How to create MP3s from audio CDs

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create MP3s from audio CDs-He just bought your favorite artist’s latest album. What a style! What music! But now you would like to convert it to MP3s and copy it both in the music library of your PC and on smartphones and tablets. It’s possible? Let me think a bit… of course I do! The answer this time was really obvious!

If you want create MP3s from audio CDs, all you have to do is insert your beautiful disk into the CD player connected to the computer and feed it to one of the many software that allows you to “rip” music CDs. If you don’t know, the term “ripping” indicates the procedure by which multimedia content is extracted from a disk and converted into a compressed file format (in this case MP3), so that it can be archived easily on your computer or other devices.

Although at first glance it may seem like an operation intended only for experts, in reality, ripping music CDs is within everyone’s reach. Indeed, it is so simple to carry out that often there is no need even to download new programs on PC and Mac: just rely on the tools included “standard” in Windows and macOS. Do not you believe it? Then take five minutes of free time and try it yourself by following the instructions I am about to give you.

How to create MP3s from audio CDs in Windows

If what you are interested in doing is being able to create MP3s from audio CDs with Windows the solutions to which you can turn and the instructions to follow to do so are those that you find below.

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How to create MP3s from audio CDs with Windows Media Player

How to copy a CD to PC

If you want create MP3s from audio CDsI suggest you first turn to the use of Windows Media Player, the media player included by default on Windows. Not everyone knows it, but in addition to allowing you to organize and listen to music, it allows you to perform ripping operations.

For create MP3s from audio CDs with Windows Media Playerfirst of all insert the floppy disk to be ripped into the CD player connected to the computer, then Windows Media Playerby clicking on the start button (the one with the windows flag) that you find at the bottom left of the application bar and selecting the link to the program in start menu appeared (if you can’t find it it’s because the program is not active, to solve it follow the instructions in my guide on how to download Windows Media Player).

Now that you see the Windows Media Player window on your desktop, select the icon of diskette appears in the left sidebar, then click the button CD copy settings located at the top left and choose from the menu Format the option MP3s and then from the menu Audio quality whichever option you prefer (a good compress is 320kbps).

After completing the above steps, click the button Copy from CD which is always at the top and waits for the program to process all the tracks on the CD.

If you want to rip only some of the songs and not all, first click the button Copy from CD uncheck the title of the tracks you don’t want.

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The final MP3s will be saved inside the folder Music of Windows, in a sub-folder with the same name as the original album.

How to create audio CDs from MP3s with Nero

Nero Burning ROMs

Another tool you can consider turning to to implement the operation covered by this tutorial is Black. It is a historic and renowned specific burning suite for Windows, complete with all the necessary tools, so not only can you rip floppy disks, but you can also create an audio CD from MP3 files with Nero. It is paid (it has prices starting from 49.95 euros, depending on the version chosen), but there is also a free trial version that works without limitations for a few days.

To download and install the trial of Nero Burning ROMs (i.e. the version of the program with the CD ripping tool), visit the Nero website and click on the link FREE Trial Version that you find in correspondence with the name of the software, therefore follow the instructions that I have provided you in my specific guide on how to download Nero for free.

Once the main screen of the program is displayed, for create audio CDs from MP3s with Neroselect the button Nero Burning ROMstick the box relating to acceptance of the license terms and conditions, click on the button Okay and close the new Trial Use screen that appears.

Now, insert the audio disc of your interest into the CD player connected to the computer, close the screen for creating a new project that appears, click on the menu Extra at the top left and choose the item Save audio tracks present in it.

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In the new window shown, navigate to the tab Origin and select your CD player from the top menu, then go to the tab Exitchoose the option MP3s from the drop down menu File format and define the audio quality from the drop-down menu Quality (I advise you 320kbps), specify the output folder by pressing the button Browse next to the entry Output directories and click the button Copy.

If you don’t want to rip all the audio tracks from the disk to your computer, before carrying out the steps above, uncheck the box next to the name of the songs you are not interested in that you find on the screen visible after selecting the menu Extra and that Save tracks.

Other programs to create MP3s from audio CDs with Windows

How to create MP3s from audio CDs

None of the solutions I have already told you about has convinced you in a particular way and, therefore, you would like me to indicate you other programs to create MP3s from audio CDs with Windows? No sooner said than done! You can find them in the list below.

  • fre:ac — free and open source software through which you can carry out conversion operations going to act on all the most popular audio formats. Furthermore, it implements a useful function for copying the contents of the CDs to the computer, so it can be considered to all intents and purposes a program for creating MP3s from audio CDs.
  • VLC extension — is a famous multimedia player, completely free, open source and capable of “digesting” practically any audio and video format without resorting to external codecs, which also makes available to its users functions for ripping diskettes, so it comes in handy for extract MP3s from audio CDs.
  • Express Rip — is a no-cost software which, as the name suggests, allows you to rip audio CDs to your computer in MP3 format and more. It also allows you to adjust the settings related to the output files and has a nice user interface. What more do you want?
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How to create MP3s from audio CDs on Mac

macOS Music

Do you use an Apple-branded computer? Then you can create MP3s from audio CDs on Mac using Music. This is the “bitten apple” multimedia software included by default in macOS for managing and playing music that has replaced iTunes since macOS 10.15 Catalina.

To be able to use it, start Music and, when the application window on the desktop is visible, click on the menu Music located at the top left and choose the item Preferences present in it. In the new screen that appears, select the tab Fileclick on the button Import Settings and select the item MP3 encoder from the drop down menu Import using.

Then expand the drop-down menu Settings and choose the option Customizethen expand the menu Stereo bit rate and set the quality you prefer (I suggest 320kbps), then save the changes by pressing the key Okay.

At this point, insert the disk on which to act in the CD player connected to the Mac, click on the button Yup to respond to the Music import request and wait for the process of transforming the songs into MP3 to be started and completed. If Music doesn’t show any alerts, select the disc name that appears in the menu Devices present in the left sidebar, click on the button Import CDs at the top right and confirm your intentions to start the procedure for creating MP3s from audio CDs.

If you don’t want to convert all the songs included in the CD but only some of them, take care in advance to remove the check from the box next to the title of those you don’t want to save on your computer on the diskette screen.

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At the end of the process, all the MP3 files generated by the program will be automatically saved in the music library Music.

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