file obtained and, in the window that appears on the screen, press the Yes button . Then set Italian as the language for the interface, click on the Next and Yes buttons , press the Next button again (four times in a row) and the Finish button . After that, launch the program, by selecting its shortcut added to the Start menu .

If you are using macOS , open the .dmg package obtained and move the fre:ac icon to the Mac Applications folder . Then, right-click on it, choose the Open item in the context menu and press the Open button that appears on the screen , in order to go around the limitations desired by Apple against applications from non-certified developers (an operation that must be carried out only on first start-up).

After completing the above steps, close the fre:ac support screen and drag the FLAC files you want to convert into the main window of the program that has appeared on the screen. Alternatively, click on the blank paper button and select the audio files “manually”.

Now specify the folder where you want the output files to be saved (by default it is Music ), by clicking on the Browse button located at the bottom right. If necessary, you can also intervene on the encoding parameters, by clicking on the button with the wrench located at the top, selecting the LAME MP3 Encoder v3.100 item from the Codec drop-down menu in the window that opens, pressing the Set button and intervening via the additional window displayed.

In conclusion, click on the arrow next to the green button with the play symbol , choose the LAME MP3 Encoder option from the menu that appears and wait for the conversion to complete. Easier than that?

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Convert file FLAC in MP3 con Windows Media Player

How to copy a CD to PC

If you’re using Windows , another great tool you can use to convert FLAC files to MP3 is Windows Media Player . In case you don’t know, it’s the historic media player from Microsoft included in almost all editions of Windows. It can also be used to perform the operation in question, using the import functions, provided therefore that the FLAC files to be acted on are on a CD.

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In order to use Windows Media Player for your purpose, firstly insert the disk containing the audio files of your interest into the CD reader connected to the computer, then open the program by clicking on the Start button (the one with the logo of Microsoft ) that you find at the bottom left of the taskbar and selecting the relevant link in the Start menu that appears (if you can’t find it it’s because the program is not active, to solve it follow the instructions I gave you in my guide on how to download Windows Media Player).

Now that you are viewing the Windows Media Player window, select the floppy disk icon in the left sidebar, then click the CD Ripping Settings button located at the top left, select the MP3 option from the Format menu and the item 320 kbps from the Audio quality menu (in order to obtain files of not reduced dimensions, but of good quality).

After completing the above steps, remove the check mark for the tracks you do not intend to convert, click the Copy from CD button which is always at the top and wait for Windows Media Player to process all the songs. The output files will then be saved in the Windows Music folder .

Convert FLAC files to MP3 with Nero

Nero Burning ROM

Another tool you can turn to to convert FLAC files to MP3 is Nero , the historic burning tool that now also includes many tools for multimedia editing, including one for audio conversions. It is paid (it has prices starting from 49.95 euros, depending on the version chosen), but a free trial version is available that works without limitations for a few days. This is ideal if the FLAC files you want to edit are on a floppy disk.

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To download the trial version of Nero Burning ROM (which is the variant of the program that contains the tool useful for performing the operation described in this guide), visit the Nero website and click on the FREE Trial Version link below to the name of the software. Then type your email address in the appropriate field that appears and press the Send button to receive the email with the link to proceed with the download. For more details, you can refer to my specific guide on how to download Nero for free.

Once the download is complete, open the .exe file obtained and, in the window that you see appearing on the desktop, click on the Yes button . Then, tick the box relating to acceptance of the terms of use of the program and click on the Install Now and Get Started buttons .

Then enter your e-mail address in the appropriate field in the Nero window, click on the Next button , type the password that was sent to you by email in the appropriate field and press the Next button once again . Now, select the Skip for now link below, in order to activate the trial of the program.

After completing the above steps, select the Nero Burning ROM button visible on the main software screen, select the item relating to acceptance of the license terms and conditions, click the OK button and close the screen relating to the use of the trial version.

Now, insert the disk with the FLAC files on which to act in the CD player connected to the computer, close the screen for creating a new project that is shown to you, select the Extra menu located at the top left and click Save audio tracks in it.

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In the new window that opens, uncheck the audio tracks that you may not be interested in, go to the Source tab and select your CD player from the top menu, then go to the Output tab and choose the MP3 option from the Format drop-down menu file , adjust the audio quality using the Quality drop-down menu , indicate the output folder by clicking on the Browse button next to the Output directory item and, finally, start the procedure by pressing the Copy button .

How to convert un file FLAC in MP3 online

Audio Converter by 123Apps

If you don’t want or don’t have the possibility to download new programs to your computer, you can decide to convert a FLAC file to MP3 online , resorting to the use of special web services that work directly from the browser. Among the various available, I suggest the 123Apps Audio Converter . It’s free and allows you to convert over 300 formats (including video) in a very simple and intuitive way. Furthermore, it allows you to act in batches and you can modify some more advanced parameters related to the output.

To use the 123app Audio Converter, go to its home page, press the Open files button and select the FLAC file on your PC on which to go. If the audio file is online, you can also get it from Google Drive, Dropbox or by providing its URL by clicking on the appropriate links .

After completing the above steps, click on the mp3 button , adjust the quality by moving the cursor on the bottom bar and press the Advanced settings button to intervene on sampling, bit rate and other parameters. You can also press the Edit track information button and edit the information relating to the returned audio file.

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Finally, click on the Convert button and wait for the conversion procedure to complete, then download the returned MP3 file to your computer by pressing the Download button or store it in the cloud by selecting the relevant links.

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App per convertire file FLAC in MP3

Come convertire file FLAC in MP3

You don’t have a computer at hand and would you like me to show you some apps to convert FLAC files to MP3 for use on Android and iOS/iPadOS , therefore from smartphones and tablets? No sooner said than done. You can find them in the list below.

  • MP3 Video Converter (Android) — totally free and easy-to-use app for Android through which it is possible to transform audio files (and also video ones) from and to any format, therefore it can also be used to convert FLAC files to MP3. It also allows you to define the bitrate and various other parameters.
  • Audio converter – All formats (Android) – this is another free and specific application for Android that allows you to make conversions to and from all audio formats, including those covered by this tutorial.
  • Audio Converter (iOS/iPadOS) — solution specifically designed for iPhone and iPad that allows you to convert files in FLAC format to MP3, but also to intervene on various other types of audio files. It’s free, but to unlock all the functions you need to make in-app purchases (at the base price of 4.49 euros).
  • Media Converter — video to mp3 (iOS/iPadOS) — despite what the name might suggest, this app for iPhone and iPad allows you to convert both audio and video, supporting all the most popular formats. It therefore also acts as a converter for FLAC files to MP3. It also integrates a video player and also allows you to open compressed archives, practically everything and more! Basically it’s free, but in-app purchases must be made to unlock all the functions (at the basic price of 0.99 euros).

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