How to create a remix on Instagram: a practical guide

Tra le funcioni che instagram has messo a disposizione dei propri utenti di recente ce n’è even a che richiama i duetti di TikTokand that is ribattezzata Reels Remix. If it is a function that allows you to create content by uploading your own video to those of the creators who are in vogue, then you can share personalized feeds with them. see now How will I create a Remix on Instagram? in simple mode.

Remix, of course, please allow me to create a reel containing someone else’s video or photo. It is also possible to scare the video or the photo as part of the remix.

Per I will create the remix of a reel bisogna:

  • Press Instagram
  • Press the reel desired
  • Toccare l’icona dei tre puntini in basso nel reel di cui si vuole creare il remix
  • Play the Remix and indicate if the clip itself is displayed at the same time as the original video or I will continue
  • Touch “Layout” to the left to select a different layout. If you can choose a layout that shows the remix accanto or sotto il reeloriginale, oppure showre quest’ultimo in alto a destra del remix, oppure ancora sullo sfondo del remix.
  • I will register my own reel

Qui vi spieghiamo anche como crear un Instagram Reel.

Per I will create the remix in a post bisogna invece:

  • Press Instagram
  • Open the desired post
  • Touch the icon of the three dots up in the post
  • Toccare Remix
  • The post will be at the bottom of the reel for predefined setting. Touching “Layout” to the left if you can select a different layout
    I will register my own reel
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When you share a modified version of a reel, it will be displayed the name used by Instagram Insert me to “Modify with [nome utente del creator originale]” in basso. Gli utenti di Instagram possono toccare “Remix with [nome utente del creator originale]”I will save the original reel and create my own remix.

Nel fare il remix si possono I will combine the audio and add voiceoverOther than that add a test to the original video and to the new reel that you record. It is also present that some creator did not consent to the inclusion of the video parrot and remix.

Qui la nostra guida su cosa sono i preferredi su Instagram.

The predefined setting for the remix of the reel, of the video of the feed and of the photo depends on the impostazioni sulla privacy dell’account:

  • For private accounts: nessuno può effettuare un remix dei reel, video del feed e foto
  • For public account: Although his Instagram can modify and reel, video of the feed and photo shared by the activities of the performance.

If you have a public account, if you can disable the modification of the reel, feed video and photo, or any combination without modifying the setting of your privacy of your account. If you can also disable it, modify it for single reel, video of the feed and photo of the post.

Per manage chi può modify i reel, i video of the feed and the bisogna photo:

  • Press Instagram
  • Touch the image of the profile to access the profile itself
  • Fare tap sulle opzioni in alto a destra, quindi fare tap su “Impostazioni”
  • Play “Privacy”, quindi “Reel e remix”
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Da qui è possibile manage I prefer it for all and videotouching “switch off” or “switch on” according to “Consent for the reel” or “Consent for the video feed” or “Consent for the photo to activate or deactivate the function”.

The modification of quest’impostazione will involve all the reels, the video of the feed and the photo. Deactivation of the modifier will not influence your sound so you can use the original audio.

If a public account creates a remix of content, yes it will happen a notification. If you give up the account privately for the first 24 hours, please modify it by saranno eliminate it. The creator of the remix can scare the content as part of the remix parrot, but it is not possible to scare the remix that other people have created with their own reel, feed video or photo.

If the function is disabled, the remix of the reel, the video feed and the photo created first that came to rest on their Instagram unless they did not delete the post. I know if a video or a photo is ripristina che è stata Eliminated within 30 days, tutti i remix del video o delle foto verranno ripristinati. I know if they eliminated the reel or photo, they will also eliminate it and create remixes with essi.

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