How to create stickers for WhatsApp on Android, easily and quickly

How to create stickers for WhatsApp on Android, easily and quickly

SmartWorld team

SmartWorld team

To render the conversations on your WhatsApp still more fun, I can create and send some stickers in individual and group chats. I will create this stickers for WhatsApp using one smartphone Android? This is our complete guide and scaricare applications.


How to create stickers for WhatsApp for free with Sticker Maker

To create a sticker (that can subsequently share your WhatsApp) you will use one of many apps available noi vi conigliamo Sticker Makeran Android application that allows you to create personalized stickers in just a few clicks.

Innanzitutto, accedete il vostro android smartphone, activate the wi-fi, select your network and insert the password. You can also activate the mobile data by walking your “Impostazioni” and “Rete mobile”. Subsequently, press Google Play Store, a platform for distribution of applications and games. If this is required, access your Google account (inserend the email address and the password) and create a new profile.

Use the field of research (the enlargement lens) to identify “Sticker Maker” (distributed by Vico & Co). Click “Install” and attend the download completely. Avviate the application by clicking on the icon app.

Scarica da Play Store

To create a new sticker, press “Create a new sticker pack” (the green button).

The button "Create a new sticker pack" its Sticker Maker for Android

The button “Create a new sticker pack” is your Sticker Maker for Android.

Insert the name of the package, the author (attention: the person who has received the summer and the adesivi potranno leggere this information) and pigiate “Creates“.

Sticker on WhatsApp: the name of the pacchetto

Sticker your WhatsApp: the name of the pacchetto.

From the main page of Sticker Maker, select the package that appears to be created. To add a new sticker, click on the “+”.

Create new stickers for WhatsApp

Create new stickers for WhatsApp.

Pot select one of the following options:

  • take photos“: to take a new photograph using the smartphone’s photo camera;
  • Open Gallery“: consent to select an image from the Galleria;
  • Select File“: to select a file from the internal memory, external cloud oppure;
  • Sticker Library“: allow me to select other stickers;
  • TextOnly“: I will create a sticker exclusively using the text;
  • SelfieCam“: to take a selfie and insert some effects.

Insert images and photo to create a sticker

Insert images and photos to create a sticker.

Tag the image using one of the instruments available, such as “A mano libera” (per disegnare i contorni dell’adesivo), “Taglio quadrato”, “Taglio circolare” and “Polygon”.

The app also allows you to insert a colored outline and a text.

To create a sticker pack, click “Adding to WhatsApp“. Ora potete send gli adesivi ai vostri contatti!

Il pulsante "Aggiungi a WhatsApp"

Il pulsante “Aggiungi a WhatsApp”.

Create stickers for WhatsApp with Wemoji

Wemoji It is a free application to create stickers. To scare this instrument:

  1. Avviate Google Play Store;
  2. Close “Wemoji – WhatsApp Sticker Make”;
  3. Press “Install”.

Scarica da Play Store

Press the application and click “Create Sticker“.

Il pulsante "Create Sticker"

The “Create Sticker” button.

Scegliere Pot “Normal Sticker” (static stickers) e “Animated Stickers” (adesivi animati using gif).

Create stickers for WhatsApp: and press

Create stickers for WhatsApp: press “Normal Sticker” and “Animated Sticker”.

Press the symbol “+” to insert a new image or photo (which can be tagged directly inside the Wemoji). Freely customize the sticker by adding other images, emoji, stickers and text. Press “Save” to save your project. Insert it name del pacchetto e l’autore.

Il nome del pacchetto e l'autore

Il nome del pacchetto e l’autore.

Premit “My Stickers” and select the package that you want to click on your WhatsApp. Click on “Add to WhatsApp”.

Il pulsante "My Stickers"

Il pulsante “My Stickers”.

How to send the WhatsApp sticker

Vorreste send one sticker? Ecco le procedure complete.


  1. Press WhatsApp (instantaneous messaging app available on Google Play Store);
  2. Scegliete a individual chat or a group;
  3. Touch the symbol “emoji” (the smiling face);
  4. Press the icon dedicated to a sticker;
  5. Select a qualsiasi package and apply a sticker.


  1. Avviate the application;
  2. Start a conversation (individual or group);
  3. Touch the degli symbol stickers;
  4. Scegliete l’adesivo da inviare.

Other apps to create stickers

I am available numerous applications I agree to create stickers for WhatsApp: choose our selection.

  • Stickers Studio for WhatsApp (Google Play Store): If it is an instrument that allows you to create a sticker. There is a free version and a paid one (che offer some instruments aggiuntivi). Gli utenti possono anche creare degli sticker animati (caricando video o gif).
  • (Google Play Store): The app (with an extremely intuitive user interface) that allows you to easily transform the photo, and design the meme in sticker for WhatsApp.

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