How to direct the e-mail: i passaggi ei servizi utili

How to direct the e-mail: i passaggi ei servizi utili

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Vorreste I will insert automatically i send e-mail messages to another e-mail address? Many services include this functionality. In this way we will go, step by step, come I will send the e-mail.


I will redirect an email, what does it mean?

An e-mail rerouting consents to users who will automatically inoltrare a message from electronic posts to one or more directions. This procedure may be particularly useful when:

  • if you intend I will change the e-mail addressno tuttavia perderare tutte le futuro e-mail che arriveranno nella vecchia casella;
  • Yes we use it diversi indirizzi e-mail (ad esampio, one personal and one aziendale);
  • A flying user share all i messaggi in arrival with other members of the team.

Continue reading this guide to see the complete procedure!

I will automatically enter a message with Gmail

State using gmail? This free service allows users to inoltrare and new messages to another email address.

Make the access

Prima di tutto, dovete make the access. Collegate went to the official website (clicking here) and click on your “Accedi” (the button positioned in the upper part).

Il pulsante "Accedi" Allow agli utenti di effettuare l'access to Gmail using the indirizzo/numero e la password

The “Access” button allows users to access Gmail using the index/number and the password.

Effettuate the access by inserting the e-mail address/telephone number and the password.

Effettuare l'access to Gmail using the e-mail address/telephone number (1) and the password (2) of the account.

You will access Gmail using the email address/phone number (1) and the password (2) of the account.

Do not remember your credentials? Allora fate click her “Dimented password?” and follow the simple procedure below.

The voice "Password dimenticata?" allow me to recover the credentials

The voice “Password dimenticata?” allow me to recover the credentials.

I will forget all and new messages

Press Gmail and fate click your “settings“(l’ingranaggio posizionato nella parte alta).

Gmail in a computer: the button

Gmail, free electronic mail service, on a computer: the “Impostazioni” button.

Scegliete “Visualize all the settings“.

The button "Visualizza tutte le impostazioni" your Gmail per computer consent to create a signature

Il pulsante “Visualizza tutte le impostazioni” su Gmail per computer.

Spostatevi nella scheda “Enter POP/IMAP“.

The schedule "Inoltre e POP/IMAP" your Gmail

Schedule “Inoltre e POP/IMAP” your Gmail.

In the “Inoltro” section, click “Aggiungi un indirizzo di inoltro“.

Gmail su computer: l'opzione "Aggiungi un indirizzo di inoltro" allow me to send the e-mail

Gmail your computer: the option “Aggiungi un indirizzo di inoltro” allows you to direct the e-mail.

Enter any e-mail address to which you want to inoltrare i messages. Press “Avanti”, “Procedi” and “OK”. Subsequently, you will have to click on the link to verify content in the message sent to all directions.

I will redirect the e-mail with Libero

Also release Consent to set the automatic filter of the e-mail.

I will access

Collegatevi to the official website of and click on its “Email“. Insert your e-mail address and password.

Libero Mail, the button that allows you to effect access

Release Mail, the button that allows you to effect access.

You can recover the credentials by clicking on your “Password dimenticata?” and following the indications.

Set the automatic filter

  1. Press ed effettuate l’accesso;
  2. fate click su”settings” and, successively, sulla freccia accanto alla voce “Posta”;
  3. Scegliete “Automatic inolter“;
  4. Inserite l’indirizzo e-mail a cui inoltrare i mesaggi;
  5. pygyate”active“.

Dirottare e-mail your

Potete automáticamente inoltrare tutti i message di iCloud to another account. Prima di tutto, dovete effettuare l’accesso. Collegatevi alla piattaforma ufficiale e fate click su “Accedi”. Enter your Apple ID and password. Subsequently, I will send you an e-mail.

  1. Press iCloud;
  2. fate click su”settings“(l’ingranaggio) positioned in the upper part;
  3. Scegliete “preference“;
  4. In “General”, individual “Enter my email at“;
  5. Type the e-mail address to which you will not forget the messages;
  6. Click “Save”.

Premete “Delete i mássaggi dopo verli inoltrati” per non arquiviare le copy delle e-mail en iCloud.

How to send an e-mail to your other indication

Abbiamo quindi scoperto as dirottare le e-mail. Quasi tutti i servizi di posta elettronica consentono di I will set the automatic filter Of the messages, but the procedure may slightly vary.

In general, I saw consigliamo say:

  1. Access your e-mail box;
  2. Press “Settings”;
  3. Identify “autoforward” or “inoltro”;
  4. Scegliere un indirizzo a cui inoltrare i messaggi.

Potte inoltrare also manually e-mail ricevute. Simply press the e-mail message, press “Inoltra” (only one frequency), type the address of the new recipient and send the e-mail. You can also modify the oggetto, add to the other text, add the file and so much to the other.

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