How to delete iTunes duplicates

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As a great music lover you are, you have numerous tracks from your favorite singers and bands on your computer. To better organize your collection, you have decided to rely on iTunes, the famous multimedia software developed by Apple. Once you have completed importing the songs of your interest into the program library, you have realized that you have added several times some songs that you would like to delete now. Unfortunately, however, you were unable to locate the files in question and, for this reason, you would like my help to succeed in your intent. That’s the way it is, right? Then let me tell you that today is your lucky day!

In fact, with this guide, I will explain to you how to delete duplicate itunes showing you the detailed procedure to locate and delete all duplicate files. In addition to the necessary guidelines for removing both duplicate songs and playlists, you will also find some useful tips to avoid importing the same file multiple times into your iTunes library. Also, for information, I will also suggest some programs that allow you to scan individual folders on your computer for duplicate files. Interesting, right?

If you can’t wait to find out more, don’t delay any longer and learn more about the topic right away! Courage: make yourself comfortable, take all the time you deem appropriate and dedicate yourself to reading the next paragraphs. By doing so, I assure you that you will be able to find and delete all duplicate songs and playlists and organize your iTunes library in the best way. Having said that, all I have to do is wish you a good read and good luck for everything!

How to delete iTunes duplicates

Preliminary information

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Before going into the details of this tutorial and explaining, word for word, how to delete duplicates from itunesit is necessary to make a necessary premise.

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In fact, it will be useful for you to know that the indications that you will find in the following paragraphs are valid for both Windows and macOS PCs since the procedure for removing iTunes duplicate files is identical on both operating systems.

Also, if your intention is delete iTunes duplicates on Macyou should know that if you use macOS Catalina (which, at the time of writing this guide, is the latest operating system from Apple), iTunes has been replaced by the application Music. However, its graphical interface is almost identical to its predecessor and therefore the indications I will give you will be equally valid.

How to delete iTunes duplicates

After the necessary initial premise, you are ready to delete duplicates in iTunes. All you have to do is open the program in question, start scanning for duplicate files and proceed to manually delete each duplicate item. How to do? I’ll tell you right now!

How to delete iTunes duplicate songs

How to delete iTunes duplicate songs

If your intention is delete duplicate songs in iTunesstart the famous multimedia software developed by Apple, locate the section Bookshelf in the sidebar on the left and select the item Tracks. Once this is done, click on the option File located in the top menu, select the item Bookshelf from the menu that opens and press on the option Show duplicate items.

By doing this, you will be able to view a list of songs by the same artist from any album in your library: this means that two different songs, but with the same title, could be proposed as duplicate songs.

If you have a Mac, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s possible to find exact duplicates (that is, two files that are identical in every way). To do this, simply repeat the operation described above and press the Option key on the keyboard. Then click on the item Fileat the top, select the option Bookshelf from the menu that appears and press the key Optionto view and press on the item Show actual duplicate items.

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Now, regardless of the operating system installed on your computer, to delete duplicate songs, click the file you wish to remove, press the relative icon of three dots and choose the voice Delete from library. Then click on the button Delete song And that’s it.

On Mac, if your intention is to remove the file in question also from the Music Media folder, in which all the songs imported into the program library are collected, also press the option Moveto move the selected file to the Basket of the Mac.

How to delete duplicate iTunes playlists

How to delete duplicate iTunes playlists

Delete duplicate iTunes playlists it is a simple and fast procedure, almost identical to the one for deleting the duplicate songs that I indicated in the previous lines.

To proceed, launch iTunes / Music, locate the entry Music playlists (on Mac it’s just Playlists) visible in the sidebar on the left and select the playlists of your interest among those available.

Now, click on the item File located in the top menu, select the option Bookshelf from the menu that appears and choose the item Show duplicate items. Again, if you have a Mac, you can press the key Option of the keyboard to see the actual duplicate items.

At this point, select any duplicate files, click on the relative icon three dotschoose the option Remove from playlist and click on the button Remove song, to delete the song in question from the previously selected playlist. If, on the other hand, you want to permanently remove the file as it is also duplicated in the iTunes library, choose the option Delete from library and click on the button Delete song.

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How to Delete iTunes Duplicates Automatically

How to Delete iTunes Duplicates Automatically

If you are wondering how to delete duplicate itunes automatically, I’m sorry to tell you that this feature is not yet available. However, acting from the iTunes/Music settings, you can prevent the addition of duplicate songs and playlists.

To do this, launch iTunesclick the entry Edit located in the top menu and select the option Preferences from the menu that opens. In the new window that appears, select the tab Advanceplace a check mark next to the items Keep your iTunes Media folder organized And Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library and press the button Okayto save the changes made.

If, on the other hand, you are using the application Music on Mac, click the entry Music visible in the top menu bar and select the option Preferences from the menu that opens. In the section generalspress on the entry Fileplace a check mark next to the options Keep your Music Media folder organized And Copies files to the Music Media folder when adding them to your library and click on the button Okayto save the changes.

By doing this, if you add songs already present in the iTunes/Music library, the program will automatically avoid importing a duplicate.

Itunes Duplicate Remover

How do you say? Do you prefer to use a iTunes Duplicate Remover? In that case, you can consider one of the software that allows you to scan your computer folders for duplicate files. Here are some that might be right for you.

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Duplicate Cleaner (Windows)

Duplicate Cleaner

Duplicate Cleaner is a Windows program that allows you to search for duplicate files on your computer, also specifying the folder in which to search. It is available both in a free version for personal use and in a Pro version, also for commercial use, which increases its functionality.

To download the free version of Duplicate Cleaner on your computer, connected to the official website of the program, locate the item Duplicate Cleaner Free 4 (Limited version) and click on the button Downloads [local], to start the download. Alternatively, you can also download the program from the Windows 10 Microsoft Store.

Once the download is complete, double click on the file Duplicate Cleaner[versione]_setup.exepress the button Yupto allow the program to make changes to your computer, click on the buttons Okay, Come on And I accept and press on options Come on And Install, to start the installation. Then wait for the progress bar to reach 100% and click on the button Closeto close the window and start Duplicate Cleaner.

On first launch, select the language of your interest (Italian is also available) using the appropriate drop-down menu and press the buttons Okay And Closethen select the option New research and set the search criteria you prefer. Once this is done, select the tab Scan location visible at the top, select the folder iTunes Media of iTunes and press on the icon of arrow pointing to the rightto search for duplicate files only in the folder in question.

At this point, click on the button Scan now! and wait for the progress bar to reach 100%, to view the scan results. Then press the button Closeput the check mark next to the duplicate files you wish to remove, click on the button File removal And that’s it.

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Duplicates Cleaner (masOS)

Duplicates Cleaner

If you have a Mac, the program I suggest you rely on to remove iTunes duplicates is Duplicates Cleaner. It’s a free application that allows you to scan every folder on your Mac and locate any duplicate files.

To download and install Duplicates Cleaner on your computer, launch the Mac App Storewrite “Duplicates Cleaner” in the field Neartop left, and press the key Enter of the keyboard, to display the search results. Then locate the application in question (it should be the first result) and click on the buttons Get And Install, to start the download and installation. You may be prompted to enter the password of your Apple ID or use the Touch ID (if your Mac has one).

Completed the download and installation of Duplicates Cleanerpress the button You opento start the program, click on the item Select folder and select the folder in which the Music songs are collected, to automatically start scanning the folder in question. Alternatively, you can drag the folder containing your Music library files into the Duplicates Cleaner window.

If you don’t know the location of the Music Media folder, start the application in question, select the items Music And Preferences in the top menu and, in the new window that opens, press on the item Fileto view the full path.

After the scan is complete, if you see the message Congratulations, no duplicates found, it means no duplicate files were found. If not, click the button View duplicatesto view duplicate songs, place a check mark next to one of the file and press on the buttons Clean duplicates And Yesto delete the selected item.

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