How to create web radio

Whether it’s as a joke, out of curiosity or as a hobby, you’ve decided you want to create your own online radio station. You already have in mind the songs for your listeners to listen to, the columns and you’ve even come to draw up a real lineup, but you don’t have the faintest idea of how to create a web radio.

Browsing the Internet, you managed to find all the tools you need to record your address books and lots of free and shareable songs. But how to do with live content management? How to manage the various elements that make up a respectable radio program? And above all… how much do such tools cost?

And this is where I come into play! Over the next few lines you will find all the necessary information that will allow you to create your own Web radio through various platforms and sites capable of responding to your needs. All you have to do is arm yourself with a little patience and keep reading. Courage! You are just a few steps from the beginning of your radio “career”!

How to create a free web radio

free web radio

Generally, thinking about a radio broadcast, one imagines that at least one will have to pay for expensive recording software or suitable equipment such as a mixer, professional microphone and much more. Nothing could be more wrong and in fact, as you will notice by reading the next chapters, there are several programs and services that will allow you to create a free web radio and “dive” into the world of radio broadcasting.

Create a web radio with Spreaker Studio

Spreaker Studio website

If you’ve already taken a look at my guide on how to create a podcast, you’ve surely read (or at least already heard of) Spreakers, the site dedicated to the creation and publication of digital podcasts. Well, you should know that Spreaker offers an additional service based on a simple program that will allow you in just a few clicks create and manage your radio personal. I’m obviously talking about Speaker Studio.

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Downloading Spreaker Studio is quite simple, as it is an application available for all major desktop and mobile operating systems. To start on PC, connect to the program download page and click on the button Download the App to start downloading the installation file. Once the download is finished, if you use windowsopen the file spreaker-studio-setup.exe and click on the button Allow access to enable the application to use the network. On macOSInstead, the file download is complete spreaker-studio-setup.dmg the installation procedure is even easier. All you have to do is reach the file save folder, open it by double clicking on it and drag theprogram icon inside the folder Applications. After a few seconds the installation will be finished.

On android And iOS/iPadOS you can find the app directly in the store of your device and you can download it following the usual procedure.

Now that you have everything you need to use Spreaker Studio, it’s time to configure your radio broadcast. For this example I will use the Windows version of the program, but all the operations I am about to illustrate can be performed on any other version of Spreaker Studio currently available.

Spreaker Studio tutorials

On first launch of the program you will be prompted to log in to your Spreaker accountusing theemail addressor by connecting with profiles Facebook, Google And Twitter. After your first login, Spreaker Studio will ask you whether or not to follow the introductory tutorial dedicated to the main functions of the program and accessible by pressing the key Start Tutorials. I advise you to take a look at it, as it allows you to get dexterity with the commands and start right away. If not, click on the button No thank you to skip this step. After this first phase, you will find yourself in front of it to the user interface of Spreaker Studio, divided into six sections.

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Spreaker Studio screen

Within the section Playlists it is possible to manage the audio files to be broadcast, adding them by clicking on the button + or dragging them within the program; Tracks instead it allows you to manage up to two audio files in a more specific way, including the ability to adjust the volume and the fade of what could be the opening and closing theme of your show; Microphone and Sources And Outputs they offer you an overview of the correct functioning of the sound devices connected to your computer, with the possibility of adjusting them to your liking; Effects features a small variety of goofy sounds to implement during segments of your broadcasts; and finally Chats allows you to view the messages that your followers will write during the live broadcast.

Spreaker Studio Publishing

Once you have organized all the necessary songs and built the broadcast lineup, click on the button Start to go to the last phase: the publication and broadcast. After clicking on the red button live you will find yourself in front of a module to fill in with all the information of your program: Title, Description, Tags, Show name, Cover image and additional information such as whether or not there is sensitive or explicit material or the social sharing.

When you’re ready, click on Go Live to begin. I remind you that, being a service that includes a series of premium subscriptions, a free Spreaker account is able to broadcast live for 45 minutes.

End of registration Spreaker Studio

Once the transmission is finished, click on the button Stopthe episode will automatically be uploaded and shared to your Spreaker account and can be listened to again or downloaded in its entirety.

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Create a web radio with SoundCloud

SoundCloud site

SoundCloud is proposed as a site dedicated to hosting radio programs already recorded. In this case, it is an excellent portal to upload the recording obtained with tools such as those previously analyzed in this tutorial. It’s also a great quick fix if you’re looking for a way to create a web radio at school.

Once you have entered the SoundCloud site for the first time, click on the button upload your content and then up upload your first track to start the creation of your account through your email address or accounts
Facebook, Google or Apple. At this point, type in a new one password, Tick ​​the reCAPTCHA box to confirm that you are not a robot and finally click on Accept and continue. In a few seconds, the classic will arrive on your e-mail box verification email and that will get you started.

Logged into SoundCloud, you’ll be presented with a simple one loading screenupon which to select or to drag the audio file of your radio recording. Remember that the site supports MP3, WAV, FLAC and many others.

SoundCloud upload

While uploading your radio broadcast, you will be given the opportunity to modify its informationby adding one cover image, the name, a description, the tags (among which is also present #Radio) and the genre. By clicking on the tab Metadata you can enter all the data relating to the property of the audio file, indicating Artist, publisher, Release date and all the info necessary for distribution, such as the license. With the latter you have the option to keep All rights reserved or drop everything below Creative Commonsa special license that allows listeners to download, edit and redistribute the audio file.

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Similarly, the tab Permissions manages what your listeners will be able to do with the recording, therefore allowing you to enable its download (in case you do not include material protected by copyright of others and therefore not legally redistributable), offline playbackthe playback via the official Soundcloud applicationthe RSS feed and the creation of a HTML embed code. The board Advance finally, it allows you to set a short preview seconds long and will give a potential listener a general idea of ​​your podcast. Once you have everything set to your preferences, click on Save to complete the process and publish your radio show on Soundcloud.

The hosting service offered by SoundCloud is free and is also available on other platforms such as Android and iOS but it is still possible to subscribe to SoundCloud GOgiving you access to premium features like listening to songs offline, ad-free and in higher quality, at prices ranging from 5.99 euros hey 9.99 euros monthly. For more information, I recommend you take a look at my guide on how SoundCloud works

Create a web radio with Spotify

internet radio on spotify

In the previous chapters I showed you how to create a web radio using different web services focused on managing a radio show. But you can broadcast your radio show on Spotify? At the moment, unfortunately, the answer is no, as the platform does not support streaming functions for audio content.

However, it is you can always opt for publish recordings of your Spotify broadcasts in the form of podcastsusing i distribution systems present on sites such as Spreaker. If you want to know more, I suggest you take a look at my guide on how to create a podcast on Spotify.

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Other services to create Web radio

other services

After all this roundup you will surely be wondering if they exist or not other services to create free Web radio. Are you curious to know which ones are true? Well, here is a short list of alternatives to experiment with.

  • Icecasts – program dedicated to hosting servers dedicated to the broadcasting of a radio broadcast, ideal for create professional web radio. Requires HTML and CSS skills.
  • Shoutcasts – open source software dedicated to creating servers for streaming audio content such as radio programs.
  • Zeno.FM – online platform dedicated to the creation and management of a radio broadcast completely free of charge. It offers monthly subscription options.


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