How to delete the history of visited sites

how to clear history of visited sites

If you are looking for a simple guide that explains you how to clear history of visited sites you are in the right place. In fact, through our article we will go to see how to eliminate traces of our internet browsing.

We will see together how to do it independently and if there are programs that perform this function for us! But now let’s not waste any more time and let’s go!

How to clear history of visited sites

If your computer is slow and the navigation on the browser is not very fluid there may be a problem related to cleaning your pc and the browser itself. Often it is enough to delete the data to return to normal but not everyone knows how to do it and, above all, many people leave out important steps.

In our guide we will understand how to delete visited sites history but not only. We will also explain how to delete cookies, downloads and all the garbage that is still present on our PC and which could affect the performance of our computer (see also How to Delete History).

We will also see how our visits, without adequate cleaning, can remain traced on our PC for several months and the danger of using an unsecured connection.

We advise you to use a VPN like NordVPN which you can try for free through this link: Nord VPN Promo and which allows you to hide your IP address and protect your connection.

To delete the history of the sites visited we can use different methods, from the same browser settings to those of the PC passing through dedicated programs. There is no one method that is better than others, just different choices.

Before going into our guide, here is a list of methods to delete the history from our PC:

  • Browser settings
  • PC settings
  • Specific Programs
  • Manual method
  • Sector Professional

Now let’s analyze these options point by point and try to understand which is the best for your browsing style.

How to clear history of visited sites PC

Let’s start with one of the most used methods to understand how to delete the history of visited PC sites, the Browser settings. In fact, every tool for browsing the internet has a series of options dedicated to cleaning that can be very useful for us.

Each Browser has its own specific steps but in most cases you will have to go to the options (top right) and click on Chronologyenter inside and select Clear Browsing data. Here you can choose whether to delete all or only part of the data (we leave you a photo dedicated to the steps of Chrome but you can find all the references to other browsers on Google).

how to clear history of visited sites-2

The second option you have is to clear the history data directly from yours pc. In this case go to the desktop click on Computer resources ( PC icon ) and use the Right click on Disk C. Now click on Property and then up Cleaning disk (under ownership). Now select all the options present and then on Okay and your PC will be free!

If you are a geek you can also use the manual method, i.e. going directly to the folders on your PC where the history is present is deleting the history and data related to your searches. This option is the most complicated and we do not recommend it as you could delete fundamental data for your PC.

For most users, these operations may be too complicated. So you can rely on a specific program how CCleaner which through its options allows you to eliminate all traces of browsing data and history with just one click.

how to clear history of visited sites-3

The last method to delete data is to contact a sector professional, which through professional programs will be able to eliminate your history and also all the data on your computer. This is the case of corporate PCs or used by professionals who, when they are attacked by hackers and the like, prefer to do a complete cleaning.

How to delete visited sites on mobile

how to delete history visited sites-4

If you are wondering how to delete visited sites from mobile phone you can follow the steps listed in the previous chapter or download programs on your smartphone to do the job for you.

One of the most interesting is called History Eraser is able to eliminate all the data on your Smartphone that is stored in your applications. Then there are several apps for both iOS and Android that perform almost the same procedure.

There is a manual method also for cell phones? Absolutely yes. The first thing to do is go up Google and click on yours profile ( top right ). Now click on search history and then up Delete. You can decide whether to delete everything, only in a specific time or only for a specific activity.

Our article is concluded and hoping that our guide has been useful for you, we invite you to follow us on our social networks. Here’s a guide that might be right for you: How to block clearing history

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