How to create your Android suonerie

How to create your Android suonerie

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We always underline the versatility of Android, with the various possibilities of personalization che sono concesse agli utenti che scelgono un teléfono o una tablet Android.

After this we found so many spunti for the personalizzazione dell’interfaccia gráfica, anche a coloro che non vogliono addentrarsi in pratiche di modding ma che sfruttano soltanto le funzionalità stock di Android. About this we spoke in a manner appropriate in this guide.

In this new guide and we will see again how will i create suonerie your android. Nello specifically will see how to render a musical branch, or a specific part of it, the dream of your own Android phone or tablet.


How will I use a musical brano like suoneria

In this guide we will talk in detail about how to personalize your phone and your phone notifies your Android.

This comes through the marriage and his Messiah, available to various producers.

Other than this, Android also makes it possible to set a brano musicale eat suoneria Andiamo a vedere come fare:

  1. Il passaggio fondamentale per enterrarsi in this procedure consists nell’avere a disposizione il audio files corresponding to the brano che if he intends to impostare as suoneria. Once it is available, it will be necessary to transfer it to it internal memory Android phone or tablet.
  2. I will access there settings Of the device.
  3. Access to the section Suoni and notify.
  4. Access to the section suoneria.
  5. I will access i miei suoni.
  6. Tappare sul collegamento per aggiungere un proprio brano, contrassegnato dal “+“.
  7. Select the audio file located in the internal memory of the phone or tablet.
  8. I will confirm the Celtic.
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Qui sotto trovate alcuni screenshot che riassumo the procedure just described.

How will I use part of a musical branch as jewelry?

Now that with Android it is possible to set any audio file as ringtone or as notification tone.

Quindi è anche possibile creare un propia suoneria. In some almost potrebbe essere useful quindi impostare as suoneria release a part of a specific brano musicale.

In such a case, it will be necessary to tag the brano and to set the resulting audio file as a dream. To tag an audio file if you can use one of the many software available online. Quello più affidabile e versatile che ci sentiamo di consigliarvi è Audacity. We will show you how to use it to tag a specific part of a musical range, announcing that it will be necessary to use a PC:

  1. Scaricare and install for free Audacity from the official site.
  2. Assicurarsi di avere il brano musicale sul own PC.
  3. Launch Audacity on your own PC.
  4. I will import The musical branch through the collage is imported in the File menu of Audacity. If you see the traccia del brano a volta conclusa l’operazione.
  5. select The beginning of the segment that if you intend to export will be to your end. If you can, use the pre-prime function that allows you to wake the selected segment, in order to ensure that the ends of the segment are correctly selected.
  6. I will export the segment with the apply command in the File menu.
  7. I will save The second segment is the preferred format, following the name as well.
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Qui sotto trovate alcuni screenshot I show you the graphical interface of Audacity and a preview of the command that if I should use it to generate and save the audio segment of the impost as your personalized dream.

One complete turn of this passage will be enough, I will transfer the audio file generated with Audacity to the internal memory of the Android phone or tablet and complete the procedure described above to set it as a dream.

How will I set a personalized dream for a contact

With the personalization available for Android devices vi is also the possibility of setting a specify suoneria per one specific contact. This may consist of one of the clothing items available to the manufacturer of the phone or tablet oppure a brano musicale scelto dall’utente.

Andiamo a vedere come fare:

  1. Open the app Contact your own Android phone or tablet.
  2. select the contact for the quality if you intend to personalize the dream.
  3. One turn to open the contact, tap on the menu that answers the password of the day three pointini up to right
  4. select suoneria impost.
  5. If the pan will open i miei suoni.
  6. scegliere the suoneria and confirm the scelta.

Qui sotto trovate un paio di screenshot che riassumono i passaggi principali della procedure appena descritta.

App for suonerie

Other methods that we have seen above for the personalization of your phone on your own Android device, on the Play Store we found app that if you offer all fare automatically. This means that the app in question allows me to say scaricare a dream, which is selectable from a predefined catalogue, and set it automatically your own phone or tablet. Andiamo a vedere insieme le migliori e più popolari:


One of the apps surely popular for the personalization of the store is zedge. The app is found on the Play Store, just press the button to scare it.

Scarica da Play Store

We quickly see how it works:

  1. Dopo aver installato Zedge aprila.
  2. Select the category Ringtones Inside the main section, use the side menu.
  3. scegliere the dream. I saw sono diverse categorie di suonerie raggruppate e anche quelle consigliate in base alle preferenze degli utenti. È anche possibile ascoltarla in anteprima.
  4. A sceltic volta cover your set ringtone.
  5. consent alla scelta tranforme la finestra che appeare a schermo.
  6. If the operation is not done and will go well, select the option Save to media folder To save the dream in the internal memory and to set it using the method described in the above paragraph.

image 1 w375


Analogously to Zedge, Audiko If you offer, I will scare and automatically set the dream on your Android smartphone and tablet.

Qui sotto trovcate il pulsante per scaricarla dal Play Store.

Scarica da Play Store

Let’s see how it works:

  1. One volta scaricata and installata Audiko aprirla.
  2. Scegliere the dream in the category Audiko Ringtones.
  3. Select the option Download.
  4. I will confirm the scelta agreeing to the finestra that appears to be schermo.

With Audiko it is also possible I will create my own dream: enough recarsi in the section Create free dream It is possible to select the ringtone if it is a base present in the Audiko database or if it is a base corresponding to a brano present in the internal memory of the phone itself.


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